Politics and Government

Library and Archives Canada is mandated to serve as "the continuing memory of the government of Canada and its institutions." We are the repository for federal government records of historical significance, and have the most complete collection of Canadian government publications in all formats. The resources available in our collection are vast and varied, and include textual documents, photographs, audio recordings, virtual exhibitions, databases, Orders-in-Council, the Canada Gazette, private archives and colonial records, Royal Commissions reports, and a host of research and finding aids related to our government holdings.
  1. Databases
  2. Digitized Microforms
  3. Electronic Collection
  4. Research Aids
  5. Virtual Exhibitions


  1. Cabinet Conclusions
  2. Canada Gazette: A Nation's Chronicle (Database) (Archived)
  3. Canadian Patents, 1869-1919
  4. Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King
  5. Federal Publication Locator
  6. Government of Canada Files (Archived)
  7. Government of Canada Web Archive
  8. Index to Federal Royal Commissions
  9. Indian Affairs Annual Reports, 1864-1990
  10. Orders-in-Council
  11. Prime Ministers' Fonds (Archived)
  12. Private Archives and Colonial Records (Archived)
  13. Public Opinion Research Reports
  14. Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada’s Patriot Statesman (Database)
  15. The Evidence Web - Browse Themes (Archived)
  16. Treaties, Surrenders and Agreements
  17. UFOs: The Search for the Unknown (Database)
  18. Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
  19. Western Land Grants (1870-1930)

Digitized Microforms

  1. Sir John Thompson fonds - Diary and other material (Archived)
  2. Sir John Thompson fonds - Letterbooks (Archived)
  3. Sir John Thompson fonds - Letters received (Archived)

Electronic Collection

  1. Canada's Constitutional Evolution (Archived)
  2. Guide to Canadian Political Science Resources: Federal Institutions and their Structure (Archived)

Research Aids

  1. Abortion
  2. Avro Arrow (CF-105)
  3. Bands and Agencies
  4. Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
  5. Canadian Government Expositions Centre
  6. Canadian Immigration Since Confederation and the Department of External Affairs
  7. Deportation from Canada, 1893-1977
  8. Early Meteorology Records
  9. Electoral Atlas of the Dominion of Canada (1895) (Archived)
  10. Federal-Provincial Conferences
  11. Government, Legal and Constitutional Information
  12. Grosse-Île Quarantine Station (Québec)
  13. Immigration Instructions: A Chart of Circulars, Directives and Operations Memoranda, 1909-1978
  14. International Joint Commission
  15. LAC Forum on Canadian Democracy (Archived)
  16. List of Pre-Confederation Official Publications, 1534-1866
  17. Lord Elgin
  18. Louis Riel, the Red River Rebellion and the North West Campaign
  19. Organized Crime in Canada After 1945 and Immigration Records
  20. Paris Office Card Index
  21. Records of the Department of Public Works (RG 11)
  22. Records on the Immigration of Domestics
  23. Rideau Canal
  24. Spanish Flu Epidemic - Thematic Guides
  25. Trans-Canada Highway
  26. Unidentified Flying Objects

Virtual Exhibitions

  1. A Real Companion and Friend: The Diary of William Lyon Mackenzie King (Archived)
  2. Activism - Celebrating Women's Achievements
  3. Building a Just Society : A Retrospective of Canadian Rights and Freedoms (Archived)
  4. By Executive Decree (Archived)
  5. Canada By Design: Parliament Hill, Ottawa (Archived)
  6. Canada Gazette: A Nation's Chronicle (Archived)
  7. Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown (Archived)
  8. Canadian Confederation (Archived)
  9. Canadian State: Documents and Dialogue (Archived)
  10. Canadian West (Archived)
  11. Confederation for Kids (Archived)
  12. Expo '67: A Virtual Experience (Archived)
  13. First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics (Archived)
  14. First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics: - Children's site (Archived)
  15. Government - Celebrating Women's Achievements
  16. Laurier House (Archived)
  17. Proclamation of the Constitution Act, 1982
  18. Royal Commission on National Development in the Arts, Letters & Sciences 1949-1951 (Archived)
  19. Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada's Patriot Statesman (Archived)
  20. Treaty 8 (Archived)
  21. "Without Fear, Favour or Affection" The Men of the North West Mounted Police (Archived)
  22. Written in Stone: William E. Logan and the Geological Survey of Canada (Archived)