New acquisitions - archives: Complete list

Below is a complete listing of all of the archives that we have recently acquired.

These records will be available for consultation once they have been processed and described.

Some of the acquisitions are accruals or additions to existing fonds.

Please see New acquisitions - archives: Highlights to consult a brief description of selected archives that we have  recently received.

Spring 2020

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Microclimat Films Inc. fondsAccrualR15578 4848067
Les Productions Via le monde fondsAccrualR9480 5223998
Frantic Films FondsAccrualR11997 3690892
Go Films Inc. fondsAccrualR10290 5080238
Gordon F. Brown fondsAccrualR9789 196740
Sea Green Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16261 5197022
Prowler Film fondsNewR16262 5197469
Malak Karsh fondsAccrualR11612 3635075
Michel René de Cotret collectionNewR16265 5200063
The Road Back Productions Inc. fondsNewR16267 5203823
Resolute Films and Entertainment fondsAccrualR14212 4462597
Spectrum Movie Canada Inc. fondsNewR16269 5205104
Argus Films Inc. fondsAccrualR13670 5211850
Alex Jerry Saley fondsNewR16271 5213290
Les Productions MH Cousineau Inc. fondsNewR16272 5219128
Nish Media Inc. fondsAccrualR15631 5223371
Slykid and Skykid Inc. fondsNewR16273 5223395
First Take Entertainment Ltd. fondsNewR16274 5223995
Victor Pilon fondsAccrualR16089 5093438
Pursuing Giraffe Adventures Inc. fondsNewR16275 5224223
Voyelles Films Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15599 5065061
Christal Films Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR11074 5085630
Les Films Outsiders Inc. fondsAccrualR15573 5224350
JA Productions fondsNewR16277 5231527
ROA Productions Inc. fondsNewR16278 5233885
Films JAD Inc. fondsNewR16279 5234792
First Generation Media Inc. fondsAccrualR15964 5013709
Sterling Demchinsky fondsAccrualR13154 3948915
Next Productions Inc. fondsNewR16291 5244905
Yvonne Jukes fondsNewR16308 5253062
Canadian Television Fund fondsAccrualR11009 210598
Carkner Films Inc. fondsNewR16293 5247244
Downstream Documentary Productions Inc. fondsNewR16297 5247338
Tobie Steinhouse fondsAccrualR11208 212518
Coopérative de production vidéoscopique de Montréal fondsAccrualR10287 5254616
Flora MacDonald fondsAccrualR10914 157474
William Lyon Mackenzie King fondsAccrualR10383 98362
Henriette Major fondsAccrualR12806 3855477
Veronica Tennant fondsAccrualR10917 206310
John Donlan fondsAccrualN/A 3721015
Oscar Peterson fondsAccrualR12872 211822
Dionne Brand fondsAccrualR11754 206165
Denise Desautels fondsNewN/A 5247265
Ensley A. Godby fondsNewN/AN/A
Frederick Warren Perkins fondsAccrualR11602 3032238
National Office, Research Department, Director, Gilbert Levine seriesAccrualR5440 127432
John P. Tully fondsNewN/AN/A
Emilia Alsop fondsNewR16290 5240417
John Bryden fondsNew N/AN/A

Winter 2020

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Macpherson and Reidford collectionNewR16211 5159179
Joe Plaskett fondsAccrualR10341 201125
Lyla Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12151 5093098
Sphinx Productions fondsAccrualR8473 188757
La Boîte à Fanny Inc. fondsAccrualR15764 5174408
KMLT Productions Inc. fondsNewR16251 5184061
Storyline Entertainment fondsAccrualR14197 4453831
Metafilms Inc. fondsAccrualR14053 5115904
Go Films Inc. fondsAccrualR10290 5080238
Attraction Images Inc. fondsAccrualR14475 5050622
Possibles Média fondsAccrualR15660 5178633
Rhombus Media Inc. fondsAccrualR8389 188593
Corporation de Développement et de Production ACPAV Inc. fondsAccrualR10967 5050680
Ego Film Arts fondsAccrualR9199 190835
Téléfiction Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR9486 5183832
Scythia Films Inc. fondsAccrualR15568 4846133
Film Forge Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15662 4915714
Hamilton-Mehta Productions Inc. fondsAccrual R12614 3828050
Wildling Pictures fonds Accrual R16178 5114986
Alice Van Wart fonds New R16263 5199642
Gilles Provost collectionNewR16205 5145495
Roger Paré fondsAccrualR11785 N/A
Judith Grant fondsNewN/A N/A
Albert Millaire fondsAccrualR16145 5132444
Patrick Friesen fondsAccrualR11734 3671664
Alain Stanké fonds AccrualR15713 5186641
Francine Ouellette fondsAccrualR14228 N/A
Arlette Cousture fonds NewR16227 N/A
Ned Sparks and family collectionNew R16226 5176218
Allan Michael Rock fondsNewN/A 5214450
Flora Macdonald fonds AccrualR10914 157474

Autumn 2019

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
W.P. Kinsella fondsAccrualR11760 3671979
League of Canadian Poets fondsAccrualR9803 107205
George Bowering fondsAccrualR11712 3671496
Canadian Writers' Foundation fondsAccrualR2805 100123
Historic Homes Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16174 5114409
Hero Film Ltd. fondsNewR16175 5114417
CUT/OFF/TAIL Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16176 5114475
Valerie Burton fondsNewR16179 5115852
Mercury Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12466 3807652
Strada Films fondsNewR16177 5114975
Wildling Pictures fondsNewR16178 5114986
The Film Farm Inc. fondsAccrualR12030 3696124
Metafilms Inc. fondsAccrualR14053 5115904
H2L Productions Inc. fondsNewR16180 5115908
Raging River Pictures fondsNewR16181 5115914
Colony Pictures fondsNewR16182 5115963
Don Carmody Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15554 4823257
Item 7 Inc. fondsAccrualR14123 5065026
9342-7938 Québec Inc. fondsNewR16183 5116555
Les Films Adobe Inc. fondsAccrualR13912 5116697
Parce Que Films Inc. fondsNewR16187 5118093
Rick Stow fondsAccrualR5799 181326
Chasseurs Films Inc. fondsNewR16191 5121120
Les films de Jennie Inc. fondsNewR16192 5123142
EMA films fondsAccrualR13952 4169254
Gabor Szilasi fondsAccrualR13890 4113865
Goodbye Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15822 4939258
Northeast Films Inc. fondsAccrualR14095 4306010
Insight Production Company Ltd. fondsAccrualR8441 188716
Écho Média fondsAccrualR15832 5056439
Les Productions du moment Inc. fondsAccrualR15610 5135779
Distinct Features Inc. fondsAccrualR12961 3921894
Guy Badeaux fondsAccrualR5791 5154050
Herb Gray fondsNewR14567 5081480

Summer 2019

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN No.
Colin H. Bayley fondsAccrualR873141139
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada fondsAccrualR2688159689
Andrew Fleck Child Centre fondsAccrualR3415105578
Peter Rindisbacher collection AccrualR8203185961
George R.B. Kinney fondsAccrualR8766189416
Inuit Broadcasting Corporation fondsAccrualR9285191711
Canadian Television Fund fondsAccrualR11009210598
Films 53/12 fondsAccrualR110865102290
Northwood Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR128433913094
Cecil-Ross Society fondsAccrualR139734193461
Carpe Diem Film & TV Inc. fondsAccrualR139745101377
Denys Arcand fondsNewR161355100629
Zhoh Daatsik Pictures Inc. fondsNewR161375101386
JoBro Productions Inc. fondsNewR161385101411
LLI Films Ltd. fondsNewR161425102269
Flat Tire Films fondsNewR161435102285
Lovely Witches Club Inc. fondsNewR161445102324
Portrait of Molly JohnsonNewR161535107142
Map of the Dominion of Canada. Karta Öfver Canada Inberäknade Manitoba och Nordvest Territorierna och visande Jernvägsystemet och de skandinaviska Colonierna [single item]NewR161665111490
Arthur R. Menzies fondsAccrualR156154871591
Self-portrait by Georgina E. Barker [single item]NewN/A5109397
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