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Newfoundland and Labrador

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week

Arnold's Cove

The cove.
NJ.FM.2257 (AMICUS 15070283)

Bay Roberts

Bay News.
NJ.FM.874 (AMICUS 7181812)

NJ.FM.2270 (AMICUS 15084323)

NJ.FM.2298 (AMICUS 15124282)

Bell Island

Bell Island examiner.
NJ.FM.878 (AMICUS 7186041)

Bell Island reporter.
NJ.FM.562 (AMICUS 7184688)

Bell Island times.
NJ.FM.2372 (AMICUS 17434593)

Birchey Cove

See Corner Brook, NL


Carbonear herald.
NJ.FM.936 (AMICUS 7184677)

Carbonear star and Conception Bay journal.
NJ.FM.2259 (AMICUS 15070772)
Continued by Star and Conception Bay journal. Carbonear, NL

NJ.FM.2261 (AMICUS 15070788)

Mercury and general advertiser.
NJ.FM.1176 (AMICUS 5376705)

Sentinel and Conception Bay advertiser.
NJ.FM.1176 (AMICUS 5397457)

Star and Conception Bay journal.
NJ.FM.2291 (AMICUS 15097296)
Continues Carbonear star and Conception Bay journal. Carbonear, NL


Cartwright courier.
NJ.FM.2255 (AMICUS 15067287)

Channel-Port aux Basques

NJ.FM.2256 (AMICUS 13392364)


Clarenville packet.
NJ.FM.2269 (AMICUS 15084051)

Churchill Falls

Churchill Falls mini press.
NJ.FM.2253 Sept 1979- Oc 1982 (AMICUS 15064804)

Corner Brook

Western star. Available Online
NJ.FM.88 (AMICUS 7748670)
Another edition NJ.FM.2301 (AMICUS 15156166)


EP news letter.
NJ.FM.2263 (AMICUS 15071356)

Fogo Island

Fogo Island profile.
NJ.FM.2271 (AMICUS 15084485)

Fogo Islander.
NJ.FM.2272 (AMICUS 15084507)


The skipper.
NJ.FM.2297 (AMICUS 15124255)


The Beacon.
NJ.FM.875 (AMICUS 5312127)

The Gander tymes & the tide.
NJ.FM.2378 (AMICUS 17546849)
Continued by The tymes. Gander, NL

The tymes.
NJ.FM.2378 (AMICUS 17547015)

Goose Bay

NANL news.
NJ.FM.2383 (AMICUS 17646807)


Southern Shore courier.
NJ.FM.2380 (AMICUS 17478410)

Grand Falls

NJ.FM.842 (AMICUS 7749788)

Happy Valley

Labrador informer.
NJ.FM.2281 (AMICUS 15085496)

Labrador news.
NJ.FM.1161 (AMICUS 5403699)

Northern reporter.
NJ.FM.2377 (AMICUS 17467330)

Harbour Breton

NJ.FM.2272(AMICUS 15084597)

Harbour Grace

See also Carbonear, NL

Conception Bay man.
NJ.FM.971 (AMICUS 5402650)

Conception Bay Mercury.
NJ.FM.337 (AMICUS 8837645)

Harbor Grace and Carbonear weekly journal and general advertiser for Conception Bay weekly reporter.
NJ.FM.2260 (AMICUS 15070783)

Harbor Grace standard and Conception Bay advertiser.
NJ.FM.1285 (AMICUS 8878860)

Standard and Conception Bay advertiser.
NJ.FM.1285 See also Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay advertiser. Harbor Grace, NL (AMICUS 5367379)

Star and Conception Bay semi-weekly advertiser.
NJ.FM.2292 (AMICUS 15097486)

Star and Conception Bay weekly reporter.
NJ.FM.2293 (AMICUS 15097525)

Weekly herald and Conception Bay advertiser.
NJ.FM.1344 (AMICUS 5402110)

Labrador City

NJ.FM.2375 (AMICUS 17464488)

Carol link.
NJ.FM.2725 (AMICUS 21556812)

Carol news.
NJ.FM.2725 (AMICUS 21556558)

Labrador press.
NJ.FM.2277 (AMICUS 15085160)


Lewisporte pilot.
NJ.FM.2275 (AMICUS 15084930)

NJ.FM.2378 (AMICUS 17472793)


The Burin Peninsula post.
NJ.FM.2282 (AMICUS 15085622)

Mount Pearl

Free press.
NJ.FM.2268 (AMICUS 15071818)

Mount Pearl citizen.
NJ.FM.2283 (AMICUS 15086088)


Kinatuinamot illengajuk.
NJ.FM.915 (AMICUS 5337014)

Port Union

Fishermen's advocate.
NJ.FM.1097 (AMICUS 5328521)

Mail and advocate.
See Mail and advocate. St. John's, NL

St. Anthony

The Northern pen.
NJ.FM.1875 (AMICUS 10531880) and (AMICUS 15158862)

St. George's

The caribou.
NJ.FM.2254 (AMICUS 15067216)

St. John's

NJ.FM.1193 (AMICUS 5334628)

NJ.FM.972 (AMICUS 7184141)
13 issues Microfilmed with Independent. St. John's, NL

NJ.FM.980 (AMICUS 5335045) and (AMICUS 5384605)

Courier and general advertiser.
See Courier. St. John's, NL

Daily globe.
NJ.FM.1001 (AMICUS 5366462)

Daily mail.
NJ.FM.333 (AMICUS 5436894)
Another edition NJ.FM.1014 (AMICUS 7855151)

Daily news. Available Online
See also North star. St. John's, NL (AMICUS 8182487)
Another edition NJ.FM.1028 (AMICUS 3832641)
Another edition NJ.FM.2166 (AMICUS 8162784)
Another edition NJ.FM.2167 (AMICUS 6823744)

Daily post.
NJ.FM.2279 (AMICUS 15085358)
Microfilmed with Morning post. St. John's, NL

Daily review.
NJ.FM.2258 (AMICUS 15070740)

Daily star. Available Online
NJ.FM.1037 (AMICUS 5330097)

Daily tribune.
NJ.FM.1318 (AMICUS 5367280)
Another edition NJ.FM.2345 (AMICUS 17156031)

The daily unionist.
NJ.FM.2344 (AMICUS 17156004)

Day book.
NJ.FM.1196 (AMICUS 10017397)
Another edition NJ.FM.2938 (AMICUS 27472229)

The enterprise.
NJ.FM.2343 (AMICUS 17155954)

Evening advocate.
NJ.FM.333 (AMICUS 5413990)
See also Morning advocate. St. John's, NL; Mail and advocate. St. John's, NL

Evening chronicle.
NJ.FM.1073 (AMICUS 5329341)

Evening herald.
NJ.FM.1076 (AMICUS 5329580)

Evening mail.
NJ.FM.1077 (AMICUS 4112301)

Evening mercury.
NJ.FM.1076 (AMICUS 5315729)

*The Evening telegram. Available Online
NJ.FM.739 (AMICUS 7761136
Another edition NJ.FM.529 (AMICUS 8645189)
Microfilmed with Peuple travailleur. Montréal, QC
Another edition NJ.FM.2264 (AMICUS 15071430)

NJ.FM.1085 (AMICUS 5413654)

Express. Available Online
NJ.FM.326 (AMICUS 7184604)
NJ.FM.340 (AMICUS 7762563)
NJ.FM.524 (AMICUS 7184477)
NJ.FM.525 (AMICUS 9386213)
Four editions; See also Weekly express. St. John's, NL

Express extra.
NJ.FM.2265 (AMICUS 15071513)

Family fireside.
NJ.FM.2262 (AMICUS 15071120)

Fishermen-workers tribune.
NJ.FM.2272(AMICUS 15084771)

Free press.
NJ.FM.1107 (AMICUS 4452947)
Another edition NJ.FM.2266 (AMICUS 7184169)
Another edition NJ.FM.2268 (AMICUS 15071818)
See also Free press. Mount Pearl, NL

Gazette. (Memorial University) Available Online
NJ.FM.2374 (AMICUS 17435643)

NJ.FM.972 (AMICUS 7184123)
Microfilmed with Confederate. St. John's, NL

Labour herald.
NJ.FM.2280 (AMICUS 15085451)

Liberal press.
NJ.FM.338 (AMICUS 8055487)

Mail and advocate.
NJ.FM.333 (AMICUS 7855320)
Microfilmed with Evening advocate. St. John's, NL

Mercantile journal.
NJ.FM.1171 (AMICUS 5376457)

The metro.
NJ.FM.2287 (AMICUS 15086542)
Microfilmed with Metro advertiser  St. John's, NL

Metro advertiser.
NJ.FM.2287 (AMICUS 15086534)

Morning advertiser and shipping gazette.
NJ.FM.2286 (AMICUS 15086187)

Morning advocate.
NJ.FM.1181 (AMICUS 5402825)

Morning chronicle.
NJ.FM.1196 (AMICUS 4232473)
Another edition NJ.FM.1197 (AMICUS 5376162)

Morning courier.
See Courier. St. John's, NL

Morning courier and general advertiser.
See Courier. St. John's, NL

Morning despatch. Available Online
NJ.FM.2285 (AMICUS 15086148)

Morning herald.
NJ.FM.2284 (AMICUS 15086122)

Morning post.
NJ.FM.2279 (AMICUS 15085365)

Morning post and shipping gazette.
NJ.FM.1189 (AMICUS 7843736)

The muse. (Memorial University)
NJ.FM.2373 (AMICUS 7847344)

Newfoundland colonist.
See Colonist. St. John's, NL

Newfoundland express. Available Online
See Express. St. John's, NL

Newfoundland indicator.
NJ.FM.335 (AMICUS 5384758)

Newfoundland mercantile journal.
NJ.FM.2278 (AMICUS 15085257)
See also Mercantile journal. St John's, NL

Newfoundland patriot.
NJ.FM.1227 (AMICUS 5323077)

Newfoundland vindicator.
NJ.FM.204 (AMICUS 5384839)

Newfoundland weekly.
NJ.FM.1200 (AMICUS 5403584)

The Newfoundlander. Available Online
NJ.FM.1194 (AMICUS 7766766)
NJ.FM.336 (AMICUS 8840128)

North star.
NJ.FM.1027 (AMICUS 5385007)

Observer's weekly.
NJ.FM.1217 (AMICUS 5323196)

Our country.
NJ.FM.1223 (AMICUS 5384930)

Patriot and catholic herald.
See Newfoundland patriot. St. John's, NL

NJ.FM.327 (AMICUS 5396695)

Public ledger. Available Online
NJ.FM.1251 (AMICUS 7767746)

Public ledger and Newfoundland general advertiser.
See Public ledger. St. John's, NL

NJ.FM.1262 (AMICUS 5397205)

NJ.FM.2296 (AMICUS 15100094)

NJ.FM.334 (AMICUS 5397110)
Another edition NJ.FM.1078 (AMICUS 7587619)

Royal gazette. Available Online
See Royal gazette and Newfoundland advertiser. St. John's, NL

Royal gazette and Newfoundland advertiser. Available Online
NJ.FM.1272 (AMICUS 2762153)

St. John's advertiser.
NJ.FM.1269 (AMICUS 7181864)

St. John's free press and daily advertiser.
NJ.FM.2267 (AMICUS 15071690)
Microfilmed with St. John's free press and semi-weekly advertiser. St. John's NL

St. John's free press and semi-weekly advertiser.
NJ.FM.2267 (AMICUS 15071711)

Semi-weekly chronicle.
NJ.FM.2294 (AMICUS 15097582)

NJ.FM.2290 (AMICUS 15097123)

Southern Shore weekly.
NJ.FM.339 (AMICUS 8828167)

Star and Newfoundland advocate.
NJ.FM.1291 (AMICUS 7854606)

Suburban mirror.
NJ.FM.2203 (AMICUS 15158783)

Sunday express.
NJ.FM.2346 (AMICUS 17159158)

Sunday herald.
NJ.FM.2773 (AMICUS 7858855)

See Evening telegram. St. John's, NL

NJ.FM.1361 (AMICUS 10109970) See also Telegraph and political review.
St. John's, NL

Telegraph and political review.
NJ.FM.1361 (AMICUS 7184774)

Temperance journal.
NJ.FM.1304 (AMICUS 5397566)

Terra Nova advocate.
NJ.FM.1269 (AMICUS 5402264)

Times and general commercial gazette.
NJ.FM.1308 (AMICUS 7770218)

Town crier.
NJ.FM.2299 (AMICUS 15150495)

Village voice.
NJ.FM.1336 (AMICUS 5413425)

Weekly express.
NJ.FM.526 (AMICUS 7184380)
See also Express. St. John's, NL

Weekly news.
NJ.FM.2379 (AMICUS 17472844)


Green Bay news.
NJ.FM.2252 (AMICUS 15064705)

Springdale news.
NJ.FM.2304 (AMICUS 17478929)


NJ.FM.2381 (AMICUS 17478929)

NJ.FM.2295 (AMICUS 14963450)

Stephenville news.
NJ.FM.2289 (AMICUS 15097105)


Trepassey tribune.
NJ.FM.328 (AMICUS 8837745)


NJ.FM.2209 (AMICUS 12572103) and (AMICUS 12571723)

NJ.FM.2208 (AMICUS 12566151)

The Trinity curate.
NJ.FM.2208 (AMICUS 12570759)

Weekly record.
NJ.FM.2302 (AMICUS 15156189)


Twillingate sun. Available Online
NJ.FM.1333 (AMICUS 5402514)


Wabana star.
NJ.FM.2300 (AMICUS 15155929)

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