New acquisitions - archives: Complete list

Below is a complete listing of all of the archives that we have recently acquired.

These records will be available for consultation once they have been processed and described.

Some of the acquisitions are accruals or additions to existing fonds.

Please see New acquisitions - archives: Highlights to consult a brief description of selected archives that we have  recently received.

Fall 2017

Acquisition Status Archival Reference Number MIKAN
John Olson fonds New R15893 4953131
Sir Byron Edmund Walker [single item] New R15920 4976265
H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent and H.R.H. Princess Alexandra Commemorative Album  New R15901 4970203
Mary Riter Hamilton collection Accrual R5966 181825
Daylight On Mars Pictures fonds  New R15915 4975676
Chronicle Pictures Inc. fonds  New R15916 4975678
Gold Star Productions Inc. fonds  Accrual R15460 4725581
South Creek Pictures fonds  Accrual R14473 4542858
Pope Productions Ltd. fonds  Accrual R14217 4469246
Christie Street Creative Inc. fonds  New R15918 4976196
Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc. fonds  Accrual R10293 200637
Prairie Cat Productions Inc. fonds  New R15921 4976291
Jean-Pierre Wallot fonds Accrual R8343 188495
Marshall Rothstein fonds New R15870 4946530
Elmer A. Driedger fonds Accrual R4358 106676
Arthur R. Menzies fonds New R15615 4871591
France Daigle fonds Accrual R12025 4948349
François Gravel fonds New BAN 2017-00077-9  4947510
Robert C. Turner fonds Accrual R14391 4955227
Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs fonds Accrual R2804 100122
Georges C. Laurence fonds New BAN 2017-00110-4 4956870
Jean-François Lépine fonds New R15927 4951400
Andrew Audubon Merrilees fonds Accrual R5500 4939271

Summer 2017

Acquisition Status Archival Reference No. MIKAN
Painted House Films Inc. fonds New R15806 4938859
Baliverna Films Inc. fonds Accrual R11085 211075
Les Productions Unité Centrale fonds Accrual R14657 4606972
Zone3 Inc. fonds Accrual R11973 3688786
Helen Roberta Fitzgerald fonds New R15807 4938873
171st Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force [graphic material] New R15850 4944300
Alyson Richards Productions fonds New R15815 4939054
Cambium Catalyst International Corporation fonds Accrual R12958 3921860
Aetios Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R12003 3692477
Buck Productions fonds Accrual R13827 4073276
pUNK Films Inc. fonds Accrual R13698 4029238
Sons of Manual Inc. fonds New R15821 4939227
Goodbye Productions fonds New R15822 4939258
Hollow In The Land Pictures Inc. fonds New R15831 4939362
Écho Média fonds New R15832 4939366
Les Films Outsiders Inc. fonds Accrual R15573 4846750
N5 Pictures Inc. fonds Accrual R13950 4169221
Julijette Inc. fonds Accrual R14470 4542668
Robert Semeniuk fonds Accrual R12446 3804058
Lana Slezic fonds New R15848 4944079
Blimp Télé Inc. fonds New R15857 4945636
Oskar Morawetz fonds Accrual R4538 4948388
Percival Price fonds Accrual R14329 4948386
Thomas King fonds New BAN 2017-00084-1 4948418
Tom Lavin and The Legendary Powder Blues fonds New BAN 2017-00081-7 4948380
Roger Girard (Rogé) fonds New BAN 2017-00072-8 4946608
Herb Gray fonds Accrual R14567 27223; 28508; 161093; 181127
Jack Donohue fonds New R15842 4941963
Canadian Cycling Association fonds New R5212 100010

Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Acquisiton Accrual Archival Reference No. MIKAN No.
9343679 Canada Inc. fonds New R15762 4930844
Acqua Film Inc. fonds New R15759 4930647
American Bank Note Company fonds Accrual R5314 178515
Away Films Inc. fonds New R15763 4931689
Canadian Historical Association Accrual R6802 97719
Cinemanovel Films Inc. fonds Accrual R13124 3940836
Couzin Films Inc. Fonds Accrual R11059 210881
Dominic Bugatto fonds New R15754 4930474
Eagle Vision Inc. fonds Accrual R11691 3671040
First Round Productions Inc. fonds New R15741 4929282
Grassfire Films Inc. fonds New R15766 4931748
High Definition Pictures Inc. fonds New R15743 4929312
Holdfast Pictures Inc. fonds New R15761 4930826
Hubert Bédard fonds New 4933309
Independent Edge Films Inc. fonds Accrual R13826 4073249
Jean Milner New R15769 4932064
Lithium Studios Productions fonds New R15758 4930606
Maliseet Fury Pictures Inc. fonds New R15744 4929321
Manifold Pictures Inc. fonds New R15742 4929303
Margaret Jane Kohr collection New R15659 4914746
Margot Trevelyan fonds New
Marie Anne Idola Farant fonds New R15737 4929184
Prospector Films fonds Accrual R15484 4748138
Serendipity Point Films Inc. fonds Accrual R10958 207002
Shaftesbury Films Inc. fonds Accrual R10829 204577
Sienna Films fonds Accrual R8466 188746
Trinity Works Entertainment New R15746 4929625
William J. Stapleton fonds Accrual R10961 207120
9289 7081 Québec Inc. Fonds New R15739 4929208
Albert Chartier fonds Accrual R12450 3805291

Fall 2016

Acquisiton Accrual Archival Reference No. MIKAN No.
Fonds Buffalo Gal Pictures inc. Accrual R10293 200637
Industries et ressources naturelles du Canada et de Terre-Neuve. [document cartographique] New R15727 4922122
Fonds Canada Wild Productions ltée Accrual R8317 188339
Fonds Charles J.G. Verge Accrual R4618 164289
Fonds Douglas Sneyd Accrual R3254 161124
Fonds Drift Productions inc. New R15664 4915733
Fonds Film Forge Productions inc. New R15662 4915714
Fonds Hamilton-Mehta Productions inc. Accrual R12614 3828050
Fonds Karaman Productions inc. New R15667 4916071
Collection Pegi Nicol MacLeod New R12985 4913829
Portrait d'Helen Gardiner [document iconographique] New R15683 4921645
Fonds The Space Between Productions inc. New R15669 4916143
Fonds Christal Films Productions inc. Accrual R11074 210917
Fonds Corporation de Développement et de Production ACPAV inc. Accrual R10967 207884
Fonds Les Films de l'Autre inc. Accrual R13788 4064181
Fonds Metafilms inc. Accrual R14053 4274376
Fonds Possibles Média Accrual R15660 4914767
Fonds Productions Caramel Film inc. Accrual R13074 3933325
Fonds Polysar Accrual R14901 135658
Fonds Léopold Simoneau et Pierrette Alarie Accrual R12381 4923341

Summer 2016

Acquisiton Status Archival Reference No. MIKAN No.
Allan King fonds Accrual R5455 106896
Rhombus Media Inc. fonds Accrual R8389 188593
Leader Media Productions Ltd. fonds Accrual R8572 188916
Coopérative de Production Vidéoscopique de Montréal fonds Accrual R10287 200623
Go Films Inc. fonds Accrual R10290 200629
Joanna Simpson Wilson fonds Accrual R10739 203968
New Real Films fonds Accrual R12170 3713260
Sepia Films Ltd. fonds Accrual R12189 3718642
Martin Weinhold collection Accrual R12738 3842562
Arnait Video Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R12794 3854772
Big Soul Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R12878 3919222
Louie Palu collection Accrual R13041 3932104
Productions Caramel Film Inc. fonds Accrual R13074 3933325
Yves Baril fonds Accrual R13163 3950779
Les Films de l'Autre Inc. fonds Accrual R13788 4064181
Les Productions Kinesis Inc. fonds Accrual R13860 4090358
Suki Films Inc. fonds Accrual R13868 4097339
Les Productions Slalom Inc. fonds Accrual R13909 4118802
Cecil-Ross Society fonds Accrual R13973 4193461
Carpe Diem Film & TV Inc. fonds Accrual R13974 4193467
Six Island Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R13999 4207077
Bunbury Films Inc. fonds Accrual R14098 4307651
Storyline Entertainment fonds Accrual R14197 4453831
Neophyte Productions fonds Accrual R14868 4620271
No Trace Camping Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R15377 4676557
Shut Up and Deal Films Inc. fonds New R15587 4856535
Federgreen Entertainment Inc. fonds New R15588 4860142
Colonelle films Inc. fonds New R15589 4866852
Jenkinson Goode Productions fonds New R15591 4868345
Brancseater Productions Inc. fonds New R15593 4868390
Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 1847. Published by James Dawson, Pictou, NS. New R15595 4869145
Freddie Films Inc. fonds New R15596 4869150
John Lambly atlas, 1818. The ballast ground at Quebec City [cartographic material, graphic material, architectural drawing]. New R15597 4869121
TimeLapse Pictures fonds New R15598 4869206
Voyelles Films Productions Inc. fonds New R15599 4870656
Periscope Pictures Inc. fonds New R15601 4870741
Kemistry Films fonds New R15607 4871325
Maps of Upper and Lower Canada by James Wyld New R15608 4871326
Sexton & Son Productions Inc. fonds New R15609 4871435
Les Productions du moment Inc. fonds New R15610 4871449
YXY Productions Ltd. fonds New R15611 4871451
The Cutting Factory Inc. fonds New R15616 4873290
Motel Pictures Inc. fonds New R15629 4882105
North Country Cinema fonds New R15630 4882813
Nish Media Inc. fonds New R15631 4882823
Rusins Kaufmanis collection New R15643 4902455
David Wright fonds New R15644 4902568
Ralph Waechter fonds New R15632 4882851
Helen Mussallem fonds Accrual R8293 187250
The Steel Company of Canada (Stelco) fonds New R15513 4801595
Message written by Henry G. Bryant from the Peary Auxiliary Arctic Expedition New R15633 4890627
Frank Davies fonds New 4910774
Marie-Claire Blais fonds Accrual R11710 3671391
P. K. Page fonds Accrual R2411 98377
Frederick Harris Music Co. Ltd. New 4910775
Paul Almond fonds Accrual R4394 107125
Gail Scott fonds Accrual R11790 3672333
Pierre Juneau fonds Accrual R15542 4820573
Henry Mather Hare and family fonds Accrual R8241 186657
William Northey fonds New 4900174
Canadian Hunger Foundation fonds Accrual R3433 105636

Spring 2016

Acquisition Status Archival Reference No. Mikan No.
A Named Viking Inc. fonds New R15577 4847973
Alexander Gardner « Sandy » Watson fonds New 4842086
Alfred Lemay First Day Cover collection New R15570 4846344
Autumn Productions Inc. fonds New R15575 4846865
Ballistic Film Productions Inc. fonds New R15563 4843213
Betsy Warland fonds Accrual R11827 3673318
Canadian Television Fund fonds Accrual R11009 210598
Canadian Toy Testing Council fonds New R15555 4841458
Christal Films Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R11074 210917
Cinémaginaire Inc. fonds Accrual R9489 194159
Draper Street Films Ltd. fonds New R15584 4849084
EMA films fonds Accrual R13952 4169254
Gary Geddes fonds Accrual R11739 3671737
George Grant fonds Accrual R15561 4842092
George Pemberton and family Accrual R155545 4820618
InformAction Films Inc. fonds Accrual R9455 194111
International Council for Central and East European Studies fonds New
Jack Beaton fonds New R15515 4801868
Jennifer Dickson fonds Accrual R8315 185559
Les Films Outsiders Inc. fonds New R15573 4846750
Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti fonds Accrual R5335 179765
Lynn Johnston fonds Accrual R5714 180886
Made By Other People fonds New R15572 4846729
Manis Films Inc. fonds New R15557 4841871
Manteca fonds Accrual R15417 213051
A map of Cabotia; comprehending the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova-Scotia, with Breton Island, Newfoundland, and including adjacent parts of the United States [Single item] New R15586 4849203
Marilyn Bowering fonds New R15614 3721037
Michel Tremblay fonds Accrual R11821 3673147
Micro_scope Inc. fonds Accrual R12279 3726638
Microclimat Films Inc. fonds New R15578 4848067
Milton Winberg collection New R15583 4849006
Nicholas Goldschmidt fonds New R15536 206185
Rabbi Reuven Bulka fonds Accrual
Resonance Films Inc. fonds Accrual R14706 4609845
Rhombus Media Inc. fonds Accrual R8389 188593
Roo Borson and Kim Maltman fonds Accrual R12759 3847098
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. fonds Accrual R11079 210927
Scythia Films Inc. fonds New R15568 4846133
Second Chance Productions Inc. fonds New R15565 4844045
Silent H Productions Inc. fonds New R15560 4842054
The Steps Productions Inc. Fonds New R15581 4848150
Téléfiction Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R9486 194153
Trevor Ferguson fonds Accrual R11731 3671640
Zone3 Inc. Fonds Accrual R11973 3688786
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