Live Chat on Twitter #AskALibrarian

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Live Chat on Twitter #AskALibrarian
English and French
Friday, October 19, 2018
1:30–2:30 p.m. EDT
@LibraryArchives (English) and @BiblioArchives (French)

October is Canadian Library Month: a time to celebrate libraries, as well as librarians, library technicians and library staff across the country. In recognition of Canadian Library Month and Canadian Library Workers' Day (October 19), Library and Archives Canada is hosting a Twitter Live Chat on Friday, October 19, 2018. This event will allow Canadians to reach out and create a dialogue with some of Library and Archives Canada's very own library professionals.

Experts will be available to answer any questions you may have about our work and our extensive literary collection!

Join the live discussion by using and following @LibraryArchives and the hashtag #AskALibrarian.

Twitter Live Chat participation guidelines

Library and Archives Canada's Social Media Terms of Use will be followed during this Twitter Live Chat. Please familiarize yourself with them before participating.

  1. During the Live Chat, Library and Archives Canada will only answer questions pertinent to the work and services offered by our librarians.
  2. Replies will be posted in the same official language as the original question. Tweets will not be duplicated in the other official language. For those seeking translation of a specific tweet, you may send a request to
  3. For security reasons, we ask that you not provide any personal information during the Live Chat. This includes any information that can identify you, such as a phone number, address or email.
  4. Depending on the volume and complexity of questions received, Library and Archives Canada may not be able to respond to all questions.
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