Instructions for submitting public opinion research reports to Library and Archives Canada

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What to submit

The following documents must be submitted to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in separate files for each public opinion research (POR) project:

  1. A narrative executive summary in English in web-accessible HTML5 format;
  2. A narrative executive summary in French in web-accessible HTML5 format;
  3. A written final report in English in web-accessible HTML5 format;
  4. A written final report in French in web-accessible HTML5 format;
  5. All of the above files (#1–4) must also be submitted in PDF/A (PDF/Archivable) format, but LAC does not require these to be web accessible;
  6. All final reports must include a full description of the methodology used and all applicable appendices within the same digital file;
  7. Where relevant, English and French research data must be sent in two different files, in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format (which almost any database software can export).

What not to submit

  • POR projects that are not yet finalized (please do not send draft copies);
  • Partial POR projects (please do not submit a POR project until all its components are available);
  • Multimedia files of any type used in a POR project (e.g., digital video files; where relevant, please send storyboards instead);
  • Proprietary digital files formats of any type, in accordance with Open Government principles (file types that are not accepted include SAV files [SPSS data files]);
  • Copies of POR in print. Federal organizations must submit electronic copies of their POR narrative executive summaries and final reports.

Please contact us to discuss POR projects with pending deadlines.

Report requirements

Please visit the website of the Public Opinion Research Directorate at Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Submitting final reports

Please visit the LAC website for Public Opinion Research Reports and choose “Submit a report.”

Step 1: Read and agree to the terms of service for the use of the portal.

Step 2: Enter the POR Registration Number (listed on the first page of the POR contract), then specify what type of POR project is being submitted:

  • English and French executive summaries and final reports in accessible HTML5;
  • English and French executive summaries and methodological reports in accessible HTML5 and in PDF/A (PDF/A does not need to be accessible) with accompanying English and French research data in two different files, in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format (no SPSS files, please);
  • A POR submission related to, or an amendment of, a previously submitted POR project (please provide details in the text box below);
  • Other (please specify in comments area below).

Step 3: Attach the electronic files:

  • Create and submit a zip archive of your POR project. This ensures that all the digital files comprising your POR in web accessible HMTL5 format are kept together and that their relational context is preserved at LAC.
  • Please note that LAC cannot provide guidance on the relational structure or HTML5 coding techniques for POR. Questions on how to structure your HTML5 or on creating zip files should be directed to your departmental Web Standards Centre of Expertise.

Note: The maximum upload size is 200 megabytes. If you have any issues with attaching electronic files, please contact us.

Step 4: Enter the required information about the POR project, including the name of the federal organization that contracted the POR, the name of the contractor, the title of the POR and the date of the contract.

Step 5: Enter your contact information and the name of the federal organization for which you are submitting your POR project.

Note: An acknowledgement of the POR submission will be automatically sent to the indicated contact person. This acknowledgement is not a submission approval. Notification of the approval of your submitted POR will be sent in a subsequent email.

Step 6: Enter any additional comments or information, where applicable.

Step 7: When ready, push the “Submit” button.

Responsibility for POR content

Federal organizations are solely responsible for the content, presentation, conformance, accessibility and quality of the final reports, as outlined in the Public Opinion Research Contract Regulations, the Directive on the Management of Communications, Appendix C: Mandatory Procedures for Public Opinion Research, the Standard on Web Accessibility, section 2.2, and LAC's POR submission instructions (that is to say, the present document).

For information that must be included, please consult Report requirements and Government of Canada standards (Public Opinion Research Directorate).

For guidance on web accessibility, please consult the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's Guidance on Implementing the Standard on Web Accessibility and the manager of your departmental Web Standards Centre of Expertise.

Note: Technical guidance is available from LAC at the time of document submission. However, LAC cannot make administrative changes of any kind to submitted POR projects. Please carefully review your finalized POR projects to ensure that all requirements are met prior to submission.

How to reach us

Federal organizations that require assistance for submitting their POR through this online form should contact:

Public Opinion Research Collection
Library and Archives Canada
550 De la Cité Blvd.
Gatineau QC  K1A 0N4

Telephone: 819-953-1808

Fax: 819-997-7019

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