Collection Canada. Ministère de la défense nationale [document iconographique]

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    RG24, R112, 1967-052 NPC
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    diacetate 1B/DAP-18A, epreuves 00082, FA-019 - PL Series 1B-DAP-24B (4 boites), INTERPOSITIFS INT-001 (2M), Lantern slides 00139 - 00141 (DAP/2M-1A), negatifs 2M/DAP-23A & DAP-24B, nitrate RV1-050 to RV1-052, nitrate ségrégé, plaques de verre GL01602 - GL01613, RV5, RV8-205 to RV8-216, RV8-219-1 to RV8-250, RV8-263 to RV8-281, RV8-298, safety film 03885 to 03889
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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