Album 28, Untitled [graphic material]

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    1945 - 1946.
    R216-1020-0-E, Volume number: 14958
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    1945 - 1946.
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    1 album (164 photographs) b&w
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    This album, comprised of 68 pages on which 164 photographs are mounted, consists mainly of photographs taken while on board the R.M.S. Nascopie with the Eastern Arctic Patrol, travelling through the Northwest Territories. Photos by J.G. Wright. The following places can be found in the album: Cartwright, Labrador; Grenfell Mission; Lake Harbour, N.W.T.; Sugluk, Québec; Wolstenholme, Québec; River Clyde, N.W.T.; Fort Ross, N.W.T.; Arctic Bay, N.W.T.; Hudson's Bay Company posts and residences; Pangnirtung, N.W.T.; Cape Dorset, N.W.T.; Southampton Island, N.W.T.; Cape Smith, N.W.T.; Port Harrison, Québec; Churchill, Manitoba - views from elevator; buildings in Chesterfield, N.W.T.; Dundas Harbour, N.W.T.; Pond Inlet, N.W.T.; Roman Catholic Missions; Lancaster Sound. The following events can be found in the album: presentation of Royal Canadian Humane Association medal for bravery to Tommy for saving Mrs. Kilgour (H.B.Co.'s post manager's wife) from drowning; re-opening of R.C.M.P. detachment; A.H. Tweedle fitting Native woman with eye-glasses; life boat drill on R.M.S. Nascopie; Natives waiting for medical check-up; unloading cargo; flensing and cutting up white whale; arctic char drying; hauling freight from beach; R.M.S. Nascopie in ice; kayak race; Franklin memorial ceremony. The following objects can be found in the album: American weather station buildings; building material for Baker Lake; Baffin Trading Company buildings; R.M.S. Nascopie; cairn; glaciers; cemetery; icebergs; greenhouse; Inuit boats; Dept. of Transport radio station; Native sealskin tent; whale vertebrae; ice floes; Inuit ruins. The following animals can be found in the album: white whale (shot); husky pup; Inuit sled dogs. The following people can be found in the album: Alex Stevenson; Paul Serson, magnetician; Tommy, Inuit (recipient of medal); wedding group; Ood-loo-reak; Natives; Constable Auchterlonie; Dr. G. Hooper; staff of St. Luke's Hospital; Eastern Arctic Patrol members; F. Sparks; Captain Smellie; crew members of R.M.S Nascopie; Isaacee, with new artificial leg; Novolio, Inuit pilot; Bishop Fleming; J.W. Anderson; W. Heslop, Hudson's Bay Company; Inuit women and children; Miss Sarah Powell, nurse; Inspector J.A. Peacock; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Swaffield, bridal couple; Mrs. M. Moeller; lady passengers on deck R.M.S. Nascopie; Captain Waters; A.H. Tweedle, optometrist on Nascopie. Print 29-1946-J.G.W. is missing "Chesterfield Inlet, N.W.T., R.C. Mission hospital and mission. Native tents in foreground" (see negative).
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    This album was conserved as part of the album recontainerization project in 2012.
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    This album was originally part of accession 1974-366, which had been integrated into 1973-357. It has since been separated back into the two individual accessions of 1973-357 and 1974-366.
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    Old container 1973-357 box 02191.
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    None of the images have been copied.
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    Other accession no.:
    1974-366 NPC
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