New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: July 2010

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1021C6380 Anderson Lake (Squamish-Lillooet, B.C.)
  • 1021H7862 Anderson Lake Region (Squamish-Lillooet, B.C.)
  • 1021E7148 Burns Bog (B.C.)
  • 1021F7155 Chinese Canadian football players
  • 1021G7561 Cooke Municipal Golf Course (Prince Albert, Sask.)
  • 1021K8115 Edson-Grande Prairie Trail (Alta.)
  • 1021B7736 Fraser Canyon (B.C.)
  • 1021C7735 Fraser River (B.C.)
  • 1020L9654 George, Lake (N.Y. : Lake)
  • 1021J7373 George, Lake, Region (N.Y. : Lake)
  • 1021B7434 Gershon Iskowitz Prize
  • 1021B7558 Golf courses--Canada
  • 1021F7368 Goods and services tax--Ontario
  • 1021D7688 Harrison Lake Region (Fraser Valley, B.C.)
  • 1021J8035 Highway of Heroes (Ont.)
  • 1021K7348 Howe Sound (B.C.)
  • 1021J7772 Lawson Site (London, Ont.)
  • 1021H8044 Log Tavern Site (Ottawa, Ont.)
  • 1021J8043 Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (Ont.)
  • 1021B7647 Maringouin Peninsula (N.B.)
  • 1021J7527 Meares Island (B.C.)
  • 1021C7298 Moresby Island (Skeena-Queen Charlotte, B.C.)
  • 1021H7366 Native peoples--Taxation--Ontario
  • 1021C8030 PARIS (B.C. : Information retrieval system)
  • 1021G7146 Peat bogs--Canada
  • 1021G7820 Pike Lake (Lanark and Leeds, Ont.)
  • 1021H7919 South Asian Canadian youth
  • 1021H7528 Stein River (B.C.)
  • 1021C7492 Stein River Valley (B.C.)
  • 1021B7531 Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Heritage Park (B.C.)
  • 1021L7363 Tax exemption--Canada
  • 1021G7367 Tax exemption--Ontario
  • 1021F7562 Waskesiu Golf Course (Waskesiu Lake, Sask.)
  • 1021F8097 Westmorland Great Road (N.B.)


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
0200E2340 Canada$xTelephone directories 0200E2340 Canada$vTelephone directories
0200B3617 Cookery (Maple sugar and syrup) 0200B3617 Cooking (Maple sugar and syrup)
1021E6354 Lake Heney (Québec) 1021E6354 Heney, Lake (Québec)
0200K0394 Sugar-maple$zCanada 0200K0394 Sugar maple$zCanada
0200J0395 Sugar-maple$xTapping$zCanada 0200J0395 Sugar maple$xTapping$zCanada

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 0200E4041 Aliens--Canada
  • 1006E1946 Art--Awards--Canada
  • 0200J2134 Athletes--Canada
  • 1001C6535 Awards--Canada
  • 1001L6635 British Columbia, Northern
  • 1019L4576 Canyons--Canada
  • 0200D4859 Chinese Canadians
  • 1015B2405 Computer systems--Canada
  • 1003F7386 Confederation Bridge (N.B. and P.E.I.)
  • 1021B2432 Dumoine River (Québec)
  • 0200H2941 Excavations (Archaeology)--Canada
  • 1021B7159 Football players--Canada
  • 1001B8555 Fort Nashwaak (N.B.)
  • 1015B4815 Glen, Mont (Québec)
  • 1017G0395 Grassy Island Fort National Historic Site (N.S.)
  • 1019J4144 Great Sand Hills (Sask.)
  • 1015L6615 Greek Canadian students
  • 0200E4750 Greek Canadians
  • 1011A2056 Haida Gwaii (B.C.)
  • 1021A6382 Harrison Lake (Fraser Valley, B.C.)
  • 1019E1734 Hockey players--Canada
  • 0200K3342 Indians of North America--Legal status, laws, etc.--Canada
  • 1004G8034 Islands--Canada
  • 0200G1431 Lakes--Canada
  • 1010G6581 Laurentians (Québec)
  • 1010A6153 Lower Laurentians (Québec)
  • 0200B1568 Maple sugar
  • 0200A1569 Maple syrup
  • 0200C1664 Mountains--Canada
  • 0200H1686 Muskeg--Canada
  • 1020D1137 Native employees--Canada
  • 1005H2626 Native peoples--Taxation--Canada
  • 1009C4501 Northwest River (Terra Nova National Park Region, N.L.)
  • 1009H5961 Ontario--Antiquities
  • 1008L8407 Peninsulas--Canada
  • 0200A2026 Physical geography--Canada
  • 1018K4318 Prints, Canadian--Québec (Province)
  • 0200A1267 Provincial parks and reserves--Canada
  • 1016C1322 Recreation areas--Canada
  • 0200K0157 Refugees--Canada
  • 0200F0185 Riel Rebellion, 1885
  • 0200B0189 Roads--Canada
  • 1010C6984 Sounds (Geomorphology)--Canada
  • 0200G4449 South Asian Canadians
  • 0200K0386 Students--Canada
  • 0200L0393 Sugar bush--Canada
  • 1002J1118 Taxation--Canada
  • 0200K4039 Trails--Canada
  • 0200G4031 Trees--Canada
  • 0200C3772 Valleys--Canada
  • 0200B0634 Youth--Canada

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