Plan of river lots in the Parish of St. Peter, Province of Manitoba. Examined and certified, A. H. Whitcher, Dominion Lands Survey Office. Surveyed by A. H. Vaughan, Deputy Surveyor, Winnipeg, 1874. Dominion Lands Office, Ottawa, 1st January, 1875. J. S. Dennis, Surveyor General. Photo-lith by the Burland Desbarats Lithographic Company, Montreal. [cartographic material]

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    Hierarchical level:
    1930 (1 January 1875)
    Local class no.: H2/535/St. Peter/1875(1930)Box number: 2000218871
    Local class no.:
    H2/535/St. Peter/1875(1930)
    Type of material:
    Maps and cartographic material
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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