Examples of Reference Numbers

​When you complete an Order Form for Reproductions, be sure to include as many details as possible about the document you are requesting.
It is necessary to indicate the reference number of the document. The reference number can contain different elements depending on the type of document that you are requesting.
Listed below are examples of the information you may need to provide to obtain a copy of the following documents:
If you have any questions about reference numbers, please do not hesitate to contact our Reference Services division, either through our Ask Us a Question form or by calling us at 613-996-5115 or 1-866-578-7777 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.).

Textual Documents (Archival)

  • MG30 - D 211, Francis Reginald Scott fonds, Volume 86, File 6, "Student Research Materials, n.d." (entire file)
  • RG 41, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation fonds, Series VI-B-I-6, Volume 956, File 1279, Part 1, "Maison de Radio Canada", 1972 (pages 12 to 35, inclusive) 1871 Ontario census returns
  • RG 31, District 63, Lennox County, sub-district b-1, Fredericksburg Township, page 22–23, reel C-9995 (name, John Smith)
  • RG 10, Volume 7938, File 32-120, Reel C-13509

Video Recordings 

  • "Weekend". Consultation Copy Number V1 8205-0042, Item Number ISN 9286
  • "Snowtime Holiday". Consultation Copy Number 13-0051, Item Number ISN 273704

Sound Recordings

  • ​"Learning Stage: Forsey, Eugene - Talk". Consultation Copy Number C10126, Item Number ISN 237354

Photographs and Documentary Art

  • Andrew Merrilees Collection, Accession 1980-149, Group F, Series IV, "General View of Grain Elevators and Railway" 
  • William James Topley Collection, Accession 1936-270, Series A, Original Item Number 2415, "Misses Meredith" 
  • PA-113772. "Lieutenant Mollie Lamb", CWAC War Artist 
  • C-028700. "Sir Hugh Macdonald" 
  • RD-001289. "Claude Jutra", filmmaker 
  • e000756936. "View of children sleighing down a hill", Montreal 
  • 1985-198-183 "Untitled: Lévesque and Laurin in car crash" by Rusins Kaufmanis

Cartographic Documents 

  • H3/349/Rouyn/1926, "Carte de la région minière de Rouyn", The Map Specialty Co., St. Jean, Quebec: Stadacona Rouyn Mines, Ltd., c1926, NMC10218
  • F/540/Calgary/1967, "Calgary and Vicinity", Shell Oil Company, Clark Stone Ltd. 
  • H3/240/Charlottetown/[1956], "Map of the City of Charlottetown & suburbs, P.E.I." drawn by Cyril Lambourne, Microfiche NMC97188, NMC97190, NMC97189, Box 2000207489
  • "Plan of Edmonton Settlement, 1904" by E. Deville, H2/540/Edmonton/1904, NMC23550
  • F/240/Louisbourg/[1717], "Plan du port de Louisbourg avec la [veue] par le point A", [L’Hermite]
  • 93 A/6: "Horsefly", AMICUS No. 33080360
  • "Nova Scotia - southeast coast. Ram Island to Port Medway", R11630-2175-1-E, NMC185836, Box 2000357934
  • "Plan of the township of Dunn, also showing the Dockstader Tract and Indian reserve in Canboro Township", RG10M 76703/9, Item No. 237 , Microfiche 13078
  • "Le monde physique", BAN 2001-01077-X, G3201.C2 2001 .I5 H1

Please also refer to the Electronic Documents section below.

Architectural Documents and Technical Drawings

  • "St. John’s Church, South Osgoode, ON, Longitudinal Section". McLean and MacPhadyen fonds, Accession 86703/9, Project [213], Item 7
  • "Glebe Collegiate Institute. Dwg. No. 88. Detail of box frame at rear [1922]". J.A. Ewart fonds, Accession 76703/13, Item 479. NMC-0094412
  • "HMCS Huron post 1950, Lower deck". RG 24M, Department of National Defence fonds, Accession 84503/38, Item 339, NMC 80124

Philatelic Documents

  • "The Victoria Cross, 49¢", October 21, 2004, R169-2482-3-E, Volume 37, File number 8
  • POS-003711, Canada, 1851, 3 pence
  • "[Beaver], Canada: 3 pence". Accession No. 1992-146.683b
  • "[Skiing], Canada: 5 cents". Accession No. 1989-040, B102-04/X1, Item number assigned by LAC 6

Images from Published Documents

  • NLC-10086, "Hunters in the Snow" by Pieter Bruegel
  • NL-15558 "[Goldfinch and thistle]" watercolour by Susanna Moodie, 1869

Published Documents

  • Cover page of "Cet été qui chantait" by Gabrielle Roy. AMICUS No. 48747
  • "Le Devoir", April 12, 1950, p. B-2. AMICUS No. 8242389
  • "Saturday Night", Vol. 144, Issue 1, Feb. 1999, pp. 4-6. AMICUS No. 90190
  • "Infantry training for use of Canadian militia". AMICUS No. 5152261

Electronic Documents

  • "Election results". RG113, G0000894
  • "Canada referendum 1992 maps", RG88M/C0000011
  • SIP001, R653-327-7-E, BAN no. 120-040509-9, C0000001
  • "Oeuvres inédites et publiées - Windigo et la naissance du monde, essai ethnologique". R377-75-4-F, Electronic Volume 5, File number 1


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