Keywords Listed by Year

A variety of topics are discussed during Cabinet Meetings, the following are some of the more prominent issues or events for a given year. Consult Searching Agendas for other keywords.


  • Montreal Olympics
  • Establishment of a national lottery
  • Abolition of capital punishment
  • Abortion and the trial of Dr. Morgentaler
  • Inflation control
  • Disputes over official languages policies
  • Nuclear sales to the Republic of Korea
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Compensation for former prisoners of war
  • Prime Minister Trudeau's proposal for the patriation of the Constitution


  • Admission to Canada of Palestine Liberation Organization Representatives
  • Law of the Sea
  • Nuclear Sales to India and Pakistan
  • Inflation and Price Adjustment
  • Postal Strike
  • Longshoreman Strike
  • Capital Punishment
  • Pickering and Mirabel Airports
  • Cabinet Solidarity


  • Measures to improve western grain transportation
  • Québec Language Bill 22
  • Uranium policy/nuclear review policy
  • Inflation
  • Oil and gas pricing
  • Implementation of official languages policy
  • USA cattle and meat imports: Diethystilbestrol (DES) Certification
  • Immigration — control size and composition
  • Detonation by India of nuclear explosive device
  • Transportation policy review


  • The 1976 Olympic Games in Montréal
  • Western Economic Opportunities Conference
  • Trade Relations between Canada and the United States
  • Bilingual Public Service
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Indian Claims Policy
  • Oil Policy
  • Regional Development Policy
  • Food Prices Review Board
  • Access to Public Records


  • James Bay Hydro Project
  • Ontario Request for Representation in Washington
  • Offshore Mineral Rights
  • Designation of Bilingual Positions in the Public Service
  • Domestic Control of National Economic Environment
  • Negotiations with EB Eddy for land for Place du Portage site
  • Uranium Marketing
  • Goose Bay Military Base
  • New Horizons Program
  • Le Dain Commission


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