CEF Personnel files [textual record]

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    RG150, Accession number: 1992-93/166 GAD, Box number: 19--876, 878--10686, 11000, 1023A, 1027A, 1032A, 1037A, 1050A, 1063A--1064A, 1078A, 1081A, 1084A, 1101A--1102A, 1106A, 1125A, 1144A, 1159A, 1171A, 1197A--1198A, 1220A, 1228A, 1235A, 1237A--1239A, 1244A, 1272A, 1293A--1294A, 1306A, 1318A, 1320A, 1333A, 1352A, 1371A--1372A, 1382A, 1390A, 1399A--1400A, 1405A, 1407A, 1410A--1411A, 1448A, 1602A, 1963A, 2057A, 2378A, 2473A, 2489A, 2498A, 2501A, 2523A, 2535A--2536A, 2556B, 2567A, 2602A, 2635A, 2644A, 2654A, 2661A, 2712A, 2723A, 2727A, 2730A, 2735A--2737A, 2745A, 2757A, 2784A, 2786A, 2793A, 2806A, 2808A, 2821A, 2825A, 2832A, 2858A, 2860A, 2862A, 2867A, 2878A, 2880A, 2884A, 44A, 473A, 510A, 555A, 566A, 579A, 587A, 6114A, 621A, 623A, 645A, 664A, 685A, 709A, 732A, 780A, 818A, 825A, 872A, 883A, 910A, 92A, 935A--936A, 941A, 949A, 953A, 968A, 979A, 994A, 999A, 1008A, 1029A, 1126A, 1338A, 1392A, 1465A, 1480A--1481A, 1502A, 1512A, 1515A, 1517A, 1530A, 1532A--1533A, 1549A, 1557A--1561A, 1599A--1600A, 1604A, 1607A, 1614A, 1637A, 1670A, 1679A, 1689A, 1710A, 1722A, 1727A--1728A, 1731A, 1734A, 1736A, 1748A--1749A, 1757A, 1762A, 1770A, 1782A--1783A, 1802A--1804A, 1809A, 1825A, 1844A--1845A, 1847A, 1849A, 1893A, 1912A, 1915A, 1923A, 1936A, 1941A, 1956A, 1959A, 1964A, 1972A, 1992A, 2002A, 2056A, 2058A, 2065A, 2095A, 2107A, 2119A, 2124A, 2128A--2129A, 2176A, 2199A, 2220A, 2225A, 2228A, 2241A, 2246A, 2249A, 2251A--2252A, 2254A, 2266A--2267A, 2270A, 2275A, 2289A, 2291A, 2298A, 2307A, 2310A, 2329A, 2335A, 2343A, 2346A, 2354A, 2375A, 2385A, 2387A, 2398A, 2475A, 2503A, 2514A, 2552A, 2585A, 2794A, 2823A, 2838A--2839A, 2846A--2847A, 2902A--2904A, 2907A, 2913A, 2926A, 2942A, 2944A, 2950A, 2955A, 2962A--2963A, 2972A, 2978A, 2987A, 2997A, 3004A--3007A, 3011A, 3013A, 3017A, 3020A--3021A, 3039A, 3050A, 3052A, 3070A--3072A, 3078A--3079A, 3081A--3082A, 3089A, 3094A, 3098A, 3100A, 3102A, 3106A, 3111A--3112A, 3119A, 3123A, 3128A, 3130A, 3133A, 3135A--3136A, 3139A, 3144A--3145A, 3147A, 3149A, 3154A--3155A, 3173A, 3195A, 3249A, 3260A, 3262A--3263A, 3265A, 3268A, 3274A, 3276A, 3287A, 3289A, 3307A, 3313A, 3318A--3319A, 3321A--3322A, 3324A, 3340A--3341A, 3351A, 3357A, 3375A, 3380A, 3385A--3386A, 3412A, 3438A, 3442A, 3446A, 3448A--3449A, 3451A--3452A, 3454A--3456A, 3460A--3464A, 3472A--3473A, 3481A--3484A, 3487A--3488A, 3491A, 3499A--3500A, 3502A, 3506A, 3542A, 3549A--3550A, 3559A, 3571A, 3578A--3579A, 3592A, 3594A, 3598A, 3601A, 3603A, 3614A, 3617A, 3652A, 3655A, 3673A, 3694A, 3696A, 3707A, 3724A, 3733A, 3735A, 3744A, 3746A, 3748A--3750A, 3757A, 3759A, 3763A, 3771A, 3775A, 3778A--3779A, 3831A, 3841A, 3857A, 3869A, 3885A, 3887A, 3905A--3906A, 3911A, 3913A, 3929A--3930A, 3937A, 3943A, 3951A--3953A, 3971A, 3982A, 3990A, 4013A, 4015A, 4021A, 4032A, 4044A--4045A, 4050A, 4053A, 4056A, 4062A, 4068A--4070A, 4077A, 4086A, 4090A, 4096A--4097A, 4100A, 4102A, 4107A--4108A, 4110A, 4113A--4114A, 4116A, 4118A--4119A, 4122A--4123A, 4125A, 4133A--4134A, 4138A, 4145A, 4148A--4149A, 414A, 4154A, 4173A--4174A, 4179A, 4183A, 4191A--4192A, 4194A--4195A, 4198A--4199A, 4205A, 4211A, 4213A, 4216A, 4233A, 4247A--4248A, 4255A, 4260A, 4262A--4264A, 4272A, 4274A, 4332A, 4337A, 4380A, 4387A, 4397A, 4405A--4406A, 4424A, 4429A, 4432A, 4438A, 4446A--4447A, 4455A, 4464A, 4473A, 4476A, 4484A, 4486A, 4489A--4490A, 4537A, 4554A, 4588A, 4594A, 4613A, 4617A, 4620A, 4625A, 4627A, 4634A--4635A, 4656A, 4709A, 4751A, 4756A, 4778A, 4781A, 4790A--4792A, 4809A, 4821A--4822A, 4830A--4831A, 4834A, 4839A, 4842A, 4854A, 4857A, 4861A, 4865A, 4870A, 4872A, 4875A, 4888A, 4893A, 4907A, 4921A, 5041A, 5130A, 5152A--5153A, 5196A, 5207A, 5226A, 5240A, 5258A, 5284A, 5296A, 5304A, 5306A, 5313A, 5317A, 5322A, 5334A, 5344A, 5346A, 5350A, 5359A, 5369A--5370A, 5382A--5383A, 5402A, 5410A, 5415A, 5421A, 5434A, 5439A, 5445A, 5453A, 5459A--5460A, 5466A, 5472A, 5481A--5483A, 5522A, 5542A, 5563A, 5576A, 5594A, 5613A, 5618A, 5637A, 5642A, 5652A--5653A, 5677A, 5686A, 5691A--5692A, 5698A, 5720A, 5724A, 5727A, 5732A--5733A, 5750A, 5769A, 5792A, 5809A, 5848A, 6007A, 6022A, 6033A, 6038A, 6048A, 6076A, 6099A, 6118A, 6145A, 6155A--6158A, 6162A--6163A, 6165A, 6168A, 6172A, 6174A, 6181A--6182A, 6196A, 6198A--6199A, 6204A--6205A, 6220A, 6231A, 6234A, 6245A, 6252A, 6254A, 6277A--6279A, 6284A, 6291A, 6305A, 6327A--6328A, 6331A, 6337A, 6360A, 6387A, 6393A--6394A, 6403A, 6405A, 6411A, 6413A--6414A, 6421A, 6428A, 6439A--6440A, 6444A, 6446A--6447A, 6451A, 6463A--6464A, 6467A--6468A, 6475A, 6490A, 6515A--6516A, 6530A, 6545A, 6582A, 6587A, 6616A--6617A, 6621A, 6649A, 6711A, 6805A, 6819A, 736A, 873A, 911A, 973A, 990A
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    3205.8 m of textual records
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    Textual records: (Electronic) See the Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918) database. Over 600,000 Canadians enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War (1914-1918). The CEF database is an index to those personnel records, which are held by the Library and Archives Canada. All of the existing attestation papers have been scanned and are available on-line. Complete files are now being digitized and are also available in this database. ---------- Voir la bases de données « Soldats de la Première Guerre mondiale - CEC ». Plus de 600 000 hommes et femmes se sont enrôlés dans le Corps expéditionnaire canadien (CEC) pendant la Première Guerre mondiale (1914-1918) en tant que soldats, infirmières et aumôniers. La base de données est un index à partir duquel il est possible de consulter leurs dossiers de service, lesquels sont conservés à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada. Les images numérisées de tout les documents d'attestation sont accessibles via cette base de données, ainsi que les dossiers complet qui ont été numérisées. (90 90: Open)

    (Electronic) Cet instrument de recherche peux vous aider à trouver un dossier de service : (90 90: Open)

    (Electronic) This finding aid can assist in locating a service record: (90 90: Open)

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    General Note:
    Shortly after the British declaration of war in August 1914, Canada offered an initial contingent of twenty-five thousand men for service overseas. The Canadian Expeditionary Force, as it was designated, grew in the course of the War to enroll 619,636, of whom 424,589 served overseas. The Department of Militia and Defence opened personnel files for every individual who enrolled in the CEF. The personnel files contained forms and correspondence to document the training, movement, pay, promotion, and medical status of each member of the CEF. At discharge, a number of additional documents were added to the file for medical condition at discharge, and to reconcile final pay, allowances and gratuities. After the war the various personnel files, including the overseas file, for each soldier or nursing sister were consolidated and transferred to the Public Archives of Canada. After the Second World War these files were transferred to the Department of Veterans Affairs who required them to administer benefits to former service personnel. In 1947, the Department of Veterans Affairs selected individual forms from each file and destroyed the remainder of the file. They retained only the forms required to document service, length of service, conditions of service, - including injury or illness, - and the medical condition of the individual at disharge. From these selected documents they created the document envelopes now found in this accession.
    NOTE: Boxes 1 to 18 of this accession have been brought to permanent status in RG150 Volumes 1 to 35.
    Exhibitions note:
    Exhibition Title: Asian Heritage Month. Box: 6268-49 Curator: Mark Lavine, Rachelle Chiasson-Taylor. Library and Archives Canada. 2004.05.17- 2004.05.18.
    Exhibition Title: Ottawa Premier of "Honour before Glory". Curator: Sean Foyn. National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2001.11.07 - 2001.11.07 (1. Bramah Alexander 931037 - Box 1012-30 - 2. White William Box 1037-60 - 3. Courtney, Henry F. 931501 - Box 2052-68 - 4. Butler Joseph R. 931037 - 5. Sutherland Daniel H. - Box 9431-60 - 6. Mansfield John 931738 - Box 5903-3 - 7. Murray Dan - Box 6524-28 - 8. Brent Robert 931838)
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    1992-93/166 GAD
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