About the project

To mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, Library and Archives Canada (LAC), in collaboration with the Canada 150 federal secretariat, launched the #OnThisDay project. This project presents significant events from across Canada since Confederation.

With support from a historian and LAC experts, we combed through the documentary heritage at LAC. We found some important and entertaining facts, some bright and dark moments in our history. We took great care to highlight all aspects of Canadian society.

However, 365 significant events cannot do full justice to 150 years of history! We recognize that there are two sides to every story. Naturally, we based our selection on objective criteria. Some of the events selected came from discoveries in our vaults or from suggestions by the many departments and agencies that collaborated with us.

Throughout 2017, #OnThisDay will spark conversations among Canadians everywhere. So, we are asking Canadians to share, on social media, their versions of the day’s story as well as notable events from their own lives.

The #OnThisDay project does not pretend to be exhaustive. We want to keep it simple. #OnThisDay presents history in a fun way to encourage interest in our documentary heritage among all age groups. Today and well after 2017, the #OnThisDay website will be a trustworthy source of information for teachers, students, the media and the nation.

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