[Smiling Inuk woman in a beaded amauti]. Original title: Smiling Inuit woman in a decorated amauti

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    [between 1926-1943].
    Box number: RV4 171
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    [between 1926-1943].
    [Likely Nunavut or Northwest Territories]:
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    1 photograph : b&w.
    Negative Film B/W - cellulose nitrate
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    no language
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    Historically, all Inuit women received tattoos as a rite of passage. They were most often on the face and hands but could also be on the arms, legs, and/or chest. During the early 1900's camera's were becoming more accessible and more people were travelling more to the arctic. These visitors often photographed Inuit women and subsequently, their tattoos. Sometimes the photographers traced already existing tattoos or painted the women's faces with designs of other regions. Sometimes it appears they tried to cover the tattoos with make-up (rouge) or erase them during the printing process in the darkroom. As a result, the tattoo designs shown here may not be representative of the woman or her region.
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    1978-039 NPC
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    Credit: D.B. Marsh / Library and Archives Canada / e004922736
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    Copyright: Expired

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