Former members of the Youth Advisory Council

2019–2020 Youth Advisory Council
  • Cameron Lamb

    Hailing from British Columbia, Cameron Lamb is currently in Ottawa to pursue an undergraduate degree in law and legal studies at Carleton University. Driven by a passion for human rights and activism, he hopes that his degree will allow him to further his activist work in the legal sphere. In his spare time, Cameron enjoys playing sports, doing photography, and spending time with friends.

  • Gabrielle Lauzon Lalonde

    Gabrielle Lauzon Lalonde is a young woman committed to changing intercultural relations in Canada. This proud Franco-Ontarian is the author of two novels. She has been working with Indigenous people in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for almost two years and strives to provide as much assistance as possible to her community, especially to the Elders. Now that she has earned a university degree in dispute resolution, her goal is to provide a voice to First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in Canada within the context of ongoing and future negotiations.

  • Alexandre Malbœuf

    Born and raised in Ottawa, Alexandre Malbœuf believes in making Canada a better place through civic engagement. In addition to his role on the LAC Youth Advisory Council, he is a member of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign’s Youth Council and an ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa. Alexandre holds an honours bachelor’s degree in social science with a specialization in political science from the University of Ottawa and currently works as a policy analyst in Health Canada’s Controlled Substances and Cannabis Branch.

  • Alexandra McGill

    Alexandra McGill is originally from Toronto, but moved to Ottawa in 2015 for school. She has just completed a bachelor’s degree in history and political science at the University of Ottawa and is looking to go on to do a master’s degree in museum studies. Her main areas of interest are social history and genealogy. She spent three co-op terms in the Department of National Defence’s Casualty Identification Program. In her free time, Alex likes to read and play video games. She also enjoys horseback riding and figure skating.

  • Bailee Pegden

    Bailee Pegden is a videographer with the federal government. Her video skills come from a bachelor of journalism at Carleton University as well as a keen interest in film and storytelling. She is passionate about the environment, disability awareness, and representation in media, and strives to bring diverse points of view to the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Youth Advisory Council. Bailee has volunteered with organizations such as the Asian Canadians’ Association at Carleton University, The Snowsuit Fund, and the Ottawa Geek Market. In her spare time, she searches for creative outlets for her love of storytelling.

  • Tyler Owens

    Tyler Owens is a former history student and a public servant in Ottawa. He has been on the LAC Youth Advisory Council for two years, during which time he has found LAC to be an exciting and dynamic department.

  • Camille Pélet

    Born and raised within the Fransaskois community in Saskatoon, Camille Pélet is a second-year student at the University of Ottawa in the honours bachelor of commerce and juris doctor program. Last year, she had the opportunity to work as a page in the House of Commons. From this opportunity to work at the heart of Canadian democracy, she learned to find passion in issues at every scope. On every topic, from socioeconomics to travelling, she enjoys hearing opinions from many sides. She looks forward to continuing to represent Western Canadian youth on the LAC Youth Advisory Council.

  • Kristina Reed

    Kristina Reed is a returning member from the inaugural 2018/2019 LAC Youth Advisory Council. She is currently working as an intern in the Public Education Programs Division of the Library of Parliament. Prior to working at the Library, she served as a House of Commons page in her first year of university and subsequently stayed at the House of Commons to work as a proceedings and verification officer with Hansard. Kristina holds an honours bachelor’s degree in political science, specializing in North American politics, with a minor in communications studies, from Carleton University. Her interest in being part of the first LAC Youth Advisory Council, and then reapplying as a returning member, stems from her belief that LAC can be a place for everyone, not just for history enthusiasts.

  • Charmaine Strong

    Charmaine Strong is from Calgary, and is pursuing an honours bachelor’s degree in public affairs and policy management, specializing in international security and intelligence policy, at Carleton University. She currently works as a proceedings and verification officer with the House of Commons, having previously served as a parliamentary page. In her free time, she is an award-winning debater, having represented Carleton University at the World Universities Debating Championship in Thailand.

  • Alexi Thibault-Jutras

    A long-time resident of Gatineau, Alexi Thibault-Jutras is a third-year student in History at the University of Ottawa who plans to pursue a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. It should be no surprise that he is driven by a passion for reading and historical research. As a sports and outdoor enthusiast, Alexi enjoys open-air activities in both winter and summer, especially in Gatineau Park. He leads a rather minimalist lifestyle and strongly supports nature conservation.

  • Heather Townsend

    Originally from Victoria, British Columbia, Heather Townsend completed her undergraduate degree in history at the University of Ottawa and now works for the Government of Canada. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for history, heritage and libraries with other council members and staff at each Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meeting. When not attending YAC meetings, Heather enjoys reading, running, and volunteering with the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association.

  • Hannah Whale

    Hannah Whale was born in Alma, Ontario, and is currently completing her fourth year of an undergraduate history degree at Carleton University. She serves as a returning member of the Library and Archives Youth Advisory Council, which she joined to learn more about the many services LAC offers the public. Hannah is looking towards a career in student affairs.

  • Alisha Wilkinson

    Alisha Wilkinson is a graduate student from Ottawa, who is currently completing a master’s in anthropology at the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about promoting environmentalism and sustainable development, and her current research explores the effects of pollution on urban life. In addition to her academic pursuits, Alisha has experience in the public sector, where she worked at Veterans Affairs Canada and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, and in the non-profit sector, where she has supported the work of nongovernmental organizations providing shelter, education, and first-line healthcare to marginalized communities around the world.

Group photo: Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council: September 2019 to December 2020 cohort

Top row, from left to right: Laura Blackmore, Alisha Wilkinson, Alexandre Malbœuf, Cameron Lamb, Tyler Owens and Hannah Whale.

Middle row, from left to right: Sali Lafrenie, Camille Pélet, Charmaine Strong, Gabrielle Lauzon Lalonde, Alexandra McGill and Adam Khimji.

Bottom row, from left to right: Alexi Thibault-Jutras, Kristina Reed, Heather Townsend, Ryan Prentice, Bailee Pegden and Erica Morissette

2018–2019 Youth Advisory Council
  • Liam Baker
  • Laura Blackmore
  • Brendan Farrell
  • Kamila Graczyk
  • Anaek Jande
  • Chelsea Diane Marin
  • Tyler Owens
  • Sarah Pennington
  • Francis Rancourt
  • Kristina Reed
  • Jordan Samaroo
  • Madeleine Soubry
  • Celina Stillman
  • Alicia Suen
  • Heather Townsend
  • Emilie Vandal
  • Erica Vanden Bosch
  • ​Hannah Whale
Group photo: Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council: September 2018 to June 2019 cohort

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