1911 Census Districts and Sub-districts: Nova Scotia



District: 37 – Annapolis

Sub-District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Bear River poll district, Greenland
2 Belle Isle and Youngs Mountain Road poll district, Chimney Cove, Chimney Mountain, Granville, Granville Centre, Youngs Cove, Youngs Mountain, Beaconfield
3 Carleton Corner poll district, Tupperville, Marse Road, Paradise West, Bridgetown, Centrelea
4 Clarence poll district, Inglewood, Granville, Bridgetown, Paradise, Beaconsfield
5 Clementsport poll district, Upper Clement
6 Clementsvale poll district, Greenland, Victory, Princedale, Virginia
7 Clements West poll district, Deep Brook, Clementsport, Clementsvale, Waldeck Line, Bear River
8 Dalhousie Poll District
9 Granville Ferry poll district, Granville
10 Granville Lower poll district, Karsdale, Port Wade, Victoria Beach, Delaps Cove, Thornes Cove
11 Hampton poll district, Arlington, St. Croix Cove
12 Lawrencetown Lane poll district, Williamston north and south, Paradise, Lawrencetown, Inglisville north, east and west, Woodland
13 Lequille poll district, Lake La Rose, Perott, Dalhousie, Annapolis, Princedale, Clements
14 Maitland poll district, Lake May, Northfield, Albany New, New Grafton
15 Margaretsville poll district, Stronach Mount, Prince Albert, McNeileys, Forest Glade, East Margaretsville
16 Torbrook and Meadowvale poll district, West Torbrook, East Torbrook, Bloomington, Torbrook Mines, South Farmington, Wilmot
17 Melvern Square poll district, Spa Springs, Wilmot, South Farmington
18 Middleton
19 Middleton poll district, Brickton, Victoria, Clarence, Wilmot, Spa Springs, Brooklyn
20 Milford poll district, Lake Munroe, Greywood, Victory, Spring Hill, South Milford
21 New Albany Poll District
22 Nictaux poll district, North Williamston, Bloomington, Nictaux Falls, Nictaux West, Nictaux South
23 Parkers Cove poll district, Hillsburn, Litchfield, Delaps Cove
24 Port George poll district, Mosher's Corner, Mount Hanly, Prince Albert, Victoria Vale, Roxbury
25 Port Lorne poll district, Arlington, Mount Rose, Outram
26 Round Hill poll district, Mochelle, Tupperville, Bentville
27 Springfield poll district, Dalhousie East, Lake Pleasant, Stoddartsville, Hastings, Crossburn, Cherry Field, Hunter's Lodge, Falkland Ridge
28 Annapolis Royal
29 Bridgetown
30 Lawrencetown poll district, Clarence, Paradise, Brickton, Upper Clarence

District: 38 – Antigonish

Sub-Dis​trict Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Arisaig poll district, Dunmaglass
2 Antigonish Town, Cloverville, North River, Lanark, Landing, Mount Cameron
3 Antigonish Town, Briley Brook, West River, Pitcher's Farm, Glen Road, James River, Pearl Brook, Addington Forks, Salt Springs
4 Antigonish South
5 Cape George, Morar, Livingstone Cove, Georgevale, Lakevale, Lennox, Malignant Cove, Glebe Road, Big Marsh, Ballantyne's Road, Cape George Point, Marydale, Greendale
6 Dunmere poll district, Glenroad, Pinevale, South River, Springfield, Pinedale
7 Harbour Bouche and Auld Cove poll district
8 Heatherton, Fraser Grant, New France, Summerside, Heatherton Village, Black Anon, Bayfield, Afton, Glassburn
9 Linwood, East Tracadie, Frankville, Cape Jack, Harbour au Bouche
10 Lochaber, Colage Grant, Pinevale, Copper Lake, Collegeville, Head Lochaber, Ashdale, Glen Alpine, Upper Glen Road, north and west Lochaber, Middleton
11 Maryvale, Doctor's Brook, Malignant, Big Marsh, Scott's Bridge, Pleasant Valley, Maple Ridge, Malignant Cove
12 Morristown, Fairmont, Big Marsh, Lakevale, Antigonish Harbour, Harbor Road, Brophy's, Lanark
13 North Grant, Pleasant Valley, Clydedale, Sylvan Valley
14 Pomquet, Monks Head, South Side Harbour, Lower South River, Taylors Road, Pomquet Station
15 St. Andrews, Black Anon, Marydale, Glassburn, Caledonia, Lower South River, Croft, Meadow Green, Heatherton, Pomquette River, Glen Roy, Beauly
16 St. Joseph, Mayfield, James River Station, Pinkie Town, Cross Roads Ohio, Ashdale, Addington Forks, Glen Road, Beaver Meadow, Mornan, Purlbrook
17 Tracadie, New France, Bayfield, Afton, Merland, Big Tracadie
18 Upper South River, Springfield, Copper Lake, Loch Ketron, Polson's Brook, South River Lake, Upper Springfield
19 Micmac Indian Reserve, Afton, Heatherton, Summerside


District: 39 – Cape Breton North-Victoria

Sub-​District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Boisdale poll district, Ironville, Barochais Harbour, Shunacadie, Rear Beaver Cove, Glasgow, Rear Boisdale, Rear Leitche's Creek, Beaver Cove
2 Boularderie poll district, Little Bras D'or
3 Boularderie poll district, Back Lands, South Side Boulardarie, Point Clear, Island Point, Kempt Head, Ross Ferry, Big Bank, Boulardarie Centre
4 East Bay North poll district, McAdams Lake, Eskasoni, McKenzie East Bay, Steele's Lake, North Side East Bay, Gillies Lake
5 Frenchvale poll district, Steele Crossing, Gillies Lake, McAdams Lake, Beechmont, McLeanville, Rear Boisdale, Balls Creek
6 George River poll district, Leitche's Creek, Long Island Main, Pottles Creek, Upper North Sydney, Jacksonville, Little Bras D'Or
7 Grand Narrows poll district, Rear Christmas Island, Christmas Island, Big Beach, Shenacadie, Rear Eskasoni, Castle Bay, Benacadie, Piper's Cove
8 Little Bras D'Or poll district
9 Little Bras D'Or poll district, Florence, Alder Point, Little Bras D'Or Bridge, North Sydney
10 North Sydney
11 North Sydney
12 North Sydney
13 North Sydney
14 Sydney Mines
15 Sydney Mines
16 Sydney Mines
17 Sydney Mines
18 Baddeck East poll district, Rear Baddeck Bay, Little Baddeck, Port Bevis, Plaster Mines, Crescent Grove, Baddeck Bay, Red Head
19 Baddeck Centre poll district
20 Baddeck West poll district, Baddeck River, Hunters Mountain, Gorden Hill Inlet, McMillan's Mountain, Big Baddeck
21 Bay St. Lawrence poll district, Meat Cove, Black Point, Wreck Cove
22 Big Baddeck poll district, Baddeck River North Branch Inlet, Big Glen, Baddeck Forks, Rear Baddeck
23 Big Bras D'Or poll district, Boularderie East, Black Rock
24 Cape North poll district, Glenevis, Black Head, Bay Road, Sunrise, North Harbour, Big Intervale, Smilt Brook, Middle Harbour, Dingwall, South Ridge, South Harbour, White Point, Cape North, Sugar Loaf
25 Englishtown poll district, Black Head, Jersey Cove, Eel Cove, Rocky Side
26 Ingonish poll district, Ingonish Bay, Ingonish Ferry, Ingonish Centre
27 Iona poll district, Jamesville, Borra Glen, St. Columba, McKins Harbour, Ottawa Brook, Jamesville West
28 Nyanza poll district, Bucklaw, Hume Rear, St. Patrick's Channel
29 Little Narrows poll district, Matheson, Estmere, Portage, Cain's Mountain, Jubilee, Washabuck, South Cove, Ferry Landing
30 Middle River West poll district, Indian Brook, Gillander's Mountain, Garloch Mountain
31 Middle River East poll district, Garry, Middle River, Hunter's Mountain, Ivera, Goldbrook
32 Neils Harbour poll district, New Haven
33 New Campbellton poll district, New Harris, Cape Dauphin
34 North River poll district, Wreck Cove, Path End, French River
35 North Shore poll district, Rear Little River, Barrasois Bridge, Rear Barrasois, Indian Brook, Little River, Briton Cove, North Shore, Plaster, Wreck Cove, Path End, French River, Birch Plain, Skir Dhu
36 South Gut poll district, Quarry, Big Hill, Peter's Brook, North Gut, New Harris, Big Harbour, Munroe's Point
37 Washabuck poll district, McNeil's Vale, Lower Washabuck, Upper Washabuck, Gillies Point, Gillies Point East, Rear Washabuck, St. Columba
38 Cape Breton North Indian Reserve, Eskasoni, North Sydney
39 Middle River Indian Reserve

District: 40 – Cape Breton South

Sub-Di​strict Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Bateston poll district, Miragut, Clark's Road, Catalone Gut
2 Balls Creek poll district, West Mount, North Balls, West Arm, Edwardsville, Beechmont, Rear Balls Creek, Rear Coxheath, Point Edward, Sydney River, Coxheath, Forks, Blackett's Lake
3 Big Pond poll district, Irish Vale, Irish Cove, Middle Cape, Big Pond Centre
4 Catalone poll district, Mira
5 Dominion no. 6 poll district, Port Caledonia, Dominion no. 11 poll district
6 East Bay South poll district, Rear Ben Eoin, Ben Eoin, Rear East Bay, St. Andrews, Glengarry, Salmon River, Glen Morrison
7 Enon poll district, Glengarry, Big Glen, Big Pond Road, North Glen, Terra Nova, Salmon Road
8 Gabarus poll district, Big Cape, Gull Cove, Gabarus Lake, Canoe Lake, Malquash
9 Grand Mira poll district, French Road, Victoria Bridge, Salmon Bridge, Caladonia, Upper Grand Mira
10 Hillside poll district, Marion Bridge, Cariboo, Marsh, Front Lake, Broughton, Oakfield, Miragut, Horns Road, New Waterford
11 Lingan-Victoria Mines poll district, New Waterford, Lingan
12 Lingan-Victoria Mines poll district, Flat Point, Kilkenny Lake, New Waterford, South Bar
13 Louisburg poll district, Kennington Cove, Lorraine Road, Big Lorraine, Still Water, New Boston, West Louisburg, Clarks Road, Fort Louisburg
14 Main-a-Dieu poll district, Scattarie Island, Little Lorraine Baleine, Scatarie
15 Port Morien poll district, Birch Cove, Back Pit, Long Beach, Milton, Black Brook, Sand Bar, Wadden Cove, False-Bay-Beach, South Side, Marconi Towers, Round Island, Homeville
16 South Forks poll district, Grand Lake Road, Mira Road, Woodbine, Morley's Road, Meadow Road, Glen Morrison, East Bay, Grand Lake, Cow Bay Road, Cape Breton Hospital, Cariboo Marsh, Sydney River, Forks Road, Cariboo Road, Reserve Road
17 Trout Brook poll district, Marion Bridge, Junniper Mount, Big Ridge, New Boston, Albert Bridge, French Road
18 Dominion
19 Dominion
20 Glace Bay Town, Dominion No. 4, Boutlier's Road, Caledonia Crossing, Steele's Hill, McAskills Brook - Ward 4
21 Glace Bay - Ward 2
22 Glace Bay - Ward 2
23 Glace Bay - Ward 6
24 Glace Bay - Bridgeport, Ward 6
25 Glace Bay Town, New Aberdeen Village - Ward 5
26 Glace Bay - Ward 1
27 Glace Bay Town, Caledonia, Lake Road, Brookside, Quarry Point, Ward 3
28 Louisburg Town, Havenside
29 Sydney - Ward 3
30 Sydney - Ward 5
31 Sydney - Ward 5
32 Sydney - Ward 5
33 Sydney - Ward 4
34 Sydney - Ward 1
35 Sydney - Ward 3
36 Sydney - Ward 2
37 Reserve Polling District No. 1B, Gardiner, Centreville
38 Reserve Polling District No. 1A, Gardiner, Reserve Mines, Gardiner Mines
39 Sydney - Indian reserve

District: 41 – Colchester

Sub-D​istrict Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Acadia Mines poll district, Londonderry, Lornevale, Folly Mountain
2 Brookfield poll district, Brentwood, Dartville, Pleasant Valley, Greens Creek, Hilden, Forest Glen
3 Brule poll district, Brule Shore, Brule Point, Barrasois, Waldegrove, Brule, Sand Point
4 Clifton poll district, Beaver Brook, Princeport, Green Oaks, Old Barns, Lower Truro, Fairview
5 Earltown, Balmoral Mills, The Falls, West Earltown, East Earltown, North Earltown, Nuttby
6 Economy poll district, Lower Economy, Upper Economy, Beaver Meadows
7 Five Islands poll district, Lynn
8 Gays River poll district, Wittenburg, West St. Andrews, Coldstream, Shubenacadie
9 Kemptown
10 Lower Londonberry poll district, Portapique, Highland Village, Bass River, Montrose, Castlereagh
11 Lower Onslow poll district, Upper Belmont, Onslow, Onslow Mountain, Central Onslow, Belmont, Crows Mills
12 Lower Stewiacke poll district, McKay, Lanesville, Alton, Brentwood
13 Middle Londonberry poll district, Great Village, Spencer's Point, Fletcher's Settlement, Wallace Road, Londonderry Station, Glenholme, Little Dyke, Eastville, Mount Pleasant
14 Middle Stewiacke poll district, Cove Road, Lilyvale, Cloverdale, South Branch
15 New Annan poll district
16 North River poll district, East Mountain, Brookside, Onslow Station, Onslow Mountain
17 Salmon River poll district, Valley
18 Tatamagouche East poll district
19 Tatamagouche West poll district, Belmont, Bayhead
20 Upper Londonderry poll district, Debert, Folly Mountain, Folly Lake, East Mines, Masstown, Folly Valley, Belmont
21 Upper Stewiacke East poll district, Cross Roads, Eastville, Newton Mills, Burnside, Pembrook
22 Upper Stewiacke West poll district
23 Waugh River poll district, Bellmoral Mills, Bible, Denmark, Middleton, River John Road
24 Stewiacke
25 Truro
26 Truro
27 Truro
28 Truro
29 Truro
30 Truro
31 Millbrook Indian Reserve

District: 42 – Cumberland

Sub-Di​strict Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Advocate poll district no. 33, Spencers Island, New Yarmouth, Eatonville, Cape D'Or
2 Amherst Head poll district no. 8, Shinimicas, Truemanville
3 Amherst
4 Amherst
5 Amherst
6 Amherst
7 Amherst
8 Apple River poll district no. 40, New Salem, West Apple River
9 Chignecto Mines poll district, Maccan Village, Stanley
10 Diligent River poll district no. 35, Cross Road, Parrsboro, Ross Hill, Wharton, Lakeland, Kirkhill, Halfway River, Glasgow Mountain, Pettigrew Settlement, York Settlement, Harrison Road
11 Doherty Creek poll district, Pugwash Junction, Wallace Bay, South Pugwash, Conns Mills, North Middleboro
12 East Amherst poll district, Leicester, Stanley, Brookdale, Hastings, Salem
13 St. Lawrence poll district
14 Joggins Mines
15 Linden poll district, Lake Killarney, Beckarth, Northport, Port Howe, East Linden, West Linden, Wayford, Carrington, Shinimicas Bridge
16 Lower Cove Village, Minudie
17 Malagash poll district no. 17, Saddle Island, East Wallace, Amet Island, Malagash Point, Cross Road, Malone Road, North Shore Point, Stewarts Island, Stake Road, Wallace Ridge, North Shore, Base Line Road
18 Mansfield poll district no. 22, Mount Pleasant, East Leicester, Oxford Town, Little River, Kolbec
19 Middleboro poll district no. 19, Upper Middleboro, Hansford, Pugwash Junction, Streets Ridge, Hartford, Conns Mills, South Victoria, Thompson, Birchwood
20 Nappan poll district no. 6, Fenwick, Salem, Upper Nappan, Brookdale, Nappan Station, Maccan, Chignecto Mines
21 Oxford Town poll district no. 21, Roslin, Oxford Junction, Birchwood, West Hansford, Black River
22 Parrsboro Centre, part Parrsboro Town, Greenhill poll district no. 37
23 Parrsboro East poll district no. 38, New Prospect, Two Islands, Canaan, West Brook, Parrsboro East poll district no. 38, Newville, Lakelands, Halfway River, Moose River, Harrington River
24 Parrsboro West, Part of Parrsboro Town, Black Rock, West Bay, West Bay polling district no. 36
25 Port Grenville poll district no. 34, Ramshead River, Parrsboro, Spencers Island, Fox River, Wards Brook, Diligent River, Brookville
26 Pugwash poll district, Fox Harbour, Gulf Shore
27 River Philip poll district, Port Philip, River View, Upper Pugwash, Beckwith, Conns Mills, Roslin, Rockly, Pugwash West, Pugwash, Port Howe, Carrington, Pugwash River
28 River Hebert poll district, Masson Town, Barronfield, River Hebert Village, Maccan, Parish of River Hebert East, River Hebert Head, River Hebert Bend
29 River Philip poll district no. 20, Williamsdale, Farmington, Salt Springs, Callingwood, Wyvern, River Philip Centre, Callingwood Corner, Glenville, Pleasant Valley, Windham Hill, Claremont, Valley Road
30 Rodney poll district, Springhill, Leamington Road, Rodney Road, Leamington
31 Shulee poll district no. 32, Flat Brook, Finger Board, Sand River, Two Rivers, Ragged Reef
32 Six Mile Road poll district, Fox Harbour, Wallace, Wallace Bay, Cape Cliff, Wallace Station, Middleboro, Wallace Highlands, Wallace Grant, South Wallace, North Wallace, East Wallace
33 Southampton poll district no. 23, Leamington, West Brook, Little Forks, Springhill, East Southampton, Athol, South Athol, South Brook, Mapleton, East Mapleton
34 Not used
35 Springhill
36 Springhill
37 Springhill
38 Springhill
39 Springhill
40 Tidnish poll district, Chapman Settlement, Northport, Tidnish Bridge, Amherst Shore, Lorneville, Amherst
41 Wallace Bridge poll district no. 15, Whidden Road, Six Mile Road, Wallace Bay, Wallace, Kerr Road, Fountain Road
42 Wentworth poll district no. 16, Wentworth Centre, Le Roy
43 West Amherst poll district, Brookdale, Upper Nappan, Amherst Point, Nappan
44 Not used
45 Westchester poll district no. 18, Millvale, Williamsdale, North Greenville, Greenville, Jackson, Williamsdale East, Thompson


District: 43 – Digby

Sub​-District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Barton poll district, Doucetteville, South Range, North Range, Plympton
2 Cheticamp poll district, Bear Camp, Mavilette
3 Church Point poll district, Little Brook, Concession, Little Brook Station
4 Comeauville poll district, Concession, Saulnierville Station, Saulnierville
5 Culloden poll district, Racquette Road, Digby, Neck Road, Mount Pleasant, Point Prim, Bay View, Bay Road, Shore Road, Roxville, Light House Road
6 Digby
7 Freeport poll district, Central Grove
8 Grosses Coques poll district, Church Point, Belliveau's Cove
9 Bear River Micmac poll district
10 Hillsburg poll district, Bear River Village
11 Little River poll district, Whalecove, East Ferry, Liddville
12 Brighton poll district, Marshalltown, Westville, South Range, Bloomfield, Acaciaville
13 Meteghan poll district, Maxwelton, Segogne, Meteghan Station, Meteghan River
14 Meteghan River poll district, Meteghan Station, Lower Saulnierville, Saulnierville Station
15 New Tusket poll district, Easton, Hillsdale, Boars Back, Moody's Corner, Richfield, Corberrie
16 Plympton poll district, Plympton Station, Almer's Corner, Doucetteville, Sissiboo Falls, Port Gilbert
17 Rossway poll district, Waterford
18 Salmon River poll district, Springdale, Norwood, Beaver River, Cedar Lake, Woodvale, Hectanooga, Mayflower, Manilette
19 Sandy Cove poll district, Centreville, Mink Cove
20 Smith's Cove poll district, Joggin Bridge, Bear River, Lansdowne
21 St. Bernard poll district, Hasset, Havelock, Southville, New Edinburgh, Weymouth, Weaver Settlement, Belliveau Cove
22 Tiverton poll district, Central Grove
23 Westport poll district
24 Weymouth Bridge poll district, Riverdale, Southville, Weymouth Falls, Danner, Weymouth Mills, Weymouth, Weaver Settlement
25 Weymouth North poll district


District: 44 – Guysborough

Sub-D​istrict Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Port Bickerton Village, Fisherman Harbour Village, Indian River
2 Lower Caledonia poll district, Trafalgar
3 Canso - Canso Town South
4 Canso - Canso Town North
5 Charlos Cove poll district
6 Country Harbor poll district, Country Harbor Mines, Forrest Hill, Middle Country Harbor, Stormont
7 Crow Harbour poll district, Sandy Cove, Halfway Cove, Peas Brook, Queensport, Half Island Cove, Black Point
8 Forks poll district, Smithfield, Aspen, Melrose, Glenelg, Fisher Mill, Highland, New Town, Denver, South Lochaber
9 Goshen poll district, Two Mile Lake, Argyle, Eight Island Lake, South River Lake, South Lochaber, Fisher Mill
10 Goldboro poll district, Drumhead, Caddles Harbour, Seal Harbour
11 Hazel Hill poll district, Dover, Fox Island
12 Indian Harbour, Port Hillford Village, Wine Harbour Village
13 Intervale poll district, Glen Cove, Alder River, Romans Valley, Riverside, Tracadie Road, North Intervale, Little France
14 Isaac Harbour poll district, Stormont
15 Lakedale poll district, Grand Lake poll district, Argyle poll district
16 Larry River poll district, Lor Bay, Lundy
17 Liscomb poll district, Lower Liscomb, Spanish Ship Bay, West Liscomb, Liscomb Mills
18 Manchester poll district, Baylston, Upper Manchester, Port Shoreham, Nerissa, Burch Town
19 Marie Joseph Village, Ecum Secum
20 Melford poll district, Steep Creek, Middle Melford, Sand Point, Oyster Ponds, St. Francis Harbour
21 Mulgrave poll district, Steep Creek
22 New Harbour poll district
23 Port Felix poll district, Cole Harbour, Port Felix East
24 Salmon River poll district
25 Sherbrooke, Goldenville, Stillwater
26 Sonora Village, Geyogyan Village
27 Tracadie poll district, Merland, Upper Big Tracadie, Mattie, Grosvenor
28 Whitehead poll district
29 Guysborough poll district, Cooks Cove, Tompkins Ville, Roachville, Riverside
30 Cooks Cove, Micmac Indian Reserve


District: 45 – Halifax

Sub-District Nu​mber Sub-District Name and Description
1 Bedford poll district, Princes Lodge, Millview, Rockingham, Fairview, Birch Cove
2 Chezzetcook East poll district, Lower East Chezzetcook, Head Chezzetcook
3 Chezzetcook West poll district, Grand Desert
4 Cole Harbour, Woodlawn, Woodside, Preston Road, Cole Harbour Road
5 East Dover poll district, West Dover, Bayside
6 Eastern Passage poll district, Devils Island, Cow Bay, Ferguson's Cove, McNabs Island
7 Fall River poll district, Waverly, Guysborough Road, Goffs, Wellington, Oakfield, Oldham, Enfield, Grand Lake
8 French Village and Fantallon poll district, Seabright, Bowser Station, St. Margarets Bay Road
9 Gays River and Dutch Settlement poll district, Elmsdale, Milford, Carroll's Corners
10 Hackett's Cove and Grand Margaret Road poll district
11 Hammond Plains poll district, English Corner, Yankee Town, Lucas Village, Kemptown, Pockwock
12 Herring Cove poll district
13 Hubbard and North Shore poll district
14 Ingram River poll district, Head St. Margaret's Bay, Boutilier Point, Mason's Point, Black Point, Ingrams Port, Head Harbour, Oakland Point
15 Jeddore and Lakeville poll district
16 Lawrencetown, Eastville, Minville
17 Little River poll district
18 Meaghers Grant, Guysborough Road, Wyses Corner, Antrim
19 Middle Musquodobit, Moose River Mines, Murchyville, Brookvale, Chaswood, Newcombe Corner, Little River
20 Musquodobit Harbour poll district, West Petheswick, Smith's Settlement, Pleasant Point
21 Northwest Arm, Spryfield, Dutch Village, Fairview, Melvin Island
22 Port Dufferin, Harrigan Cove, Beaver Harbour, Quaddy, Lewiston, Dufferin Mines
23 Porter's Lake poll district, Middle Porter's Lake
24 Portuguese Cove poll district, Bear Cove, Kitch Harbour
25 Preston poll district
26 Preston Road and Bedford Road poll district, Montague, Dartmouth
27 Purcell's Cove poll district, Spyfield poll district, Ferguson's Cove, McNabs Island
28 Sackville poll district, Windsor Junction, Beaver Bank, Fall River
29 Sambro poll district, Pennant poll district
30 Seaforth poll district, Three Fathom Harbour poll district
31 Sheet Harbour poll district, Saber Island poll district, Sheet Harbour Passage
32 Sheet Harbour poll district, Mushaboom, Loch Harbour
33 Ship Harbour poll district, Clam Bay, Clam Harbour, Owls Head, De Bais Cove, Lakeville
34 Shoal Bay poll district, Tangier, Ship Harbour, Popes Harbour
35 Smith Cove poll district, Maser River, Moose Head, Ecum Secum, Harigan Cove, Mitchell Bay, Mecumtench, Ecum Secum Bridge
36 Spry Bay poll district, Gerrard's Island, Popes Harbour, Spry Harbour, Mooseland, Taylor's Head
37 Spryfield poll district, Green Head, Prospect Road, Harrietfield, Beechville, Brookside, Goodwood, Bowser, White Lake
38 Terrence Bay poll district
39 Upper Musquodoboit poll district, Dean, Gault Section, Sheet Harbour Road, Pleasant Valley, Cariboo Mines, Henry Section, Hutchisons, Chaplin, Greenwood, Lindsey Lake, Elmvale, Parker's Corner
40 Upper Prospect poll district, Shaw Bay
41 Not used
42 Halifax - Ward 1
43 Halifax - Ward 1
44 Halifax - Ward 1
45 Halifax - Ward 1
46 Halifax - Ward 1
47 Halifax - Ward 1
48 Not used
49 Halifax - Ward 2
50 Halifax - Ward 2
51 Halifax - Ward 2
52 Halifax - Ward 2
53 Halifax - Ward 2
54 Halifax - Ward 2
55 Halifax - Ward 2
56 Halifax - Ward 2
57 Not used
58 Halifax - Ward 3
59 Halifax - Ward 3
60 Halifax - Ward 3
61 Halifax - Ward 3
62 Halifax - Ward 3
63 Halifax - Ward 4
64 Halifax - Ward 4
65 Halifax - Ward 4
66 Halifax - Ward 4
67 Halifax - Ward 4
68 Halifax - Ward 4
69 Halifax - Ward 4
70 Halifax - Ward 5
71 Halifax - Ward 5
72 Halifax - Ward 5
73 Halifax - Ward 5
74 Halifax - Ward 5
75 Not used
76 Halifax - Ward 5
77 Halifax - Ward 5
78 Halifax - Ward 5
79 Halifax - Ward 5
80 Halifax - Ward 5
81 Halifax - Ward 6
82 Halifax - Ward 6
83 Halifax - Ward 6
84 Halifax - Ward 6
85 Halifax - Ward 6
86 Halifax - Ward 6
87 Halifax - Ward 6
88 Halifax - Ward 6
89 Halifax - Ward 6
90 Halifax - Ward 6
91 Halifax, various parts of the city
92 Dartmouth
93 Dartmouth
94 Dartmouth
96 Canadian Navy, HMCS NIOBE

District: 46 – Hants

S​ub-District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Newport poll district, Avondale, Poplar Grove, Belmont
2 Newport poll district
3 Falmouth poll district, Mount Denson
4 Douglas poll district, East and West Gore, North Kennetcook, 5 Mile River, Stanley, Neal Road, Riverside, Clarkville
5 Hantsport
6 Kempt poll district
7 Kempt poll district
8 Douglas poll district, Maitland, Selma, Five Mile River, South Maitland
9 Rawdon poll district, Nine Mile River, Bellenan, Renfrew
10 Douglas poll district, Enfield Village, Elmsdale Village, Rawdon
11 Douglas poll district, Noel Road, Burncoat, Minasville, Moose Brook, Tennicape
12 Douglas poll district
13 Rawdon poll district, Mount Uniacke, South Uniacke, East Uniacke, Hillsvale, South Rawdon
14 Rawdon poll district
15 Newport poll district, Ste. Croix, Wentworth, Sweetscorner, Ellershouse, Three Mile Plains, Newport Station, Hartsville
16 Newport poll district
17 Douglas poll district, Shubenacadie, Hardwoodland, Milford, Barny Brook
18 Douglas poll district, Shubenacadie, Maitland Road, East Indian Road, North Salem
19 Newport Poll District
20 Walton poll district, East Walton, Walton, Tenny Cape
21 Falmouth poll district, Windsor Forks, Waterville
22 Windsor
23 Windsor Town, Windsor Forks, Martock, Mapleton
24 Douglas and Falmouth Indian Reserve


District: 47 – Inverness

Sub-District Nu​mber Sub-District Name and Description
1 Broad Cove Marsh poll district, South West Road, Dunvegan, Rear Dunvegan, South West Margaree, Rear Upper Margaree
2 Broad Cove Marsh poll district, Dunvegan, Deepdale, Broad Cove Chapel, McEarchern Mills
3 Cheticamp poll district
4 Cheticamp poll district
5 Cheticamp poll district
6 Inverness East poll district, Upper Glencoe, Dunakym, Glencoe Mills, Rear Brook Village, Rear Skye Glen, Mill River, Skye Glen, Brook Village, Rosedale
7 Glencoe West poll district, Hillsborough, Mabou, Port Hood, Upper Glencoe, Glencoe, Upper South West Mabou
8 Craignish poll district, Rhodena, Queensville, Essex, Craignish Rear, Troy, Craigmore, Low Point
9 River Dennis East poll district
10 River Denys West poll district, River Denys Road, Upper Glencoe, River Denys Centre, Melford, Upper River Denys, Victoria Line, Denystown, Borneish
11 Hillsboro No. 5 West poll district, Smithville, Black River, Mabou, Blackstone, Glendyer
12 Hillsboro No. 5 East poll district, Brook Village, Centreville, Skye Glen, Melrose Hill, Hay's River, Mount Young
13 River Inhabitants poll district, Riverside, Princeville, Askelton, McIntyre Mountain, Glenora, West Bay Road, Glendale, Big Brook, Kingsville, West Bay, Maple Brook, Cleveland
14 Judique no. 2 sub-division no. 9 poll district, Marktown, Banks, Centennial, Long Point, Rear Long Point, Rear of Judique Chapel, Campbell, Rear Campbell
15 Judique no. 2 sub-division no. 27 poll district, Upper South West Mabou, Judique Chapel, Rear of Little Judique, Denystown, Judique Intervale, Rear of Judique Intervale, Hillsdale, Little Judique, Judique Ponds
16 Lake Ainslie East poll district, Lake Ainslie South, Egypt, Lewis Mountain, Trout River, Upper East Ainslie, South West Margaree, Scotsville, Piper Glen
17 Lake Ainslie West poll district, Mason Point, Lake Ainslie South End, McCormack, Lake Ainslie Chapel, Hays River, Claverhouse
18 Margaree Harbour poll district, East Margaree, Belle Cte
19 Margaree South West poll district, Margaree Forks, St Rose, East Margaree, Magaree Ford, Millbank
20 Margaree North East poll district
21 Margaree North East poll district, Harvard Lakes
22 Margaree Harbour poll district, Chimney Corner, Dunvegan, St. Rose
23 Margaree South West poll district, Upper Margaree, South West Egypt, Mount Pleasant
24 Whycocomagh South poll district no. 18, Orangedale, Ashfield, Blue Mills, Wilburn, Orangedale East, Alba, Alba West, Gillis Cove, Iron Mines, Whycocomagh Portage
25 Pleasant Bay poll district, Meat Cove, Cape St Lawrence, Low Lands, Pollett Cove, Fishing Cove
26 Poplar Grove poll district, Glenora Falls, Mahon, Mahon North East, South Highlands, South Cape, Alexander poll district
27 Poplar Grove poll district, Mahon Mines, Mahon Harbour Mouth, Sight Point, North East Glen, McKinnon Brook, Mahon Coal Mines, North East Mahon
28 Port Hastings poll district, Troy, Lexington, Long Stretch, Sugar Camp, Queensville, McIntyre Lake, Melville, North West Arm, Crandall Road
29 Port Hawkesbury
30 Port Hood poll district, West Mabou Harbour, Glengarry, Rear Little Judique, Little Judique, Seaside, Port Hood Mines, Little Mabou, Port Hood South West, Rear Port Hood, Port Hood Island, Hawthorne, Dunmore
31 St. Joseph poll district, Grand Etang, Rear Grand Etang, Friars Head Chapel, Friars Head
32 Strath Lorne poll district, Broad Cove Banks, North Highlands, Deepdale, South Highlands, Glenville, Port Ban, Foot Cape, Deepdale
33 Strath Lorne poll district, Scottsville, Loch Ban, North Ainslie, Glenville, Kenloch, Deepdale, Upper Magaree
34 West Bay poll district, South Side River Denys, Militia Point, Big Harbour Island, Marble Mountain, Morrison, Lime Hill, Marshes, Malagawatch
35 Whycocomagh poll district no. 21, Stewartdale, Roseburn, Kemstoke, New Canada, Skye Mountain, Soapstone Mines, Skye Glen, Campbell Mountain
36 Inverness
37 Inverness
38 Port Hood
39 Whycocomagh Village, Northside Whycocomagh, Logans Glen, Melford Road, Little Narrows, Aberdeen, Ainslie Glen, Lewis Mountain, Skye Glen, Stewartdale, Rear Skye Glen, Whycocomagh Mount
40 Whycocomagh Indian Reserve
Malagawatch Indian Reserve

District: 48 – Kings

Sub-District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Cambridge poll district, Coldbrook, Prospect, Waterville, Cornwallis, South Waterville
2 Canard poll district
Hillston, Upper Canard, Sheffield Mills Station, Sheffield Mills
3 Canning poll district, Pereaux, Medford, Habbitant, Woodside
4 Canning poll district, Arlington, Woodside, Sheffield Mills, West Arlington
5 Dalhousie East poll district
6 Harbourville poll district, Ogilvie, Woodlawn, Burlington, Victoria, Garland, Fairview
7 Kingston poll district, Tremont, Harmony, Greenwood, Kingston Village, South Harmony, South Tremont, Rockville Notch
8 Kingston poll district, North Kingston, Auburn, Morden, Welton Corner
9 Cornwallis poll district, Port Williams Village, Chipman Corner, Starrs Point, Church Street, Belcher Street
10 Scots Bay poll district, Scots Bay Road, Look Off, Porter Road
11 Sheffield Mills poll district, North Mountain, Baxter Harbour, Centreville, Billtown, Halls Harbour, Deep Hollow Mountain
12 Cornwallis poll district, Somerset, Weston, Grafton, Barwick, Waterville, Welsford, Cambridge
13 West Cornwallis poll district, Canada Creek, Harbourville, Grafton, Garland
14 Cornwallis poll district, Berwick, South Berwick, Rockland, South Waterville, West Berwick
15 Cornwallis poll district, Brooklyn, Lakeville, Woodville, Grafton
16 Cornwallis poll district
17 Aylesford poll district, Greenwood, Harmony, Milville, Auburn, Nicholsville
18 Aylesford poll district, Milville, Factorydale, Nicholasville, Lake Paul, Lake George, Morristown, Harmony, Windemere
19 Aylesford poll district, Morden, Auburn, Victoria
20 Horton poll district, Lockhartville, Hants Border, Kellyville, West Brooklyn, Avonport, Walbrook, East Lockhartville
21 Horton poll district, Avonport, Hortonville, Grandpre
22 Horton poll district, Gaspereaux, Melanson, Greenfield, Newtonville, Black River, Bishopville
23 Kingsport poll district, Delhaven, Blomidon, Medford
24 Horton poll district, Coldbrook, North and South Alton, Canaan, Whiterock, Nero Mines, Forest Home, New Minas, Highbury, Sunnyside
25 Horton poll district, Wolfville, Grand Pré, North Grand Pré, Melanson, Gaspereau, Greenwick, Whiterock
26 Wolfville
27 Kentville poll district, Woodville, Black Rock, Union Square, Lakeville, Chipman Brook, Ross Corner, Whitecorner, Canada Creek, North Woodville, Murray Brook, Northville, Vernon Mines, North Billtown, Huntington Rock
28 Kentville
29 Cornwallis, Micmac Indian Reserve


District: 49 – Lunenburg

Sub-​District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Bakers Settlement - Newcombville, Upper Branch, Ninevah, Pleasant River, West Clifford, East Clifford
2 Farmington - Parkdale, Maplewood, Scarsdale, Union Square, Barss Corner, Watford, Stanburn, Dalhousie
3 Blandford - South West Cove, North West Cove, Colemans Cove, Aspotogon, Bayswater
4 Blockhouse - Sweetland, Fauxbourg, Big Lots, Maitland, Farmville, Northwest
5 Bridgewater North - Victoria River, St. Philips
6 Bridgewater East - Bridgewater Town, Cookville, Pine Grove, Weinacht Settlement, Oak Hill, Dayspring
7 Bridgewater South
8 Chesleys Corner - Watford, Riversdale, New Germany, Meisners, North River, Cherryfield
9 Chester Basin - Chester Grant, Beech Hill, Gold River
10 Chester East - East River, Chester
11 West Chester - Windsor Road, Middle River, Marriotts Cove, Chester
12 New Dublin - Conquerall Banks, Bridgewater, Pleasantville, Conquerall Road, Conquerall Mills, Lakefield
13 Dublin Shore - La Have, West Dublin, Crescent Beach, Weatherby
14 Feltz South - Middle South
15 First South - Centra
16 Garden Lots
17 Hebbs Mills - Hebbs Cross, Wileville, Hebbville, Lipsigate
18 Hemford - New Canada, New Germany, Ohio
19 Indian Point - Narrows, Martins River
20 Italy Cross - Somerset, Middleton, Camperdown, Hebbs Cross
21 LaHave Islands - Georges Island, Bush Island, Folly Island, Spectacles
22 Maders Cove - Mahone
23 Mahone Bay - Mahone Bay Village, Mahone
24 Mahone Bay Road - Lily Dale, North West, Peninsula, Martin Brook, Mason Island, Hobson Lighthouse, Harman Island
25 Midville - Branch LaHave, Lower Branch, Auburndale, Upper Branch, New Canada
26 Not used
27 Mill Cove - Fox Point, The Lodge
28 New Cornwall - Cornwall, Woodstock, New Burn
29 New Ross - Forties, Lake Ramsay, Fraxville
30 Blue Rocks - Eastern Points, Black Rocks, Cross Island, Wynacht Island, Millers Island
31 New Ross - Aldersville, Mill Road, Lewiston, Levielle, Mill Bank, Harriston, Seffernville
32 Northfield - Lower Northfield, West Northfield, Cookville, Pine Grove, Riverdale, Sweetland
33 Oakland - Clearland
34 Petite Rivière - Crousetown, Conquerall
35 New Dublin - Pleasantville, West LaHave, Weatherby, Crouse Town, New Cumberland, Lakefield
36 Parks Creek - Middle LaHave, Indian Path
37 Riverport
38 Rose Bay - Upper Kingsbury, Lower Kingsbury, Upper Rose Bay, Lower Rose Bay, West Ironbound Island
39 Tancook - Little Tancook, Masons Island, Ironbound
40 Upper LaHave - Middle LaHave, Day Spring, Rhodes Corner
41 Voglers Cove - Cherry Hill, Broad Cove
42 Western Shore - Gold River, Martins Point, Martins River, Oak Island, Ernests Islands, Heislers Island
43 Waterloo - Chelsea, New Elm, Laconia, Lapland, Newcombville
44 Lunenburg
45 Lunenburg
46 Lunenburg
47 Lunenburg


District: 50 – Pictou

Sub-District Num​ber Sub-District Name and Description
1 Abercrombie poll district, Alma, Stellarton, Westville, Mount William, Granton, Basin N.G., Sylvester, New Glasgow
2 Bailey Brook poll district, Ponds, Lismore, Ardness, Barneys River, Knoydart, Lower Barneys River
3 Barney River poll district, Avondale, Piedmont, Groveland, Mount Hope, Barney River Station, Lower Barney River, Kenzieville
4 Barney River poll district, Rossfield, Smithfield, Broadway, Marshy Hope, Kenzieville, Riverside, Mount Adam, Mayfield, Marsh, Garden of Eden, Barney River Station
5 Big Island poll district
6 Bridgeville poll district, Millstream, Centredale, Bridgeville Village, St. Pauls, Springville
7 Bridgeville poll district, Irish Mount, Springville, St. Pauls, Caromonie, Island East River
8 Cape John poll district, Welsford, Hedgeville, Westerly, Sea Foam, Back Shore, River John, East River John, Upper River John
9 Caribou poll district, Bay View, Waterside, Three Brooks, Mill Bank, Central Caribou
10 Caribou River poll district, Scotch Hill, Three Brooks, Caribou Island, Caribou River, Waterside, Cape John Road
11 Churchville poll district, Plymouth, Mountville, Fishpools, New Glasgow
12 Dalhousie poll district, Four Mile Brook, Six Mile Brook, Millsville, Rogers Hill, Scotsburn, Elmfield, Meadowville, Plainsfield, Minto, Royal Centre, West Branch, Upper Scotsburn, Diamond
13 East River St. Marys poll district, Greenbrook, Willowdale, Birchbrook, Newtown
14 Ferrona poll district, Eureka Village, Ferrona Village, Island Road
15 Fisher Grant poll district
16 Garden of Eden poll district, Moose River, Blue Mountain, Woodfield, Rocky Mountain, Eden Lake, Middle Barney River, Sutherland Mountain, McGrath Mountain
17 Greenhill poll district, West River, Durham, Sylvester, Loch Brown, Alma
18 Hardwood Hill poll district, Scotsburn, Durham, Lyons Brook, West River Road, Meadowville, Scotch Hill, Rogers Hill, Popular Hill, Haliburton, Sunbridge
19 Hopewell poll district, Fox Brook, Riverton
20 Little Harbour poll district, Chance Harbour, Black Point, Sutherland Road, Pine Tree, Woodburn, Kings Head, Trenton
21 Lorne poll district, Elgin, Centredale, Glengarry, Marshdale, Hopewell, Trafalgar
22 McLellan Mountain poll district, McPhersons Mills, Greenvale, Brookville, Blanchard, Kirkmount, South McLellan Mountain
23 Merigomish poll district, Brownville, Piedmont, Broadway, French River, West Merigomish, Telford, Sutherlands River
24 Middle River poll district, White Hill, Burnside, Pleasant Valley, Union Centre, Fox Brook, Rocklin, Lansdowne, Glengarry, Alma, Concord
25 Mill Brook poll district, Alma, Green Hill, Pleasant Valley, Lime Rock, Salt Spring, Watervale, Lonat, New Garloch, Burnside
26 Mount Thom poll district, Salt Springs, West River, Stillman, Six Mile Brook, Brookland, Watervale, West River Station, West River, Eight Mile Brook
27 New Larig poll district, Lansdown, West River, Guerloch, West River Station
28 Pictou Island
29 River John poll district, Welsford, Village Grant, Brook Road, Mountain Road, McNable Road, Wilson Road
30 River John poll district
31 River John West Branch poll district, Plainfield, Minto, Royal Centre, West Branch, Loganville, Diamond, South Dalhousie, Dalhousie Settlement, Murray Field
32 Stellarton
33 Stellarton
34 Sunny Brae poll district, St. Pauls, Sunny Brae Village, Iron Orr, Blanchard, Cummings Mount, Kerrowgare
35 McLellans Brook poll district, Thorburn Village, Kirkmount, Coalburn, McPherson Mills
36 Thorburn
37 Toney River poll district, Hodson, Hedgeville, Meadowville, Caribou River, Seafoam, Toney Mills, Sandridge
38 Trenton Town, Fraser Mountain, Clondack, Big Gut
39 Trenton Town, Fraser Mountain, Vale Road, Linacy, Coal Brook, Pine Tree
40 Wentworth Grant poll district, McGraths Mountain, Blue Mountain, Meiklefield, Telford, French River, Broadway, Woodfield
41 Westville
42 Westville
43 Westville
44 Westville
45 Westville
46 New Glasgow - Ward 1
47 New Glasgow
48 New Glasgow
49 New Glasgow
50 New Glasgow
51 Pictou
52 Pictou
53 Pictou
54 Pictou
55 Pictou
56 Indian Reserve, Indian Cove, Indian Island, Alma, Pictou Landing


District: 51 – Richmond

Sub-District Num​ber  Sub-District Name and Description
1 Arichat
2 East Arichat, Rocky Bay, Pondville, Cape Augnet
3 West Arichat, Port Royal Village, Ganvrins Harbour
4 West Bay - Black River, The Points
5 Descousse - Poulamon Village, Descousse Village, Martinique, Poulamon Road
6 Descousse - Poirierville, Cape Larande, Rocky Bay
7 Framboise - Fourchu
8 Grand River - St. Esprit, Fergusons Lake, L'Archevêque, Lewis Cove Road, Loch Lomond, Grand River Falls
9 L'Ardoise - Point Michaud
10 Loch Lomond - missing
11 Petite de Grat - Little Anse
12 Red Islands - Big Cove, Indian Reserves, Irish Cove, Rear Irish Cove, Rear Hay Cove, Little Lake, Hay Cove and Johnstown, Big Point, Point McNabs
13 River Bourgeois - Thibeauville, Seaview, Balmoral, Cannes, Grandique
14 Rockdale - missing
15 St. Peters - Sampsonville, McKays Corner, Roberta, Cape George Harbour, Seaview, Oban, Grand Greve, Carters Cove, Lynche River, Barra Head
16 Hawkesbury - Louisdale Village, Walkerville, Whiteside, Kempt Road, Grantville, Cleveland, Evanston, Port Richmond, Lower River Inhabitants
17 Hawkesburry - Port Malcolm Village, Sunnyside, Cleveland, Point Tupper Village, Port Richmond, Melville, McIntyres Lake, Grantville


District: 52 – Shelburne and Queens

Sub-District Number  ​ Sub-District Name and Description
1 Barrington Passage
2 Barrington - Oak Park, Villagedale
3 Cape Negro - Cape Negro Village, Blanche, Reynoldscroft
4 Gunning Cove - Harts Point, Birchtown, Church Over, Beaverdam
5 Clark's Harbour - South Side, Lower Clark's Harbour, The Hawk, Cape Sable
6 Centreville - Newellton, Stoney Island, Clam Point
7 Clark's Harbour - West Head
8 Clyde, part - Port Saxon, Port Clyde, part
9 Clyde, part - Port Clyde, part, Clyde River, Middle Clyde, Boydtown
10 Green Harbour - Allendale, Lydgate, Lockeport, East Jordan, West Green Harbour, East Green Harbour, West Head, Osborne, Canada Hill, Pleasant Point
11 Jordan Bay - Jordan Ferry
12 Jordan Falls - Jordan Falls Village, Jordan Branch, East Jordan
13 Lewis Head - Big Port Hebert, Little Port Hebert, East Sable, West Middle Sable, Rockland, East Ragged Islands, Little Harbour
14 Black Point - Red Head, Round Bay, Northeast Harbour, Northwest Harbour
15 Ohio - Upper Ohio, Middle Ohio, Lower Ohio, Welshtown, Upper Clyde
16 Port La Tour - Smithsville, East Baccaro, Baccaro, Upper Port La Tour
17 Roseway - Carleton, McNutts Island
18 Sable River - Sable River Village Indian Settlement
19 Sandy Point
20 Shag Harbour - Bear Point, Atwoods Brook, Lower Shag Harbour
21 Woods Harbour - Charlesville, Upper Wood Harbour, West Wood Harbour
22 Lockeport
23 Shelburne
24 Brookfield - Pleasant River, Molega, Westfield, Brookfield Mines
25 Brooklyn
26 Caledonia - South Brookfield, Hibernia, Central Caledonia, West Caledonia, Devonshire and Whiteburn
27 Eagle Head - West Berlin, East Berlin, Beach Meadows
28 Greenfield - Bangs Falls, Wellington, Buckfield, Middlefield, Molega
29 Hunts Point - Summerville, White Point, Gull Islands, Beach Hill Farms
30 Kempt - New Grafton, Harmony
31 Mill Village - Charleston, Danesville
32 Milton East
33 Milton West
34 Port Medway West - Long Cove
35 Port Medway East
36 Port Mouton West - Port Joli, Port Hebert, Lower Port Joli, West Port Joli, Little Hope Island
37 Port Mouton East - Southwest Port Mouton, Mouton Island, Port Mouton Centre, Port Mouton North
38 Western Head - Black Point, Moose Harbour
39 Liverpool
40 Liverpool
41 Liverpool


District: 53 – Yarmouth

Sub​-District Number Sub-District Name and Description
1 Arcadia - Melbourne, Brooklyn, Greenville, Pleasant Lake, Summerville, Pinckneys Point
2 Argyle - Lower Argyle, Centre Argyle, Argyle Head, Glenwood
3 Belleville, Quinan - South Belleville, North Belleville, Bell Neck, Springhaven, West Quinan, East Quinan, Gavelton
4 Carleton - Kemptville, Forest Glen, Pleasant Valley, Deerfield, Gardners Mills
5 Chegoggin - Dayton, Lakeside, Pembroke Village, Overton Village, Yarmouth Bar Village, Markland Village
6 Eel Brook - Lower Eel Brook, Abram River, Abram Village
7 Tusket Lake - Pleasant Valley, Raynardton, Canaan, South Canaan, East Carleton, Summerville, Pleasant Lake, Tusket Falls, Raynard Bridge and Gavelton
8 Hebron - Wellington, Shoal Beach, Sandford
9 Islands - Surette Island, Morris Island
10 Kemptville
11 Ohio - Brenton, Brazil Lake, Lake Annis, Lake George, Salmon River, Norwood, Deerfield
12 Port Maitland - Lake George, Woodstock, Beaver River, Darling Lake, Richmond, Cedar Lake, Short Beach
13 Plymouth - Little River Harbour, Comeaus Hill Village, Plymouth Village, Little River Harbour Village, Deep Cove Island, Spectacle Island, Ellenwood Island, Pease Island, Harry's Island, Dog Island, Turpentine Island, Mud Island, Candle Box Island
14 Pubnico East
15 Pubnico Head - East Pubnico, Argyle Sound, Pubnico Lake
16 Pubnico West - Lower Pubnico West, Middle Pubnico West
17 Rockville - Cheboque Point, Central Cheboque, Salem, Sand Beach, Kelleys Cove
18 Tusket - Sluice Point, Amirault Hill, Tusket Village, Pleasant Lake
19 Wedgeport
20 Yarmouth
21 Yarmouth
22 Yarmouth
23 Yarmouth
24 Yarmouth
25 Yarmouth Indian Reserve
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