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Northwest Territories

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week


The Aklavik journal.
NJ.FM.2314 (AMICUS 13564715)

Fort Good Hope

Dene express.
NJ.FM.2310 (AMICUS 13554615)

Hare express.
NJ.FM.2310 (AMICUS 16587308)

Fort McPherson

Peel River press.
NJ.FM.2309 (AMICUS 13564581)

NJ.FM.2310 (AMICUS 13555108)

Fort Providence

Goondee cho.
NJ.FM.2309 (AMICUS 13547111)

Fort Simpson

NJ.FM.2311 (AMICUS 13547384)

Fort Smith

Fort Smith journal.
NJ.FM.2311 (AMICUS 16584671)

Fort Smith news.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 16617772)

The Mackenzie pilot.
NJ.FM.2318 (AMICUS 16649668)

The Norther.
NJ.FM.1386 (AMICUS 8005938)
Another edition NJ.FM.2319 (AMICUS 16649692)

Hay River

Hay River news.
NJ.FM.2317 (AMICUS 13547370)

Hay River optimist.
NJ.FM.2309 (AMICUS 13547411)

The Mackenzie pilot.
See The Mackenzie pilot. Fort Smith, NT

The Mackenzie press.
NJ.FM.2311 (AMICUS 13564139)


Delta news.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 13547617)

Delta press.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 13547125)

Mackenzie drift.
NJ.FM.2316 (AMICUS 13547348)

Pine Point

The Pine Pointer.
NJ.FM.2309 (AMICUS 16577968)

Sachs Harbour

Banks land letter.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 13547286)

The Bankslander/Sachs Echo.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 13547312)


Coastline Canada.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 16615380)


Native press : a newspaper for the people of the Northwest Territories.
NJ.FM.729 (AMICUS 2913548) Continued by Press independent. Yellowknife, NT

NJ.FM.753 (AMICUS 7738560)
Continued by Northwest Territories news/North. Yellowknife, NT
Another edition N / J fiche (AMICUS 15643721)

News of the North.
NJ.FM.753 (AMICUS 7738560)
Continued by News/North. Yellowknife, NT

North star.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 13564628)

Northern star.
NJ.FM.2357 (AMICUS 17293227)

Northwest Territories news/North.

*Northwest Territories news/North.
NJ.FM.753 (AMICUS 32905719)
Continues News/North. Yellowknife, NT

Press independent.
NJ.FM.729 (AMICUS 13032547)
Continues Native press. Yellowknife, NT

The prospector.
NJ.FM.2315 (AMICUS 16620391) and (AMICUS 16620445)

NJ.FM.1357 (AMICUS 8525791)

NJ.FM.1357 (AMICUS 7739143)

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