New and Revised Headings Report

Last Updated: March 2010

(Canadiana Authority Control Numbers are included)

New Headings

  • 1021A4134 Change Islands (N.L. : Islands)
  • 1021F3273 Chinese Canadian veterans
  • 1021J3890 English language--Films for second language learners
  • 1021F3885 Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site (Colwood, B.C.)
  • 1021B4133 Fogo Island (N.L.)
  • 1021H3476 Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site (Colwood, B.C.)
  • 1021H3891 French language--Films for second language learners
  • 1021B3943 Labrador (N.L.)--Economic conditions--20th century
  • 1021A3944 Labrador (N.L.)--Economic conditions--21st century
  • 1021E3940 Labrador (N.L.)--Economic conditions--To 1900
  • 1021D3941 Labrador (N.L.)--Social conditions--20th century
  • 1021C3942 Labrador (N.L.)--Social conditions--21st century
  • 1021J3939 Labrador (N.L.)--Social conditions--To 1900
  • 1021F3427 Nigerian Canadians
  • 1021J3300 Police, Provincial--Ontario


Revision to Headings

Table 1 - Revision to Headings

Former Heading New Heading
0200B4109 Literature, Comparative--American and Canadian (French) 0200B4109 Comparative literature--American and Canadian (French)
1001C9518 Literature, Comparative--Australian and Canadian (English) 1001C9518 Comparative literature--Australian and Canadian (English)
1001C6144 Literature, Comparative--Brazilian and Canadian (French) 1001C6144 Comparative literature--Brazilian and Canadian (French)
1001B9519 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (English) and Australian 1001B9519 Comparative literature--Canadian (English) and Australian
0200L1500 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (English) and Canadian (French) 0200L1500 Comparative literature--Canadian (English) and Canadian (French)
1002F1811 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (English) and Indic (English) 1002F1811 Comparative literature--Canadian (English) and Indic (English)
0200J4110 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (English) and New Zealand 0200J4110 Comparative literature--Canadian (English) and New Zealand
0200H4111 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (French) and American 0200H4111 Comparative literature--Canadian (French) and American
1001A6146 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (French) and Brazilian 1001A6146 Comparative literature--Canadian (French) and Brazilian
0200K1501 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (French) and Canadian (English) 0200K1501 Comparative literature--Canadian (French) and Canadian (English)
0200J1502 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (French) and French 0200J1502 Comparative literature--Canadian (French) and French
1014C2328 Literature, Comparative--Canadian (French) and Swiss (French) 1014C2328 Comparative literature--Canadian (French) and Swiss (French)
0200H1503 Literature, Comparative--French and Canadian (French) 0200H1503 Comparative literature--French and Canadian (French)
1002D1813 Literature, Comparative--Indic (English) and Canadian (English) 1002D1813 Comparative literature--Indic (English) and Canadian (English)
0200G4112 Literature, Comparative--New Zealand and Canadian (English) 0200G4112 Comparative literature--New Zealand and Canadian (English)
1014H3249 Literature, Comparative--Swiss (French) and Canadian (French) 1014H3249 Comparative literature--Swiss (French) and Canadian (French)

Revision only to References and/or Notes

  • 1018G3756 Africans--Canada
  • 1021K2206 Alberta--Social conditions--1991-
  • 1003J2632 American literature
  • 0200J0662 Atlantic Provinces--Economic conditions
  • 1006L5857 Atlantic Provinces--Social conditions
  • 1002C1679 Australian literature
  • 1002C1849 Brazilian literature
  • 1002B1718 Canada--Economic conditions--1971-1991--Regional disparities
  • 0200G2357 Canada--Economic conditions--Regional disparities
  • 0200A0562 Canadian literature (English)
  • 0200E0569 Canadian literature (French)
  • 0200C3454 Canadians
  • 0200D4859 Chinese Canadians
  • 0200J3556 CN Tower (Toronto, Ont.)
  • 0200C3098 French literature
  • 0200B3196 Historic sites--Canada
  • 1001L9251 Icelandic Canadian veterans
  • 0200B4753 Icelandic Canadians
  • 1002G1780 Indic literature (English)
  • 1004G8034 Islands--Canada
  • 0200C1702 National parks and reserves--Canada
  • 0200K4063 New Zealand literature
  • 1016L7935 Nova Scotia--Politics and government--1999-2009
  • 1021K2087 Nova Scotia--Politics and government--2009-
  • 1015F6075 Pacific Rim National Park Reserve (B.C.)
  • 0200L2051 Police, Provincial--Canada
  • 0200L3775 Veterans--Canada

Modification of Tagging, and/or Source Code, and/or Subfield Coding

No tagging and/or subfield coding modified this month.

Cancelled Records

  • 0200E1964 "Ontario Provincial Police This heading remains valid as a name authority in AMICUS."
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