Vancouver Island. Inner channels leading from Juan de Fuca Strait to Haro Strait [cartographic material] / surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards R.N.; assisted by Lieut. R.C. Mayne, D. Pender & E.P. Bedwell, Masters; J.T. Gowlland & G.A. Browning, Sec. Mast. R.N., 1858-62; with additions and corrections to 1870 by Staff Commander D. Pender R.N

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    Hierarchical level:
    15 Oct. 1864, 1905.
    R11630-2500-8-E, Box number: 2000357972
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    577 BA
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    10,000s .P5 1801-
    Type of material:
    Maps and cartographic material
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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