Signatures: The Magazine of Library and Archives Canada

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Signatures: The Magazine of Library and Archives Canada
seeks to make known and interpret the living cultural, civic, and historical record of Canada as reflected in its documentary heritage. Written and produced by the staff of Library and Archives Canada (LAC)—including librarians, archivists, conservators, curators, and many other specialists.

Signatures provides a behind-the-scenes look at our treasures and the technical expertise involved in acquiring, preserving, and supporting access to our shared history.

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Signatures is published twice a year, both in print and online.

Regular features

  • "Life at Library and Archives Canada" profiling unique jobs at LAC;
  • "Collection Spotlight" with annotated images from LAC's collections
  • "LAC Perspectives" featuring brief items on LAC's activities across Canada.

Previous issues

Cover image of Signatures, Fall/Winter 2016
Signatures, Fall/Winter 2016 [PDF 9 MB]

Cover image of Signatures, Spring / Summer 2016
Signatures, Spring/Summer 2016 [PDF 5 MB]

Cover image with close-up of the Secret bench of Knowledge statue
Signatures, Fall/Winter 2015 [PDF 9 MB]

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