Hyacinthe Lambart collection [graphic material]

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    ca. 1860-1980.
    1992-394 DAP, 118-020172-8
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    photographic material - Album #1 - pages 1 to 40 C0488, photographic material - Album #1 - pages 41 to 48 C0489, photographic material - Album #2 - Family Photos 03250, photographic material - Album #3, photographic material - b/w safety negatives 03971, photographic material - interpositives INT-011 (2M), photographic material - nitrate negatives RV3-215, prints to nitrate negatives; Envs. #001 to #020 03251
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    Photographs, Art
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    ca. 1860-1980.
    Place of creation:
    No place, unknown, or undetermined
    1,586 photographs b&w
    34 photos col.
    1 silhouette
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    Graphic (other):photographic material Manuscript Acquisition report in accession file

    Graphic (other): (Paper) Vol.1 Photocopies of original envelopes for nitrate negatives. Photocopies of Album 1 and 2. Located in 326 with a copy in Photo A&R FA-273

    Graphic (other):art material description item level on-line

    Additional information:
    General Note:
    Photos relating to the Lambart Family: chiefly Hyacinthe Lambart, one of Canada's first female pilots.. Arthur H. Lambart (1910-1940), her brother, a member of the RCMP and later a Canadian pilot in the Royal Air Force; Edward Howard Wallbridge Lambart (1917-1943), her brother, an officer with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery; and other family members, including Frederick John W. Lambart, 8th Earl of Cavan; Howard Frederick John Lambart (1880-1948), and Evelyn Lambart; documentation about the family home Vine Lynne, 7 Rideau Gate, now an official residence for V.I.P.'s visiting Ottawa; H. Frederick Lambart photo's survey in British Columbia; air pageant, Hamilton, Ont.; group photograph of the Fédération aéronautique internationale Conférence de Washington, 8 - 11 Oct., 1934; Charles Lindbergh's visit to Ottawa, July 1, 1927; 1st Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, 1940..
    Photos by John Powis, Ottawa, Ont.; William J. Topley, Ottawa, Ont.; J.A. Brock, Belleville, Ont.; Rapid Grip and Batten Limited, Montreal, Quebec; Photographic Stores Limited, Montreal, Quebec; Notman & Sandham, Montreal, Quebec; Dufresne, Toronto, Ont.; Notman & Son, Montreal, Quebec; Pittaway, Ottawa, Ont.; Yousuf Karsh, Ottawa, Ont.; Royal Canadian Air Force.
    photographic material Civil aviation in Canada and Europe; activities of the Canadian Flying Clubs Association and of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
    art material Silhouette portrait of Arthur H. Lambart. Unknown artist.
    TO BE COMPLETED (location in photographic and artistic material).
    TO BE COMPLETED (description in art).
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    Graphic (other): 21b, 21c, 20c, 23e, 26a, 26b
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    Language of accompanying material: english.
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    1992-394 DAP
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    art material Nil \\ Start date: 1995-12-28
    Photographs except by Y. Karsh Nil
    Photographs by Y. Karsh: Restrictions on use: For items in copyright: for private study and research purposes, Library and Archives Canada will provide only colour or black and white photographs up to an 8x10 in. format. The photographs will be blindstamped or embossed. For exhibition loans, please contact Loans and Exhibitions, Library and Archives Canada, 550 De la Cité Boulevard, Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0N4. For public, commercial, or other uses contact: www.karsh.org. Copyright: Estate of Yousuf Karsh.
    art material Copyright: unknown, likely expired
    Item less than 50 years old Copyright: Various copyrights
    Item more than 50 years old Copyright: Expired
    Credit: National Archives of Canada

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