Youth Advisory Council

Photograph: Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council provides guidance to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in order to help integrate the youth perspective into the visibility of, access to, and relevance of Canada's documentary heritage.

The Council will be conducted as a pilot project in 2018–2019, with a focus on the theme of digital documentary heritage.

Members of the Council will be asked to share their opinions on a variety of issues affecting LAC and Canada's documentary heritage. They will provide feedback on specific LAC initiatives and help identify opportunities to improve LAC's service delivery and presence. They will also brainstorm and test new ideas on a variety of topics.


The Council is composed of up to 20 members between the ages of 19 and 25 and living in the National Capital Region.

Please note that members participate on the Council as individuals on their own behalf and not as representatives of any organization to which they may belong.


Meetings will be held approximately once a month, between September 2018 and June 2019, most of them at LAC's offices at 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa.

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