Rationalization of Library and Archives Canada Regional Service Centres

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) would like to remind Government of Canada (GC) institutions that, after June 30, 2015, the New Service Model (NSM) will be fully implemented within the following Regional Service Centres (RSCs):

  • Western Canada RSC (formerly known as Pacific RSC) located in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Central Canada RSC (formerly known as Manitoba RSC) located in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Eastern Canada RSC (formerly known as Atlantic RSC), located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

GC institutions that currently store information resources of business value (IRBV) must remove their holdings from these RSCs before June 30, 2015. In collaboration with the RSCs, each institution will be contacted by the NSM team and a firm exit strategy/timeline will be established.
Post June 30, 2015, RSCs will only store dormant information resources with enduring value (i.e., IREV in LAC’s control and custody) and information resources with enduring value (i.e., IREV in LAC’s care and control).

For additional information or assistance, please email BAC.Regions-Regions.LAC@canada.ca.

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