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Heroes of the Home Front: Bell Features Artists of WWII. Ivan Kocmarek. Hamilton: North End Books, 2018.

Heroes of the Home Front: Bell Features Artists of WWII. Ivan Kocmarek. Hamilton: North End Books, 2018.

Below is a selection of publications that we have recently received mostly through the Legal Deposit program.

It includes books, sheet music, sound recordings, documentaries, films, audiovisual recordings, journals and other serials, and theses in analogue and digital format.


Summer 2019

Been Hoping We Might Meet Again: The Letters of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Marshall McLuhan. Elaine Kahn, ed. Toronto: Novalis, 2019.

(OCLC 1080211654)

Marshall McLuhan and Pierre Elliott Trudeau were two of 20th-century Canada’s most important public intellectuals. This collection of their entire correspondence, from 1968 to 1980, provides insight into their unique friendship and a crucial era in Canadian history.

Heroes of the Home Front: Bell Features Artists of WWII. Ivan Kocmarek. Hamilton: North End Books, 2018.

(OCLC 1084345378) The book recounts an era when Canada banned American comics during the Second World War, which led to a publishing environment perfect for creating and reading homegrown Canadian comics. One of these new publishers was Bell Features, responsible for Nelvana of the Northern Lights, the first Canadian superheroine.

Law’s Indigenous Ethics. John Borrows. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2019.

(OCLC 1065975471)

Law’s Indigenous Ethics examines how Indigenous law can shed light on Canadian legal approaches to treaties, Aboriginal title, judicial education and the continuing legacy of residential schools. The book is based on seven teachings of the Anishinaabe grandmother/grandfather: love, truth, bravery, humility, wisdom, honesty and respect.

Le soleil et ses fleurs. Rupi Kaur. Lori Saint-Martin and Paul Gagné, trans. Laval, Quebec: Guy Saint-Jean, 2019.

(OCLC 1086310971 ) This translation into French of Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and Her Flowers touches on themes of growth, healing, expatriation, respect for our roots and the search for inner peace. The collection is illustrated by the author.

Nous sommes Télé-Québécois. Danielle Stanton. Montréal: les Éditions La Presse, 2018.

(OCLC 1062949173)

Nous sommes Télé-Québécois is a history of public television in Quebec. Told in a series of stories and memories by personalities and fans, it celebrates a cultural and educational institution, Télé-Québec.

Usages autochtones des plantes médicinales du Québec, Les fleurs (vol. 4). Isabelle Kun-Nipiu Falardeau. Montcalm, Quebec: Éditions La Métisse, 2015–2018.

(OCLC 955602275 )

The culmination of 15 years of research, the main difference between this book and others on the same subject is the sharing of practical rather than theoretical knowledge. Isabelle Kun-Nipiu Falardeau teaches how to make remedies, explains traditional methods and offers the teachings of the elders who kindly showed her their ancestral knowledge.

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