AMICUS User Agreement

Transition to OCLC services

(April 2018) Library and Archives Canada has launched its new National Union Catalogue, Voilà. Use it to search the combined catalogues of Canadian libraries.

AMICUS remains the primary source for Library and Archives Canada’s cataloguing records until October 2018. More information about the transition from AMICUS to OCLC is available online.


Library and Archives Canada (LAC) provides access to the AMICUS database for libraries, researchers and the public. Users can register to download records and personalize searching. 

Personal information

  • Library and Archives Canada is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals using AMICUS.
  • Library and Archives Canada stores searches performed on AMICUS for approximately 370 days. This information will not be used for reasons unrelated to AMICUS, and will not be given to others.
  • The User agrees to notify Library and Archives Canada of any changes in the information contained in the User's registration.


The User agrees to acquire and maintain, at his/her own expense, all equipment necessary to use the system.


The user agrees to assume responsibility for compliance with the Copyright Act.


The User agrees not to knowingly make machine-readable AMICUS records available to third parties for commercial purposes.


The User agrees to inform Library and Archives Canada of any announcement or publicity by the User concerning the AMICUS services which are the subject of this User Agreement.

Deletion of accounts for security

The User agrees to make responsible use of the system. Library and Archives Canada may, in its sole discretion, close an account where irresponsible use of the system is discovered.

Deletion of accounts for inactivity

Library and Archives Canada may delete any account left inactive for over one year.

Account closed by User

A User may request to have an account closed. The request must be made by the User in writing, via fax, email or regular mail.

Choice of Law

This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws in effect in the province of Ontario and in the country of Canada.


  • The User agrees that Library and Archives Canada shall not be responsible for any interruption of service or communications breakdown, or for failure of any computer software or programs.  The User agrees that Library and Archives Canada shall not be liable to Users of AMICUS for any inaccurate information contained in the database, nor to any person who may have received such information from users. Users agree not to provide any information received from Library and Archives Canada through use of the AMICUS services to a third party unless such third party has agreed to accept all risk of relying on such information.
  • The User agrees that AMICUS services are provided in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario and the country of Canada. Responsibility for compliance with the laws of any other country is assumed by the recipient of the AMICUS services.

User Agreement

  • The User shall indicate agreement with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement with Library and Archives Canada of Canada by submitting a Registration Form indicating the User's intention to be legally bound.
  • This User Agreement shall take effect upon receipt by the User of an email message providing official access to AMICUS, and will remain in force until terminated by the User or Library and Archives Canada.

Amendments and notices

  • The User agrees that any notice or amendment to the AMICUS services will come into effect by posting on the web.
  • The User also agrees that if Library and Archives Canada decides to provide notices or amendments through another method, Users may be notified of that method by postings in the News section of the website.
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