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Below is a complete listing of all of the archives that were recently made available for consultation.

Records and descriptions can be accessed using Collection Search. Some of the records are accruals or additions to existing fonds. The Scope and content section of the record provides more information on the archives.

Some consultation restrictions may still limit access to records.

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Summer 2020

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Edward P. Park collectionNewR16338 5278808
Gabor Szilasi fondsAccrualR13890 4113865
George Ernest Fosbery fondsAccrualR5674 180663
Adolphe-Basile Routhier fondsAccrualR7613 99120 (fre)
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada fondsAccrualR2688 159689
Guy Sprung fondsNewR15968 5014136
Fred Sebastian fondsAccrualR8267 187030

Spring 2020

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti fondsAccrualR5335 179765
Prince and Princess Takamatsu in Canada collectionNewR16283 157980
John Woodruff collectionAccrualR16292 5247047
D.H. Finlayson collectionNewR16286 158053
Muskoka Cottage Sanatorium and Muskoka Free Hospital fondsNewR16281 158100
Ministers of Inland Revenue collectionNewR16284 158101
P.C. Amos collectionNewR16289 3677685
Les Productions La Fête fondsAccrualR9505 194191
Darius Films Inc. fondsAccrualR11690 3670981
Écho Média fondsAccrualR15832 5056439
Groupe Vélocité fondsNewR16036 5056781
9342-5809 Québec Inc. fondsNewR16037 5056785
Orange Médias Inc. fondsAccrualR13920 5056787
Wide Open Exposure Productions Limited fondsNewR16047 5065011
Marina Cordoni Entertainment Inc. fondsNewR16048 5065020
Serendipity Point Films Inc. fondsAccrualR10958 207002
Voyelles Films Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15599 5065061
Inner City Films fondsAccrualR12687 3830421
Arnait Video Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR12794 3854772
SMT Features fondsNewR16049 5066555
9341-9351 Québec Inc. fondsNewR16055 5067300
Markham Street Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12823 3912263
GreenGround Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR16003 5050677
Art & Essai fondsAccrualR15804 5067352
Goodbye Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15822 4939258
Independent Edge Films Inc. fondsAccrualR13826 4073249
Clique Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16056 5074021
Lockpicker Productions Inc. fondsNewR16057 5074060
eMerge Enterprises Ltd. fondsNewR16058 5074068
9360-7109 Québec Inc. fondsNewR16059 5074074
Daylight On Mars Pictures fondsAccrualR15915 4975676
Far West Productions Inc. fondsNewR16060 5074107
Bella Ciao Digital Incorporated fondsNewR16064 5076599
Oddfellows Pictures fondsNewR16065 5076618
Meditation Park Film Ltd. fondsNewR16070 5079524
Films du Boulevard Inc. fondsAccrualR12727 5079791
Hangman Justice Productions Inc. fondsNewR16072 5080230
Go Films Inc. fondsAccrualR10290 5080238
Les films de la Mancha Inc. fondsNewR16073 5080401
Kennedy/Brooks Inc. fondsNewR16075 5080540
775 Media Corp. fondsNewR16077 5080553
Euclid 431 Pictures Inc. fondsAccrualR14060 4276648
Parallaxes fondsAccrualR15375 5080599
FilmLoft Media Inc. fondsNewR16078 5081361
Secret Handshake Films fondsNewR16079 5081383
Wreckhouse Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR15455 4717974
First Generation Media Inc. fondsAccrualR15964 5013709
Les productions 1953 fondsNewR16080 5081423
9322-3394 Québec Inc. fondsNewR16081 5081535
Spiral Entertainment Ltd. fondsAccrualR15373 4676484
Christal Films Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR11074 5085630
EMA films fondsAccrualR13952 4169254
Les films Camera Oscura Inc. fondsAccrualR13934 5086322
Périphéria Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR14092 4297640
Federgreen Entertainment Inc. fondsAccrualR15588 4860142
Buck Productions fondsAccrualR13827 4073276
Colonelle films Inc. fondsAccrualR15589 5091043
Jane Losa Films Inc. fondsNewR16098 5091048
Lyla Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12151 5093098
Micro_scope Inc. fondsAccrualR12279 5093100
Forum Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12185 3718576
Groupe PVP Inc. fondsAccrualR9421 5093115
The Hunting Party Inc. fondsNewR16110 5096789
Sharkwater Productions fondsAccrualR13741 4046814
IGIT Film Ltd. fondsNewR16111 5096815
Les productions Unité centrale fondsAccrualR14657 5096981
HitPlay Productions Inc. FondsNewR16112 5096986
Productions Mi-Lou fondsAccrualR15492 5097228
Unsolicited Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16114 5097235
Northeast Films Inc. fondsAccrualR14095 4306010
Cinémaginaire Inc. fondsAccrualR9489 5054011
Idéacom International Inc. fondsAccrualR15006 5097388
Kaibou Production Inc. fondsAccrualR15752 5098855
Mercury Films Inc. fondsAccrualR12466 3807652
Farpoint Films fondsNewR16133 5100086
Zhoh Daatsik Pictures Inc. fondsNewR16137 5101386
JoBro Productions Inc. fondsNewR16138 5101411
Northwood Productions Inc. fondsAccrualR12843 3913094
LLI Films Ltd. fondsNewR16142 5102269
Flat Tire Films fondsNewR16143 5102285
Films 53/12 fondsAccrualR11086 5102290
Lovely Witches Club Inc. fondsNewR16144 5102324
Les Films Adobe Inc. fondsAccrualR13912 5116697
Bonnie Robichaud fondsNewR16206 5145352
Canadian Industries Limited fondsAccrualR15655 4914693

Winter 2020

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Anita Kunz fondsAccrualR11603 3074467
Cecil-Ross Society fondsAccrualR13973 4193461
Guy Badeaux fondsAccrualR5791 5154050
Joe Plaskett fondsAccrualR10341 201125
Lucie Chan fondsAccrualR13972 4193462
Macpherson and Reidford collectionNewR16211 5159179
Northeast Films Inc. fondsAccrualR14095 4306010
Peter Vincent fondsNewR16071 5079546
Roy Carless fondsAccrualR9359 192826

Autumn 2019

AcquisitionStatusArchival Reference No.MIKAN
Anita Kunz fondsAccrualR11603 3074467
Colonization and Agriculture Department and Canadian National Land Settlement Association SeriesReappraisalR231 180433
Frank Lennon fondsAccrualR12263 3725328
George R.B. Kinney fondsAccrualR8766 189416
Inuit Broadcasting Corporation fondsAccrualR9285 191711
John Hulcoop fondsNewR11752 3671850
Lambart family fondsAccrualR1398 105726
Tracey Turnbull fondsNewR16188 5118136

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