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Item Number Title Artist Date
17 Near the Chaudiere Falls, Ottawa Weston, James L., ca. 1815-1896 1880-03-13
45 Ottawa. Scow Shooting the Chaudière Falls Unknown 1880-04-17
558 Falls of the River du Loup, Below Quebec Notman 1870-08-13
995 The Ice Cone at the Falls of Montmorency Unknown 1870-03-26
1079 Gananoque Falls Landon Brothers 1870-05-28
1080 The Chats Falls on the Ottawa River Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry), 1809-1854 1870-05-28
1134 Natural Steps, Montmerenci [sic] River Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry), 1809-1854 1870-06-25
1621 Falls of the River Clyde, Head of Lake Memphremagog, P.Q. Edson, Aaron Allan, 1846-1888 1874-10-17
1681 Falls of Montgomery Creek, East Berkshire, V.T. Edson, Aaron Allan, 1846-1888 1874-11-28
2177 Falls, and Woollen Mills, at Almonte, Ont. Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Kilborne, M. L. 1871-08-12
2193 Inglis Falls, Near Owen Sound, Ont. Adams, W. C. 1871-08-26
2285 The Valin River Falls, Saguenay District Carlisle, William Ogle, Act. 1870-1886 1871-10-14
2286 Economy Falls, Nova Scotia Atkinson, Thomas 1871-10-14
2295 The Lower Falls, Yamaska River, Near Cowansville, P.Q. Bunker, H. W. 1871-10-21
2499 Lower Falls of Garnet River Cascade, Near Mount Cheadle, B.C. Unknown 1872-03-02
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