Geographical Microform List: British Columbia

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British Columbia

** = print edition discarded when the microfilm is received
[ ] = incomplete holdings/issues missing
(d.) = daily edition
(w.) = weekly edition
(2/w.) = 2 times per week
(3/w.) = 3 times per week


News - Abbotsford, Sumas and Matsqui.
NJ.FM.23 (AMICUS 7643776)


NJ.FM.2086 (AMICUS 11224935)


See Vancouver, BC

Burns Lake

Lakes district news.
NJ.FM.1888 (AMICUS 10641414)

Campbell River

NJ.FM.16 (AMICUS 7683727)

North Island news.
NJ.FM.35 (AMICUS 8965596)

Upper Islander.
NJ.FM.35 (AMICUS 7714167) and (AMICUS 8966008)


Fraser advance.
NJ.FM.32 (AMICUS 7743608)

NJ.FM.32 (AMICUS 7695370)
Microfilmed with Progress. (AMICUS 8003543)


See Surrey, BC


See Courtenay, BC


The Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody news.
NJ.FM.305 (AMICUS 19161962)

Sunday news.
NJ.FM.25 (AMICUS 8539659)

Tri-city news.
NJ.FM.305 (AMICUS 8230523)

Tri-City Wednesday news.
NJ.FM.305 (AMICUS 8230523)

Twin City news.
NJ.FM.305 (AMICUS 8230523)


Comox argus.
NJ.FM.317 (AMICUS 8882994)

Comox district free press.
NJ.FM.1108 (AMICUS 7703307) and (AMICUS 8479269)

Courtenay argus.
NJ.FM.317 (AMICUS 8883307)

Courtenay-Comox argus.
NJ.FM.317 (AMICUS 7704543) 

Courtenay-Comox, Campbell River, Cumberland argus.
NJ.FM.317  (AMICUS 8883133) and (AMICUS 8883060)

Courtenay free press.
NJ.FM.2445 (AMICUS 19172017)


Cumberland Islander.
NJ.FM.1108 (AMICUS 7723287)

Dawson Creek

See also Rolla, BC

Dawson creek star.
NJ.FM.148 (AMICUS 7731671)

Peace River block news.
NJ.FM.65 (AMICUS 8990708)


NJ.FM.1386 (AMICUS 7862113)

Fort George

Fort George herald. Available Online
NJ.FM.2446 (AMICUS 7742626)
Continued by Prince George herald. Prince George, BC

Fort St John

Alaska Highway news.
NJ.FM.13 (AMICUS 7647986)


Star. Available Online
NJ.FM.258 (AMICUS 7749463)

Grand Forks

NJ.FM.2384 (AMICUS 7747552)

Grand Forks miner.
NJ.FM.2384 (AMICUS 7747552)

Grand Forks miner-gazette.
NJ.FM.2384 (AMICUS 7854394)

Grand Forks news.
NJ.FM.2384 (AMICUS 7750738)

Grand Forks news-gazette.
NJ.FM.2384 (AMICUS 16527487)


Hope standard.
NJ.FM.54 (AMICUS 7758420) and (AMICUS 8787465)


Daily sentinel.
NJ.FM.39 (AMICUS 7812624)

Inland sentinel.
NJ.FM.38 (AMICUS 7811550)

Standard and sentinel.
NJ.FM.39 (AMICUS 7811615)
Continued by Daily sentinel. Kamloops, BC

NJ.FM.296 (AMICUS 7811171)


Daily courier.
NJ.FM.1003 (AMICUS 7979610)

Kelowna clarion and Okanagan advocate.
NJ.FM.1538 (AMICUS 10017415)

Kelowna courier and Okanagan orchardist.
NJ.FM. 1681 (AMICUS 10286294)

Okanagan Sunday.
NJ.FM.1899 (AMICUS 10659807)


Kitimat northern sentinel.
NJ.FM.52 (AMICUS 8954140)
Another edition NJ.FM.2085 (AMICUS 11219955)


Ladysmith chronicle.
NJ.FM.72 (AMICUS 7806649)


NJ.FM.1(AMICUS 7805204)

Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge news.
NJ.FM.25 (AMICUS 8230521)

Mission City

Fraser Valley record.
NJ.FM.1386 (AMICUS 7983605)


Aika : the only Finnish newsspaper [sic] in Canada.
NJ.FM.1712(AMICUS 209623)

Daily free press.
NJ.FM.69 (AMICUS 7726061) and (AMICUS 7789977)

Daily herald.
NJ.FM.1004 (AMICUS 4337115)

Nanaimo times.
NJ.FM.57 (AMICUS 10640806)


Daily news.
NJ.FM.2752 (AMICUS 7278717)

NJ.FM.1179 (AMICUS 7787659)

Nelson weekly miner.
See Miner. Nelson, BC

Weekly news.
NJ.FM.1179 (AMICUS 6805190)

New Westminster

British Columbian. Available Online
NJ.FM.906 (AMICUS 7674035) and (AMICUS 7674125)
Another edition NJ.FM.907 (AMICUS 8338359)

Columbian. (d.)
NJ.FM.967 (AMICUS 7698170)
See also British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

Mainland guardian. Available Online
NJ.FM.1228 (AMICUS 6803191) and (AMICUS 10007009)

Weekly Columbian.
See British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

North Vancouver

Citizen. Available Online
See North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

Express. Available Online
See North Vancouver express. Vancouver, BC

100 Mile House

100 Mile House free press.
NJ.FM.58 (AMICUS 7642844)


NJ.FM.1135 (AMICUS 7980069)

NJ.FM.1135 (AMICUS 30595428)
Filmed with Herald. Penticton, BC

Pitt Meadows

See Maple Ridge, BC

Port Alberni

Alberni Valley times.
NJ.FM.14 (AMICUS 7649735)

Twin cities times.
NJ.FM.14 (AMICUS 7713181)

Port Hardy

North Island gazette. Available Online
NJ.FM.1511 (AMICUS 9943456)

Powell River

Powell River citizen.
NJ.FM.504 (AMICUS 8967890)

Powell River news.
NJ.FM.42(AMICUS 7678768)

Powell River town crier.
NJ.FM.41 (AMICUS 7707345)

Prince George

Citizen. Available Online
NJ.FM.15 (AMICUS 7286745)

Fort George herald. Available Online
See Fort George herald. Fort George, BC

Fort George tribune. Available Online
NJ.FM.275 (AMICUS 7742956) and (AMICUS 8459494)

Leader. Available Online
NJ.FM.319 (AMICUS 7804590)

Post. Available Online
NJ.FM.505 (AMICUS 7679278)

Prince George herald. Available Online
NJ.FM.2446 (AMICUS 7742677)
Continued by Fort George herald. Fort George, BC

Star. Available Online
NJ.FM.318 (AMICUS 7679966)

Prince Rupert

Daily news.
NJ.FM.1025 (AMICUS 11236837)
Another edition NJ.FM.2225 (AMICUS 4097538)
Another edition NJ.FM.2226 (AMICUS 8993877)

See Daily news. Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert daily news.
See Daily news. Prince Rupert, BC


NJ.FM.64 (AMICUS 7685277)


See also Dawson Creek, BC

Peace River block news.
NJ.FM.65 (AMICUS 8990708) and (AMICUS 8992260)


Kootenay miner.
See Rossland miner. Rossland, BC

Rossland miner.
NJ.FM.1163 (AMICUS 6803403)


Dogwood star.
NJ.FM.1386 (AMICUS 7687101)


Sechelt Peninsula times.
NJ.FM.50 (AMICUS 7718641) (AMICUS 8944159) and (AMICUS 8944159)


Review Sidney and Islands.
NJ.FM.1260 (AMICUS 6806512)


Squamish advance.
NJ.FM.2088 (AMICUS 7698117)

Squamish review.
NJ.FM.2088 (AMICUS 7698264) and (AMICUS 7698215)

Squamish times.
NJ.FM.56 (AMICUS 7766493)


NJ.FM.1386 (AMICUS 7703456)


Surrey gazette.
NJ.FM.67 (AMICUS 7704014) and (AMICUS 7704122)

Surrey leader.
NJ.FM.67 (AMICUS 7704471)

Surrey times.
NJ.FM.307 (AMICUS 7704243)


Advertiser. (Burnaby)
NJ.FM.841 (AMICUS 7645552)

B.C. lumber worker.
NJ.FM.3104 (AMICUS 9377827)
See Western Canadian lumber worker. Vancouver, BC

British Columbia federationist.
NJ.FM.297 (AMICUS 8516705)
Another edition NJ.FM.2923 (AMICUS 25960550)

Burnaby broadcast.
NJ.FM.121 (AMICUS 7680133)

Burnaby courier.
See News courier. Vancouver, BC

Burnaby post.
NJ.FM.122 (AMICUS 7682530)

Canadian farmer labor advocate.
NJ.FM.297 (AMICUS 8516835)

Canadian labor advocate.
NJ.FM.297 (AMICUS 8516928)

Carleton news and South Burnaby courier.
NJ.FM.26 (AMICUS 7686911)

Ch_iao sheng jih pao = The Chinese voice.
NJ.FM.1726 (AMICUS 7688162)

Citizen. Available Online
NJ.FM.51 (AMICUS 7695899)

NJ.FM.1462 (AMICUS 9868529)

The communication worker.
NJ.FM.3112 (AMICUS 22928395)
NJ.FM.3113 (AMICUS 5122424)

Daily news-advertiser.
NJ.FM.9 (AMICUS 8881621)

Daily province.
See Province. Vancouver, BC

Daily world.
NJ.FM.8 (AMICUS 7717472) and (AMICUS 8880454)
Another edition NJ.FM.2899 (AMICUS 25555853)

Express. Available Online
NJ.FM.1093 (AMICUS 3491975) See also Vancouver express. Vancouver, BC

Express. (North Vancouver)
NJ.FM.51 (AMICUS 7740670)

The heavy lift.
NJ.FM.3110 (AMICUS 9373398)
NJ.FM.3111 (AMICUS 28811523)

The Jewish western bulletin.
NJ.FM.1768 (AMICUS 7817039)
Another edition NJ.FM.2912 (AMICUS 25604593)

Le journal, le soleil.
See Le Soleil de Colombie. Vancouver, BC

Kanada shinbun / The Canada daily news.
NJ.FM.2927 (AMICUS 16240630)

Labor star.
NJ.FM.3110 (AMICUS 8518247)
NJ.FM.3111 (AMICUS 8518261)

Native voice.
NJ.FM.730 (AMICUS 3823975)

The new Canadian : an independent organ for Canadians of Japanese origin.
NJ.FM.1777 (AMICUS 7787452)
Another edition NJ.FM.2927 (AMICUS 23783661)
See also Tairiku nippo = The continental news. Vancouver, BC

News courier.
NJ.FM.26 (AMICUS 7785128)

News herald.
NJ.FM.10 (AMICUS 7721892)

Nikkan minsh_u.
NJ.FM.2926 (AMICUS 24201469)

North Shore free press.
NJ.FM.2087(AMICUS 7778759)

North Shore news.
NJ.FM.66 (AMICUS 7780116)

North Shore press.
NJ.FM.51 (AMICUS 7779997)
Another edition NJ.FM.388 (AMICUS 6682545)

North Shore review.
NJ.FM.295 (AMICUS 7779918)

North Shore shopper.
NJ.FM.2087 (AMICUS 7778816) and (AMICUS 7778816)
See also North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

North Shore times.
NJ.FM.286 (AMICUS 8967304)

North Vancouver citizen.
See North Shore press. Vancouver, BC

North Vancouver express.
See Express. (North Vancouver)

The people.
NJ.FM.3116 (AMICUS 5696615)
NJ.FM.3117 (AMICUS 8515256)

 NJ.FM.304 (AMICUS 7681237) and (AMICUS 7681415)

The radiotelegraph bulletin.
NJ.FM.3112 (AMICUS 26020080)
NJ.FM.3113 (AMICUS 26209674)

*Red flag (Vancouver)
NJ.FM.3116 (AMICUS 8174277)
NJ.FM.3117 (AMICUS 8517556)

Saturday sunset.
NJ.FM.61 (AMICUS 7687990)

Semi-weekly world.
NJ.FM.355 (AMICUS 7722567)
Another edition NJ.FM.306 (AMICUS 8995938)
See also Weekly world. Vancouver, BC

Ship and dock.
NJ.FM.3116 (AMICUS 26179828)
NJ.FM.3117 (AMICUS 20645046)

Ship's news.
NJ.FM.3114 (AMICUS 5384369)
NJ.FM.3115 (AMICUS 26210909)

Le Soleil de Colombie.
NJ.FM.1468 (AMICUS 9885627)

Sun. Available Online
NJ.FM.770 (AMICUS 8001274)
See Express. Vancouver, BC
Revised edition NJ.FM.770 (AMICUS 7996484)

Ta han jih pao = The Chinese daily news.
NJ.FM.1793 (AMICUS 7705281)

Ta han kung pao = The Chinese times.
NJ.FM.1793 (AMICUS 7705506)

Tairiku nippo = The continental news.
NJ.FM.1794 (AMICUS 7980697)
Another edition NJ.FM.2927 (AMICUS 26095931)
Filmed with The new Canadian : an independent organ for Canadians of Japanese origin. Vancouver, BC (AMICUS 23783661)

The Ubyssey. (University of British Columbia) Available Online
NJ.FM.2084 (AMICUS 7713858)

The unemployed worker.
NJ.FM.3100 (AMICUS 28690741)
NJ.FM.3114 (AMICUS 28690741)
NJ.FM.3115 (AMICUS 28690754)

Vancouver courier.
NJ.FM.833 (AMICUS 7979160)
Another edition NJ.FM.1539 (AMICUS 7979160)

Vancouver express. Available Online
NJ.FM.1093 (AMICUS 3491975)
See also Express. Vancouver, BC

Vancouver posten.
NJ.FM.1818 (AMICUS 7722373)

Vancouver times. Available Online
NJ.FM.55 (AMICUS 7725010)
See also Vancouver times. Victoria, BC

The voice of the fishermen & cannery workers.
NJ.FM.3090 (AMICUS 26024752)
Another edition NJ.FM.3091 (AMICUS 28554462)

Waterfront organizer.
NJ.FM.3090 (AMICUS 26024758)
Another edition NJ.FM.3091 (AMICUS 28554516)

Weekly news advertiser.
NJ.FM.298 (AMICUS 7732735)

Weekly world.
NJ.FM.355 (AMICUS 7725354) and (AMICUS 8932583)
Another edition NJ.FM.306 (AMICUS 7722799)
See also Semi-weekly world. Vancouver, BC

West Van. news.
NJ.FM.45 (AMICUS 7734837)
Another edition NJ.FM.2444 (AMICUS 9375701)

The Western Canadian lumber worker.
NJ.FM.3104 (AMICUS 26927228)

Western clarion.
NJ.FM.282 and NJ.FM.316 (AMICUS 7826813) and (AMICUS 8924164)
Another edition NJ.FM.3106 (AMICUS 8518018)
Another edition NJ.FM.3107 (AMICUS 8518001)

World. (d.)
See Daily world. Vancouver, BC


Daily news.
NJ.FM.1030 (AMICUS 7726314) and (AMICUS 31285865)

Vernon news.
NJ.FM.44 (AMICUS 31285865) and (AMICUS 7726287)


British colonist.
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

British Columbian. Available Online
See British Columbian. New Westminster, BC

See Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Courrier de la Nouvelle-Caledonie.
NJ.FM.1461 (AMICUS 9868191)

Daily British colonist.
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily British colonist and Victoria chronicle. Available Online
See Daily colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily chronicle.
NJ.FM.1009 (AMICUS 6789450)
Another edition NJ.FM.2885 (AMICUS 9375725)

Daily colonist. Available Online
NJ.FM.1000 (AMICUS 10529939)
Another edition NJ.FM.2886 (AMICUS 7727585)
Another edition NJ.FM.3130 (AMICUS 30571749)
Continued by Times colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Daily globe.
NJ.FM.506 (AMICUS 8965238) and (AMICUS 8965274)

Daily press.
NJ.FM.300 (AMICUS 8966934)

Daily standard.
NJ.FM.301 (AMICUS 9073810)
Another edition NJ.FM.1079 (AMICUS 7727585)

Evening post.
NJ.FM.302 (AMICUS 8963448)

Evening telegraph.
NJ.FM.1080 (AMICUS 7738861)

Hsin min kuo pao / New republic.
NJ.FM.53 (AMICUS 8943573)

Labor review.
NJ.FM.3110 (AMICUS 26024603)

NJ.FM.3111 (AMICUS 26167486)

NJ.FM.439 (AMICUS 7682378)
See also Province. Vancouver, BC

Semi-weekly colonist.
NJ.FM.778 (AMICUS 4369621) and (AMICUS 4321086)

NJ.FM.776 (AMICUS 7707026) and (AMICUS 7727861)
Continued by Times Colonist. Victoria, BC
Another edition NJ.FM.1334 (AMICUS 7724850) Continued by Vancouver times. Victoria, BC
See also Weekly times. Victoria, BC
See also Times. 2/w. Victoria, BC

Times. (2/w.)
NJ.FM.2881 (AMICUS 24777633)

NJ.FM.776 (AMICUS 7707099)
See also Weekly colonist. Victoria, BC; Daily colonist.
Victoria, BC; Times. Victoria, BC

Vancouver daily evening post.
NJ.FM.1334 (AMICUS 7717044)

Vancouver daily post.
See Vancouver daily evening post. Victoria, BC

Vancouver times. Available Online
NJ.FM.1334 (AMICUS 7724721)
Continued by Vancouver daily evening post. Victoria, BC
See also Times. Victoria, BC

Victoria daily press.
See Daily press. Victoria, BC

Victoria daily standard.
See Daily standard. Victoria, BC

Victoria weekly colonist.
See Colonist. Victoria, BC

The Victorian.
NJ.FM.1331 (AMICUS 8002401)

Weekly British colonist.
See Colonist. Victoria, BC

Weekly colonist.
NJ.FM.778 (AMICUS 4321083)
Another edition NJ.FM.2886 (AMICUS 24821300)
See also Daily colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Times-colonist. Victoria, BC
See also Semi-weekly colonist. Victoria, BC

Weekly times.
NJ.FM.796 (AMICUS 6656431)
Another edition NJ.FM.2881 (AMICUS 24777565)

Williams Lake

Williams Lake tribune.
NJ.FM.68 (AMICUS 8993009)

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