Immigration and Ethnicity in Canada Booklets


Bumsted, J.M., The Scots in​ Canada ​[PDF 2.03 MB], Volume 1

Higgs, David, The Portuguese in Canada [PDF 1.96 MB], Volume 2

Ward, W. Peter, The Japanese in Canada [PDF 2.39 MB], Volume 3

Avery, D.H.; Fedorowicz, J.K., The Poles in Canada [PDF 2.46 MB], Volume 4

Johnston, Hugh, The East Indians in Canada [PDF 2.63 MB], Volume 5

Walker, James W. St. G., The West Indians in Canada [PDF 2.67 MB], Volume 6

Vigod, Bernard L., The Jews in Canada [PDF 1.98 MB], Volume 7

Lindstrom-Best, Varpu, The Finns in Canada [PDF 2.05 MB], Volume 8

Tan, Jin; Roy, Patricia, The Chinese in Canada [PDF 2.46 MB], Volume 9

Gerus, O.W. ; Rea, J.E, The Ukrainians in Canada [PDF 2.47 MB], Volume 10

McLaughlin, K.M., The Germans in Canada [PDF 2.29 MB], Volume 11

Wilson, David A., The Irish in Canada [PDF 2.16 MB], Volume 12

Little, J.I., Ethno-Cultural Transition and Regional Identity in the Eastern Townships of Quebec [PDF 2.88 MB], Volume 13

Ramirez, Bruno, The Italians in Canada [PDF 2.55 MB], Volume 14

Whitaker, Reg, Canadian Immigration Policy [PDF 2.79 MB], Volume 15

Barber, Marilyn, Immigrant Domestic Servants in Canada [PDF 3.00 MB], Volume 16

Palmer, Howard, Ethnicity and Politics in Canada since Confederation [PDF 3.30 MB], Volume 17

Behiels, Michael D., Quebec and the Question of Immigration: From Ethnocentrism to Ethnic Pluralism, 1900-1985 [PDF 2.82 MB], Volume 18

Thompson, John Herd, Ethnic Minorities during Two World Wars [PDF 2.22 MB], Volume 19

Jaenen, Cornelius J., The Belgians in Canada [PDF 2.59 MB], Volume 20

Frenette, Yves, The Anglo-Normans in Eastern Canada [PDF 2.27 MB], Volume 21

Iacovetta, Franca, The Writing of English Canadian Immigrant History [PDF 3.49 MB], Volume 22

Pâquet, Martin, Toward a Quebec ministry of Immigration, 1945 to 1968 [PDF 3.12 MB], Volume 23

Martel, Marcel, French Canada: An Account of its Creation and Breakup, 1850-1967 [PDF 3.18 MB], Volume 24

Perin, Roberto, The Third Force in Canadian Catholicism, 1880-1920 [PDF 3.34 MB], Volume 25

Cosentino, Frank, Afros, Aboriginals and Amateur Sport in Pre World War One Canada [PDF 2.76 MB], Volume 26

Patrias, Carmela, The Hungarians in Canada [PDF 3.11 MB], Volume 27

Dorais, Louis-Jacques, The Cambodians, Laotians and Vietnamese in Canada [PDF 2.79 MB], Volume 28

Loewen, Royden, Ethnic Farm Culture in Western Canada [PDF 2.65 MB], Volume 29

McGowan, Mark, Creating Canadian Historical Memory: The Case of the Famine Migration of 1847 [PDF 2.05 MB], Volume 30

Zucchi, John, History of Ethnic Enclaves in Canada [PDF 528 KB], Volume 31

Freund, Alexander, Oral History and Ethnic History [PDF 1.20 MB], Volume 32

Caron, Caroline-Isabelle, The Acadians [PDF 4.59 MB], Volume 33

Chilton, Lisa, Receiving Canada's Immigrants: The Work of the State Before 1930 [PDF 771 KB], Volume 34

Epp, Marlene. Refugees in Canada: A Brief History [PDF 1.21 MB] Volume 35

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