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    ca. 129,000 photographs:
    ca. 95,600 b&w photographs
    ca. 9,900 colour photographs
    ca. 22,600 b&w negatives
    ca. 130 colour negatives
    34 b&w transparencies
    38 colour transparencies
    24 b&w nitrate negatives
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    1. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    2. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    3. Alexander Roxburgh collection [graphic material]
    4. Dominion of Canada Rifle Association collection [graphic material]
    5. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    6. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    7. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    8. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    9. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    10. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    11. Royal Navy Ships collection [graphic material]
    12. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    13. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    14. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    15. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    16. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    17. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    18. Philip Plastow collection [graphic material]
    19. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    20. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    21. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    22. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    23. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    24. Canada. Dept. of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    25. Canada. Department of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    26. Canada. Department of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    27. Canada. Department of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    28. Canada. Department of National Defence collection [graphic material]
    29. Photographic collections transferred from the Directorate of History and Heritage [graphic material]
    30. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Directorate of History collection [graphic material]
    31. Photographic material from National Defence [graphic material]
    Scope and content:
    These are descriptions of the individual accessions. They are listed by accession number. This is a preliminary record, please consult the linked accessions for more information. Sub-series consists of photographs transferred to the National Archives from DHist. acc.1996-212 (MIKAN 23639) The production of Avro 504, Curtiss JN4, de Havilland (Airco) DH6, and Felixstowe F.5 aircraft by Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd., Toronto, Ont., 1916-1918. Flying training operations of the Royal Flying Corps Canada/Royal Air Force Canada in Canada and the United States, 1917-1918. The following units are documented: School of Aerial Fighting, Beamsville, Ont.; Camp Benbrook, Fort Worth, Texas; Camp Borden, Ont.; Camp Mohawk, Deseronto, Ont.; Hamilton, Ont.; Leaside, Ont.; Long Branch, Ont.; No. 4 School of Military Aeronautics, Toronto, Ont.. Civil government air operations, air stations, equipment and personnel of the Canadian Air Board and the Royal Canadian Air Force, as well as aerial views of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories taken by the Canadian Air Board and the Royal Canadian Air Force, ca. 1920-1940. The following air stations are documented: High River, Alta.; Jericho Beach, Vancouver, B.C.; Rockcliffe, Ont.; Victoria Beach, Man.. Operational activity, bases, equipment and personnel of the Hudson Straits Expedition, 1927-1928. Activities of the Royal Canadian Air Force during the visit to Canada of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, May 1939. Operational activity, bases, equipment and personnel of units and formations of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Air Force in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, ca. 1925-1965. The following RCAF units and formations are documented: No. 1 Air Division; No. 1 Air Radio Officer School, Clinton; Nos. 1 to 8 Convalescent Hospitals; No. 1 Instrument Flying School; No. 1 Photographic Detachment; No. 1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden; No. 1 Squadron; No. 1 Supply Depot, Downsview; No. 1 Technical Training School, Aylmer; No. 2 Composite Training School, Aylmer; No. 2 Fighter Wing, Gros Tenquin; No. 2 Squadron; No. 2 TTS, Camp Borden; No. 3 Elementary Flying Training School, London; No. 3 Field Technical Training Unit; No. 3 Fighter Wing, Zweibrucken; No. 3 Squadron; No. 4 Air Observer School, London; No. 4 Fighter Wing, Baden Soellingen; No. 4 Wireless School, Burtch; No. 5 Air Division; No. 5 SFTS, Brantford; No. 5 Supply Depot, Moncton; No. 6 Repair Depot, Trenton; No. 8 Squadron; No. 9 SFTS, Centralia; No. 10 AOS, Chatham; No. 10 Bombing & Gunnery School, Mount Pleasant; No. 13 Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, St. Sylvestre; No. 13 Explosives Depot, Camp Borden; No. 14 SFTS, Aylmer; No. 20 EFTS, Oshawa; No. 30 Radio Unit, Cape Bauld; No. 31 SFTS, Kingston; Nos. 110, 112, 162, 402, 404, 406, 408, 414, 419, 420, 422, 423, 424, 425, 426, 427, 428, 429, 431, 432, 433, 434, 445, 446 and 447 Squadrons; RCAF Air Weapons Unit, Decimomannu; RCAF Central Flying School, Trenton and Winnipeg; RCAF Directorate of Aeronautical Inspection, Ottawa; RCAF Reserve Tradesman Training Programme, Saskatoon; RCAF School of Army Cooperation, Camp Borden; RCAF Stations Bagotville, Camp Borden, Centralia, La Macaza, Leeming, MacDonald, Moose Jaw, North Bay, Rockcliffe, Saskatoon, Trenton, Uplands; RCAF Technical Branch; RCAF Women's Division. The following RAF units and formations are documented: No. 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group; No. 60 Group; No. 143 Wing; Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead; RAF School of Army Cooperation, Old Sarum. Target photographs taken by individual aircraft of squadrons of No. 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group during bombing and minelaying missions in Northwest Europe, 1943-1945. Aerial photographs of bomb damage to targets in Scandinavia, Northwest Europe, Italy, the Balkans, and Southeast Asia, 1944-1945. Photos documenting Allied air attacks on German installations in Denmark and Norway, taken by members of the Danish and Norwegian underground movements, 1940-1945. Operational activity (including participation in the Korean Conflict and participation in the Coronation Naval Review), as well as equipment and personnel of ships and units of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1950-1953 and 1962-1963. The following ships and units are documented: HMC Ships Athabaskan (II), Haida, Huron, Iroquois, Magnificent, Nootka, Ontario, and Quebec; University Naval Training Division, HMCS Prevost, London, Ont.. Operational activity, equipment, bases and personnel of the Royal Canadian Engineers Works Section, 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group, Soest, Hemer and Werl, West Germany, 1954. Operational activity, equipment, bases and stations, and personnel of units and formations of the Canadian Forces, ca. 1965-1993. The following units, bases and stations are documented: 1 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, Gimli and Cold Lake; 2 Aircraft Field Maintenance Squadron; 14 Training Group, Winnipeg; 422 Tactical Helicopter Squadron; Canadian Forces Base Chibougamau; CFB Cold Lake; CFB Gimli; Canadian Forces Flying Training Standards Unit, Winnipeg; Canadian Forces Staff School, Toronto; Canadian Forces Station Beausejour; CFS Falconbridge; CFS Lac St. Denis; Canadian Forces Support Unit, Colorado Springs. artistic material
    acc.1996-399 (MIKAN 23930) photographic material Events, activities and equipment of the units and personnel of Canadian Forces Europe (CFE), consisting of 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (4 CMBG) and 1 Canadian Air Group (1 CAG) at Canadian Forces Bases Lahr and Baden-Soellingen, Federal Republic of Germany, as well as the community life of military and civilian personnel and their dependents at Canadian Forces Base Lahr, as documented in Der Kanadier, the weekly newspaper of the Canadian Forces in Europe, ca. 1976-1994. The types of events and activities documented include training exercises, parades, visits of dignitaries and officials, promotion ceremonies, awards ceremonies, the activities of schools, churches, clubs and organizations, sports and recreational activities, relations between the Canadian and German communities, and travel and tourism activities. Photos by unknown photographers and by the following: AFRC Public Affairs Office; G.A. Arnold; Sgt. Denis Audet; Werner Bader; David Bier Studios; Tom Bochsler; MCpl. Claude Bolduc; British Travel Authority; Bundeswehr; BVGA Frankfurt; CBC/Fred Phipps; Trisha Cornforth; Sgt. Christian Coulombe; Janice Cowan; Trish Dehmel; Michel Deschler; Bob Elliott; Cpl. C. Fiander; Sgt. Hal Fraser; Michel Frison; MCpl. Larry Harrison; June Hill; Alfred Isenmann; Frank M. Kohler; KPVP-Presse-Bilderdienst; Karl-Heinz Kuball; Foto Lebeda; M. McAdam; Maureen MacDonald; Dennis Mah; Sgt. D.J. Mair; Bernhard Margull; Sgt. R. Mattson; Clemens Mayer; Allison Moran; MCpl. Serge Morin; Lorrin Morton; Cpl. Doug O'Brien; Emily Pittfield; Beverley Rockett; MCpl. J.C. Rodger; Foto Rohrig; Leopold Rousseau; Luke St. James; Klaus Schmidt; Cpl. Schoenenberger; Schweizer Verkehrsburo; Debi Smith; Debbie Squires; Stadtverwaltung Lahr; Foto Storto; MCpl. Vince Striemer; Foto Studio Stubner; Cpl. Neal Swett; Cpl. Rejean Tardiff; Teldec Record Service GMBH; Toronto Star Syndicate; Jorg Wendling; Harold Whyte Photography; J. de Zwart, Wageningen.
    acc.1976-048 (MIKAN11676) Presentation by H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connaught of the Royal Montreal Regiment, Unter Erschach, Germany, 3 January 1919. Negatives of this event already held in NPC. See PA-4017 to PA-4022 inclusive.
    acc.1981-257 (MIKAN 13441) Cadet Wing, Royal Flying Corps, Long Branch, Ont., 17 Oct. 1917; No. 4 Flight, RFC, Long Branch, 31 Oct. 1917; Course No. 19, No. 4 School of Military Aeronautics, RFC, Toronto, 27 Nov 1917; photos by the Panoramic Camera Co..
    acc.1981-258 (MIKAN 13443) Construction progress photographs of the Peace River Bridge built by the Dept. of National Defence, Fort St. John, B.C., August 1958 - Sept 1959.
    acc.1984-289 (MIKAN 14268) Aerials of cities, towns and industries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, 1930, from DND RCAF "A" Series; funerals and graves of RCAF personnel of RCAF Overseas Headquarters, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, England, 1943-44 form DND RCAF "HQ" Series.
    acc.1985-171 (MIKAN 14490) Aerial photos of downtown Ottawa used by the National Defence Headquarters Planning Group in planning the proposed headquarters on Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, Ont., 1960-1968. Photos by: Dept. of National Defence, Alex R. Onoszko, Photo Features Ltd., United Press International, Malak, Marani, Rounthwaite & Dick.
    acc.1986-037 (MIKAN 14626) Operational activities, events, personnel, and equipment of Royal Canadian Air Force units in Britain, North Africa, India and Ceylon, 1942-1943. Photos by the Royal Canadian Air Force.
    acc.1968-108 (MIKAN 14697) Panoramic group photo of Course 42, No. 4 School of Aeronautics, R.A.F., Toronto, Ont. 18 November 1918; the novelist William Faulkner is 21st from left in the rear row; photo by G.W. Latta; aerial photo mosaic of the Bomarc missile base, CFB La Macaza, Que., June 1971; photo by No. 433 Squadron; composite photo of commanding officers of the Canadian Air Board/RCAF station/ Canadian Forces Base, Rockcliffe, Ont., 1922-1972.
    acc.1991-104 (MIKAN 16725) Personnel and vehicles of No. 2 Company, Canadian Provost Corps, England, April 1941..
    acc.1996-130 (MIKAN 23408) Group photograph of participants attending a conference of Protestant chaplains of the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force, London, England. Photograph by The Service Photo Co., Pirbright, England.
    acc.1997-019 (MIKAN 23976) Group photo of No. 12 Reinforcement Draft, 1st Battalion Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), Farnham, England, 8 December 1941. Photo by unknown photographer. Aerial and ground views of buildings at Canadian Forces Base Chatham, and at Chatham and Newcastle, N.B., ca. 1976-1986. Photos by the Department of National Defence. Aerial views of the following Canadian Forces Bases, 1965: Bagotville, Calgary, Camp Borden, Chatham, Cold Lake, Comox, Cornwallis, Downsview, Edmonton, Esquimault, Gagetown, Gimli, Goose Bay, Greenwood, Halifax, Kingston, London, Moncton, Moose Jaw, North Bay, Penhold, Petawawa, Portage la Prairie, Rivers, Rockcliffe, St. Hubert, St. Jean, Shearwater, Shilo, Summerside, Trenton, Uplands, Valcartier, Winnipeg. Photos by the Department of National Defence.
    BAN no. 2002-00857-4 (MIKAN 198831) Photographs relating to aspects of airborne operations in the Canadian armed forces.
    (MIKAN 3632536) 4th Canadian Junior War Staff Course, Royal Military College 30 April - 23 August 1942. The photograph was taken by The Marrison Studio of Kingston, Ontario.
    97-054 BAN no. 2006-00712-2 (MIKAN 3690646) Panoramas from the various branches and sections at C.M.H.Q in London, 1941-43; No. 1 Canadian Static Base Laundry; RCAF Station Trenton, Ont. Sergeants' Mess; No. 1 & 2 Training Squadron; No. 2 Squadron. No. 6 "M" Depot ; No. 2 Squadron. C.W.A.A.F. Training Depot Toronto; Administration Course C.W.A.A.F.; 1st Anti-Tank Regiment; 7th Canadian Field Coy. R.C.G.; 6th Field Regt.; 4th Field Regiment;. 4th Anti-Tank Canadian Army; Chaplains, Medicals, A.P.M. Branch, D.D.S.T., Officers, "A&Q" Branch & Services, 1st Cdn. Corps; 4th Recce Battalion, (P.L.D.G.); Athletic Team, 37th, 60th, 76th Battery, R.H.Q. & Attached ; H.Q., B & C Squadron, 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars (7th Recce Regt.); Officers, HQ. 1st Canadian Division; C.R.E. 5th Cdn. Armd. Division; 5th Canadian Field Cash Office. 4th, 52nd, 94th & 105th Battery, 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment; No. 1 Tunneling Company & 1st, 4th, 10th Field Squadron, Royal Canadian Engineers; Headquarters & H.Q. Squadron (D.E.I.L.H.) 1st Cdn. Armoured Brigade; 2nd Armoured Regiment (L.S.H.); 6th Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars); 10th Armoured Regiment (Fort Gary's); Canadian Forestry Corps.; 3rd Armoured Regiment (Governor-General's Horse Guards); 6th Royal Canadian Hussars; 5th Canadian Armoured Division; 49th, 82nd, 98th Battery, 4th Anti-Tank Regiment; 8th Princess Louise's (N.B.) Hussars; 9th Armoured Regiment (B.C.D.); 1st Armoured Car Regiment (R.C.D.); Perth Regiment (Motor); Cape Breton Highlanders; Lorne Scots Training Battalion; 3rd Div. Employment & Protective Platoon - Standard Barracks; The Irish Regiment of Canada; 1st Field Regiment; 4th Recce BN (P.L.D.G.); 12th, 13th, 14th, Canadian Army Field Company R.C.E.; 18th Manitoba Armd. Car Regt; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Canadian Field Company R.C.E. Canadian Army Overseas; 42nd Battery, 7th & 57th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment; 2nd Field Park Company, Royal Canadian Engineers; 27th, 51st, 57th, 90th Battery, 1st Canadian Anti-Tank Regiment. Officers, N.C.O's. and Men 3rd Divisional Supply Column C.E.F. Toronto, March 28th, 1916; 1st Provisional Company, U.S. Cadets, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 21st 1917. 1st Lieut. Bennie Goldblatt, Commanding; Curtis Flying School - Class of July 1916 - Toronto; "Y" Squadron, Long Branch, May 29th 1917; Curtis Flying School - Class of July 1916 - Toronto; 17th Aero. Squadron, U.S.A., at Royal Flying Corps, Camp Leaside, Toronto, Aug 9th 1917; 79th C.R.S., R.F.C., Camp Borden, May 1917. clippings from Canadair News, 1956, people photographed A/V/M Waite, François Poncet, General Lee (U.S.A.F), Archbishops Ray and Berry, Cnd Ambassador Ritchie, G/C B.E. Christmas, Air Vice Marshall Guthrie, H.R.H. Prince Philip, U.S. Senator Charles L. Potter, Cdn Ambassador Escott-Reid, General Perks, NFB visit, General Norstad, Members of Cdn Parliament 1955, 1954 NATO conference. Album containing photos meant for publication. Captions on back begin with "British Official Photo". Organized within binder by subject location: Costal Command - Norway; Mediterranean Command - Albania, Italy, Yugoslavia; Asiatic Command - Sumatra, Thailand, Tirpitz sinking, U-boat sinking; Bomber Command - Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Poland. Additional material from this accession (aerial bomb damage reconnaissance photos and reports from WWII; CFB Europe plans ca. 1950-1970; WWI maps) described in MAPS Sub-Series R112-112-2 (MIKAN 133449).
    acc.1976-009 (MIKAN 11632) Canadian Air Force Association Conference, Camp Borden, Ont., 22 June 1921; aircrew of the Hudson Straits Expedition, 1927; officers, including F/L D.E. Hornell, of No. 4 (CAC) Squadron, RCAF, Sydney, N.S., 1942.
    acc.1975-416 (MIKAN 11597) Platoons of C.W.A.C. Training courses Nos. 1, 2, and 8, Vermilion, Alta., 1942-1943, by McDermid Studios; group photographs of Quebec Command C.W.A.C. summer camps, St. Jean and Valcartier, Quebec, 1957-1963, by Federal Photos.
    acc.1973-414 (MIKAN) Different types of R.C.A.F. vehicles; copies of Imperial War Museum photos of R.A.F. operations in the Mediterranean theatre.
    acc.1972-048 (MIKAN 9846) Entrance to citadel, Halifax, N.S., 1915; Band of 2nd Dragoons, Beamsville, Ont., 1920.
    acc.1972-012 (MIKAN 9803) Japanese prisoner of war camp, Angler, Ont.: group photos of prisoners before housing, in various locations in the camp, and in the landscape surrounding it; Japanese patient in the dentist's office; exercise room; factory and workers in the camp; entrance to the camp with the sign "Angler" over the gate..
    acc.1971-239 (MIKAN 9696) Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corps Training School, Ottawa, Ont., July 1918.
    acc.1970-210 (MIKAN 9378) One album showing Imperial Ministry of Munitions, Gauge Laboratory, Ottawa, Ont..
    acc.1967-151 (MIKAN) Merchant ships and naval auxiliary ships of American, British, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Norwegian, Panamanian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish registration visiting Canadian ports or sailing in Canadian waters.
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