Library and Archives Canada is the proud custodian of extensive collections of art. Our collection of documentary art, some of which dates back to the 17th century, includes paintings, watercolours, prints, drawings, caricatures, posters, medals, and sculptures.


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  1. Canadian Illustrated News: Images in the News, 1869-1883
  2. Documentary Art (Archived)
  3. Images Canada
  4. Rare Book Illustrations, Before 1800

Electronic Collection

  1. Beyond the Letters: A Retrospective of Canadian Alphabet Books (Archived)
  2. Canadian War Artists (Archived)
  3. Celebrating Dayal Kaur Khalsa (Archived)
  4. Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art (Archived)
  5. Real Stories: A Past in Miniatures (Archived)
  6. The Art of Illustration: A Celebration of Contemporary Children's Book Illustrators (Archived)

Research Aids

  1. ArtVenture: A Collector's Challenge (Archived)
  2. Lest We Forget: Cenotaph Research
  3. Portrait Portal
  4. Rare Book Collection

Virtual Exhibitions

  1. Arts - Celebrating Women's Achievements
  2. Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective (Archived)
  3. Backcheck: Hockey for Kids (Archived)
  4. Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec (Archived)
  5. Bonspiel! The History of Curling in Canada (Archived)
  6. Canada, by Train (Archived)
  7. Canadian Confederation - Political Cartoons (Archived)
  8. Codex canadensis (Archived)
  9. Detecting the Truth: Fakes, Forgeries and Trickery (Archived)
  10. Early Chinese Canadians, 1858 to 1947 (Archived)
  11. Expo '67: A Virtual Experience (Archived)
  12. Laurier House (Archived)
  13. Mary Riter Hamilton: Traces of War
  14. New France New Horizons: On French Soil in America
  15. Peter Winkworth Collection: A Collector's Passion (Archived)
  16. Posters and Broadsides (Archived)
  17. Shamrock and the Maple Leaf: Irish-Canadian Documentary Heritage at LAC (Archived)
  18. Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada's Patriot Statesman (Archived)
  19. Special Editions of Canadian Newspapers (Archived)
  20. Virtual Vault (Archived)
  21. Virtual Vault: The "Four Indian Kings" (Archived)
  22. William Hind's "Overlanders of '62 Sketchbook" (Archived)