Length: 3:37 
A recent partnership with the Canada Science and Technology Museum brings to life artefacts and sketches of the recent discovery of the Franklin Expedition’s flagship HMS Erebus.
Length: 37:47 
The Wallot-Sylvestre seminars are a lecture series focused on informing and disseminating strategic thinking in the domains of library, information and archival sciences, history, etc.
Length: 03:36 
Thanks to partnerships with museums, galleries and local community venues throughout Canada, our vast collection is being seen by more people than ever before. 
Length: 04:16 
The Library and Archives Preservation Centre is one of Canada’s great cultural institutions-one that is truly like no other. 
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Today, more than ever, we are rigorously seeking items to add to our rich collection. 
Length: 03:26 
The aim of our new approach is to describe in plain terms as much of our material as possible, and to provide easy on-line access to it. 
Length: 02:21 
Migrating half a million hours of at-risk audio and video recordings to standard digital file format is a monumental project. 
Length: 03:41 
Find out how we care for and safeguard Canada’s information resources so that Canadians everywhere can access their documentary heritage now and in the future.
Length: 01:21
This tutorial is intended for first-time users searching for documents using the library, archives and ancestors search databases.
Length: 04:19
Learn about our in-person resources and services when beginning your research.