Historical Booklets


Stacey, C. P., The Undefended Border: The Myth and the Reality [PDF 1.97 MB], Volume 1

Stanley, George F.G., Louis Riel: Patriot or Rebel? [PDF 2.66 MB], Volume 2

Frégault, Guy, Canadian Society in the French Regime [PDF 1.47 MB], Volume 3

MacNutt, W.S., The Making of the Maritime Provinces, 1713-1784 [PDF 1.80 MB], Volume 4

Burt, A.L., Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester, 1724-1808 [PDF 1.66 MB], Volume 5

Trudel, Marcel, The Seigneurial Regime [PDF 1.67 MB], Volume 6

Soward, F.H., The Department of External Affairs and Canadian Autonomy, 1899-1939 [PDF 1.99 MB], Volume 7

Underhill, F.H., Canadian Political Parties [PDF 2.02 MB], Volume 8

Morton, W.L., The West and Confederation, 1857-1871 [PDF 1.99 MB], Volume 9

Rothney, G.O., Newfoundland: A History [PDF 2.94 MB], Volume 10

Ouellet, Fernand, Louis-Joseph Papineau: A Divided Soul [PDF 2.10 MB], Volume 11

Masters, D.C., Reciprocity, 1846-1911 [PDF 2.11 MB], Volume 12

Brunet, Michel, French Canada and the early decades of British rule, 1760-1791 [PDF 1.55 MB], Volume 13

Oleson, T.J., The Norsemen in America [PDF 2.00 MB], Volume 14

Waite, P.B., The Charlottetown Conference, 1864 [PDF 2.53 MB], Volume 15

Graham, Roger, Arthur Meighen [PDF 1.72 MB], Volume 16

Beck, J. Murray, Joseph Howe: Anti-Confederate [PDF 1.86 MB], Volume 17

Eccles, W.J., The Government of New France [PDF 1.61 MB], Volume 18

Cornell, Paul G., The Great Coalition [PDF 2.00 MB], Volume 19

Whitelaw, W.M., The Quebec Conference [PDF 2.34 MB], Volume 20

Bonenfant, Jean-Charles, The French Canadians and the Birth of Confederation [PDF 1.58 MB], Volume 21

Cowan, Helen I., British Immigration Before Confederation [PDF 1.71 MB], Volume 22

Wilson, Alan, The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada [PDF 2.21 MB], Volume 23

Wilbur, Richard, The Bennett Administration, 1930-1935 [PDF 2.19 MB], Volume 24

Preston, Richard A., Canadian Defence Policy and the Development of the Canadian Nation, 1867-1917 [PDF 2.15 MB], Volume 25

Thomas, Lewis H., The North-West Territories, 1870-1905 [PDF 2.03 MB], Volume 26

Forsey, Eugene A., The Canadian Labour Movement, 1812-1902 [PDF 1.75 MB], Volume 27

Abella, Irving, The Canadian Labour Movement, 1902-1960 [PDF 2.69 MB], Volume 28

Levitt, Joseph, Henri Bourassa - Catholic Critic [PDF 1.83 MB], Volume 29

Trigger, Bruce G., The Indians and the Heroic Age of New France [PDF 2.34 MB], Volume 30

Macleod, R.C., The North West Mounted Police, 1873-1919 [PDF 1.95 MB], Volume 31

Careless, J.M.S., The Rise of Cities in Canada Before 1914 [PDF 2.31 MB], Volume 32

MacPherson, Ian, The Co-operative Movement on the Prairies [PDF 1.95 MB], 1900-1955, Volume 33

Artibise, Alan F.J., Prairie Urban Development, 1870-1930 [PDF 2.56 MB], Volume 34

Jones, Richard, Duplessis and the Union Nationale Administration [PDF 1.90 MB], Volume 35

Forbes, Ernest R., Aspects of Maritime Regionalism, 1867-1927 [PDF 2.22 MB], Volume 36

Pierson, Ruth Roach, Canadian Women and the Second World War [PDF 2.58 MB], Volume 37

Zaslow, Morris, The Northwest Territories, 1905-1980 [PDF 2.05 MB], Volume 38

Horn, Michiel, The Great Depression of the 1930s in Canada [PDF 2.06 MB], Volume 39

Jaenen, Cornelius J., The Role of the Church in New France [PDF 2.40 MB], Volume 40

Walker, James W. St. G., Racial Discrimination in Canada: The Black Experience [PDF 2.43 MB], Volume 41

Sager, Eric W.; Fischer, Lewis R., Shipping and Shipbuilding in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 [PDF 1.89 MB], Volume 42

Pannekoek, Frits, The Fur Trade and Western Canadian Society, 1670-1870 [PDF 2.44 MB], Volume 43

Page, Robert, The Boer War and Canadian Imperialism [PDF 2.45 MB], Volume 44

Paquet, Gilles; Wallot, Jean-Pierre, Lower Canada at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century: Restructuring and Modernization [PDF 2.14 MB], Volume 45

Read, Colin, The Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada [PDF 2.41 MB], Volume 46

Courville, Serge; Séguin, Normand, Rural Life in Nineteenth-Century Quebec [PDF 2.42 MB], Volume 47

Crowley, Terry, Louisbourg: Atlantic Fortress and Seaport [PDF 2.01 MB], Volume 48

Dumont, Micheline, Girls' Schooling in Quebec, 1639-1960 [PDF 2.61 MB], Volume 49

Flanagan, Thomas, Louis Riel [PDF 2.13 MB], Volume 50

Bell, D.G., Henry Aline and Maritime Religion [PDF 2.41 MB], Volume 51

MacLeod, Malcolm, Kindred Countries: Canada and Newfoundland Before Confederation [PDF 2.46 MB], Volume 52

Strong-Boag, Veronica, "Janey Canuck": Women in Canada, 1919-1939 [PDF 2.67 MB], Volume 53

Morton, Desmond, 1945: When Canada Won the War [PDF 2.40 MB], Volume 54

Bernard, Jean-Paul, The Rebellions of 1837 and 1838 in Lower Canada [PDF 3.22 MB], Volume 55

Zeller , Suzanne, Land of Promise, Promised Land: The Culture of Victorian Science in Canada [PDF 2.44 MB], Volume 56

Miller, James R., Canada and the Aboriginal Peoples, 1867-1927 [PDF 2.61 MB], Volume 57

Lacasse, Danielle; Lechasseur, Antonio, The National Archives of Canada 1872-1997 [PDF 3.53 MB], Volume 58

Noel, Jan, Women in New France [PDF 2.60 MB], Volume 59

Cellard, André, Punishment, Imprisonment and Reform in Canada, from New France to the Present [PDF 2.03 MB], Volume 60

MacKenzie, David, Canada's Red Scare 1945-1957 [PDF 1.82 MB], Volume 61

Wright, Donald, The Canadian Historical Association: A History [PDF 2.68 MB], Volume 62

Bernier, Jacques, Disease, Medicine and Society in Canada: A Historical Overview [PDF 2.46 MB], Volume 63

Errington, Elizabeth Jane, Women and their Work in Upper Canada[PDF 1.42 MB], Volume 64

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