Educational Resources

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has a collection strong in history, literature and music. The Learning Centre allows us to open our vaults to all Canadians by making some of our treasures available online. Students gain access to material that will enrich their learning experience.


  1. Databases
  2. Electronic Collection
  3. Research Aids
  4. Virtual Exhibitions


  1. Canadian Mail Order Catalogues
  2. Canadian Olympians
  3. Home Children – Boards of Guardians
  4. Home Children – Immigration Records
  5. PIKA: Canadian Children's Literature Database (Archived)
  6. The Evidence Web (Archived)
  7. The Evidence Web - Browse Themes (Archived)

Electronic Collection

  1. Beyond the Letters: A Retrospective of Canadian Alphabet Books (Archived)
  2. Finding Out About Native Canadian Women Writers Published in English (Archived)
  3. Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art (Archived)
  4. Page by Page: Creating a Children's Book (Archived)
  5. Passages: A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration (Archived)
  6. Pathfinders and Passageways: The Exploration of Canada (Archived)
  7. Real Stories: A Past in Miniatures (Archived)
  8. Stephen Leacock: Humorist and Educator (Archived)
  9. The Art of Illustration: A Celebration of Contemporary Children's Book Illustrators (Archived)
  10. The Jesuit Relations and the History of New France (Archived)
  11. The Secret Self: An Exploration of Canadian Children's Literature (Archived)

Research Aids

  1. ArtVenture: A Collector's Challenge (Archived)
  2. Children's Literature Service (Archived)
  3. Educational Resources for teachers (Archived)
  4. Home Children, 1869-1930
  5. Immigration Documents
  6. Learning Centre (Archived)
  7. Lest We Forget: Cenotaph Research
  8. Read Up On It (Archived)
  9. TD Summer Reading Club

Virtual Exhibitions

  1. Backcheck: Hockey for Kids (Archived)
  2. Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec (Archived)
  3. Canadian Settlement - The Kids' Site (Archived)
  4. Canadian State: Documents and Dialogue (Archived)
  5. Confederation for Kids (Archived)
  6. Cool Canada (Archived)
  7. Detecting the Truth: Fakes, Forgeries and Trickery (Archived)
  8. First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics: - Children's site (Archived)
  9. Kids' Site of Canadian Trains (Archived)
  10. Life of a Rock Star (Archived)
  11. "Without Fear, Favour or Affection" The Men of the North West Mounted Police (Archived)