Search Help


  • To activate a search, input your search query and click on the Search button.
    Example: To find a known Canadian library symbol such as OOU:
    Library Symbol: oou
    Click on Search button
  • Search results are sorted by Library Symbol.
  • You can use the features in your Browser to navigate this interface. For example, you can use the Back button to access previous screens in the search.

Tips for searching

  • You can search for a single keyword or phrase in Library Name and City fields.
    Example: To search for: Robarts Library at the University of Toronto
    Library Name: Robarts
    Click on Search button
  • Use a ? sign to denote truncation.
    Example: If you are looking for part of a phrase, you can use the ? sign after a term. To obtain a summary listing of library symbols starting with OOU:
    Library Symbol: oou?
    Click on Search button
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