Disposition and Recordkeeping Program


The Directive on Recordkeeping outlines a series of recordkeeping requirements that Government of Canada (GC) institutions must fulfill, including performing regular disposition activities for all information resources. Library and Archives Canada's (LAC's) role in providing GC institutions with the authority to dispose of their information resources (either by transfer to LAC, destruction or alienation) directly supports this objective.
LAC’s role extends to supporting GC institutions in their efforts to achieve effective recordkeeping. It is to that end that LAC introduced the Recordkeeping Methodology (RKM) in 2011. Following feedback received during the 2011 launch of the RKM with a group of 13 “Early Adopter” institutions, LAC is taking the opportunity to simplify the original tools of the RKM to create an RK Toolkit that continues to support the goal of achieving effective recordkeeping aligned with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) Directive on Recordkeeping.
This RK Toolkit is one of many approaches that can start you on your way to effective recordkeeping. It is a selection of tools designed to assist GC institutions in undertaking engagement activities and in gathering input about their business and recordkeeping contexts in alignment with the requirements of the TBS Directive on Recordkeeping.
LAC is streamlining its Disposition and Recordkeeping Program for the GC to more effectively deliver on its responsibilities toward disposition, while aligning it with larger government-wide recordkeeping initiatives through the complement of support tools it offers to clients.

In addition, LAC, the TBS, and the Canada School of Public Service are continuing to collaborate in developing training materials, tools, templates and guides to support institutions with recordkeeping.

Getting Started…

While GC institutions are encouraged to continue their own efforts toward effective recordkeeping, LAC can also be of assistance.
Please contact the Recordkeeping Liaison Centre by email at BAC.Centredeliaison-Liaisoncentre.LAC@canada.ca, at 819-934-7519 or toll free at 1-866-498-1148 to access the following resources:
  • The RK Portal, which provides GC clients with direct access to various recordkeeping support tools. If you are a GC institution and have not already signed up, please contact us to register. 
  • LAC’s Disposition Project Launch: Getting Started document.
  • LAC’s Generic Valuation Tools (GVTs) for recommendations on information resources of business value (IRBV) and retention specifications for common business activities of the GC.

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