100 Stories: Canadians who served in the First World War

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Library and Archives Canada is digitizing the full service records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and creating an online memorial featuring the stories of 100 of these men and women who experienced war first hand. Beginning with 11 stories on November 11, 2015, other stories will be added to the site each month. Together, they tell a remarkable tale of courage and fear, resilience and suffering, victory and loss.

All of the stories are biographical in nature and compiled largely from original military records, photographs, census records, and other historical materials held at Library and Archives Canada. Some of the information is drawn from other notable sources, such as The London Gazette, the Canadian Virtual War Memorial, and Books of Remembrance. The stories have been selected to reflect the diversity of both experience and source material. The service records vary in length from less than 10 pages, to hundreds of pages. In some cases, where errors and inconsistencies are evident in the records, clarifications and corrections have been added after the original source text.

Library and Archives Canada encourages all visitors to this site to continue exploring, interpreting and learning from the historical records that illuminate the lives of the men and women who participated in the First World War.

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