On the Road to 2017

Length: 1:45
LAC commemorates all who have contributed to Canada’s effort during the Great War by inviting you to its exhibition on Hockey and the First World War.
Length: 1:59
2015 has been proclaimed the Year of Sport in Canada. To illustrate the link between sport and the benefits that flow from innovation, LAC recalls the story of one the greatest goaltenders of all time, Jacques Plante.
Length: 2:47
As Canada approaches its 150th anniversary, LAC is showcasing our culinary heritage by revisiting the book The Frugal Housewife’s Manual, the oldest English Canadian cookbook.
Length: 1:57
LAC have loaned about 50 records highlighting the pivotal moments that led to the drafting of the British North America Act, on display in the 1867 – Rebellion and Confederation exhibition.
Length: 2:07
To honour all who have contributed to Canada's effort, LAC is pleased to have loaned to the Canadian War Museum a presentation version of the poem In Flanders Fields, written by Lt-Col. John McCrae.
Length: 2:20
Our very own maple leaf flag is celebrating its 50th anniversary on February 15, 2015. Library and Archives Canada holds many treasures in its collections related to the creation and adoption of the flag.
Length: 2:08
Library and Archives Canada is happy to introduce its new video series: On the Road to 2017 with Library and Archives Canada.


Length: 2:51
The exhibition, For the Record: Early Canadian Travel Photography, helps us discover the country in the 19th century
Length: 2:18
Discover remarkable Canadians through the exhibition Double Take 2015 developed by Library and Archives Canada

LAC Services

Length: 03:36
Thanks to partnerships with museums, galleries and local community venues throughout Canada, our vast collection is being seen by more people than ever before.
Length: 04:16 
The Library and Archives Preservation Centre is one of Canada's great cultural institutions-one that is truly like no other. 
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Today, more than ever, we are rigorously seeking items to add to our rich collection. 
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Migrating half a million hours of at-risk audio and video recordings to standard digital file format is a monumental project. 
Length: 04:23
Learn how to obtain an ISBN and find out useful information about the publishing process in Canada.


Length: 03:41 
Find out how we care for and safeguard Canada's information resources so that Canadians everywhere can access their documentary heritage now and in the future.
Length: 01:21
This tutorial is intended for first-time users searching for documents using the library, archives and ancestors search databases.
Length: 04:19
Learn about our in-person resources and services when beginning your research.
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