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1266 Sergeant L.K. Woods, 6th T.C.A. [6th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.)?], and Private M.S. Perkins, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (R.C.A.S.C.), with Belgian children, Furnes, Belgium, 9 September 1944. Furnes, Belgium, Bell, Ken, 1914-
375 Sergeant Lew E. Weekes of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit taking cine pictures beside a shell-damaged building near Hoogerheide, Netherlands, 15 October 1944. Hogerheide, Netherlands (vicinity),: Bell, Ken.
1969 Sergeant Lew E. Weekes, Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, England, 11 May 1944. England: Dubervill, Frank L.
555 Sergeant M.T. Stokes and Gunner A.E. Norton, both of the 4th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), reading an issue of Canadian Press News near Antwerp, Belgium, 2 October 1944. Antwerp, Belgium (vicinity): Bell, Ken.
615 Sergeant Margaret O. King of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit operating an editing machine in the film library at Merton Park Studios, London, England, 19 December 1944. London, England, Smith, Jack H.
832 Sergeant N.E. Theriault and Lance-Corporal E.G. Chassie examining a damaged German anti-aircraft gun on the airfield at Carpiquet, France, 12 July 1944. Carpiquet, France,: Bell, Ken.
1013 Sergeant P. Harrison and Lieutenant J. Swainson with a Sherman tank of The Fort Garry Horse, which was the first Canadian tank to enter Germany, in the Hochwald, Germany, 3 March 1945. Hochwald, Germany: Bell, Ken.
1095 Sergeant P.R. Graham of the Canadian Armoured Corps (C.A.C.) Band playing a vibrophone, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 9 April 1945. Nijmegen, Netherlands: Smith, Jack H.
1190 Sergeant Pat Wood and Lieutenant L.F. Labow of the 2nd Drilling Company, Royal Canadian Engineers (R.C.E.), preparing the demolition of former German E-Boat pens, Ostend, Belgium, 21 May 1945. Ostend, Belgium, Aikman, H. Gordon.
1847 Sergeant R. Gagnon of Le Régiment de la Chaudière with a German prisoner on Nan White Beach, Bernières-sur-Mer, France, 6 June 1944. Bernières-sur-Mer, France: Dubervill, Frank L.
1120 Sergeant R. Gladnick and Trooper W.J. Whan of the Three Rivers Regiment camouflaging the Sherman tank “Ajaz”, Italy, 11 September 1944. Italy, Unknown.
373 Sergeant R.A. Garbutt of the 19th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), showing shrapnel holes in the radiator of his vehicle made by a German 88mm. anti-tank gun in Normandy, France, 16 June 1944. Normandy, France: Bell, Ken.
576 Sergeant Réal Lalonde calling forward the rest of his Section of "D" Company, Le Régiment de Maisonneuve, Cuyk, Netherlands, 23 January 1945. Cuyk, Netherlands, Dean, Michael M.
1610 Sergeant T.F. McFeat with Bijoux, a captured horse taken on strength by a Field Ambulance unit of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (R.C.A.M.C.) and the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade, France, 6 July 1944. France: Bell, Ken.
1071 Sergeant V.R. Francis, 19th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A.), displaying a German 88mm anti-tank rocket launcher discovered at a captured German radar station, France, 16 June 1944. France, Bell, Ken, 1914-
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