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Fall 2017

Acquisition Status Archival Reference Number MIKAN
Margaret and John Stiles fonds New R15859 4945950
John Olson fonds New R15893 4953131
Georges Vermette fonds New R15895 4954326
H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent and H.R.H. Princess Alexandra Commemorative Album [single item] New R15901 4970203
Blimp Télé inc. fonds New R15857 4945636
John Vanderpant fonds  Accrual R2991 106633
Canadian Furniture Company collection  New R15847 4942992
Canadian Expeditionary Force, 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion [single item] New R11873 3677659
Marcel Pagé collection  New R13156 3950388
Blake McKendry collection  Accrual R11567 2120341
Lee Martin collection  New R10915 206149
Howard Popkie fonds  Accrual R2397 101673
Emery Obed Smith fonds New R10784 204266
Robert Barrow Caripeg Carnival collection  New R10633 203404
Panoramic photograph of the harbour at Shanghai, China, ca. 1930 [single item] New R11769 3672039
Hélène Dorion fonds Accrual R12362 3782791
Colbert Agency fonds Accrual R2841 4932031
Timothy Findley and William Whitehead fonds Accrual R4441 4939418
Orest Semchishen fonds  Accrual R10006 198954
Vincenzo Pietropaolo fonds  Accrual R11229 213273
Max & June Sauer Studio collection Accrual R11485 770558
Pierre Gaudard collection Accrual R15878 4946699
Tess Taconis fonds Accrual R15906 4970295
Mary F. Hawkins fonds Accrual R13012 4952704
Charlie Murphy collection New R15877 4946692
Thomas Molyneux Walker fonds New R629 138222
Jean Doré's composite photograph of the Gentlemen Ushers of the Black Rod [single item] New R3547 138272
Michel Lambeth fonds Accrual R5716 106952
Nicholas Smith collection New R645 138794
Mrs. W. Godfrey postcard [single item] New R3529 142471
Family of Margaret Carman and Peter Bowen collection Accrual R3443 161507
James Herbert Davidson fonds  New R2209 159476
C.W. Groeneveld collection  New R8174 185535
Karim Rholem fonds Accrual R5723 180659
Bishop Arthur Henry Sovereign fonds  Accrual R12862 3916791
Geoffrey Bruce collection  New R5756 181081
Ray Webber fonds  New R8101 184764
Indian procession at St. Mary's Mission, B.C. [single item] New R8158 185129
Major G.D. Thomas fonds Accrual R8214 186105
David Baird fonds  New R8235 186588
Various photographic prints of Montréal and Niagara collection New R8339 188484
Peter Waiser [single item] New R9403 193667
Canadian Industries Limited fonds New R15655 4914693
Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women fonds New R9440 194016
Canadian Abortion Rights Action League fonds Accrual R3420 98353
Doris H. Anderson fonds New R12700 3836055
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association fonds New R15671 4918195
Maurice Levy fonds New R11268 213961
Andrew Audubon Merrilees fonds Accrual R5500 102280

Summer 2017

Acquisition Status Archival Reference No. MIKAN
Robert Burley fonds New R15792 4936643
George Hunter fonds Accrual R13346 3983075
Monarda Stubblebine collection New R15868 4946270
Reginald Hinton Haskins collection New R7217 183395
Cable Public Affairs Channel fonds Accrual R9173 190618
Téléfiction Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R9486 194153
171st Overseas Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force [graphic material] New R15850 4944300
Danny Leong Unemployment Insurance Stamp collection New R15771 4932302
Helen Roberta Fitzgerald fonds New R15807 4938873
Joe Clark fonds Accrual R10206 107137
Léopold Simoneau and Pierrette Alarie fonds Accrual R12381 3793677
Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs fonds Accrual R2804 100122
Jean Milner fonds New R15769 4932064

Spring 2017

Winter 2017

Acquisiton Status Archival Reference No. MIKAN No.
A.C. Malloch collection New 1977-111 NPC 3535202
An elucidation of the three positions of the raft of Philemon Wright and sons on the Upper Canada side of the Ottawa [Map of the Ottawa River showing the Township of Nepean in Upper Canada and the Township of Hull in Lower Canada] [Cartographic material] New R12746 3844835
Anne Acland collection New R12077 3704624
Canadian Television Fund fonds Accrual R11009 210598
Dominic Bugatto fonds New R15754 4930474
Edgar Cowan collection New R12155 3709977
Frederick James Thorpe fonds Accrual R10591 203156
J.R. Warren collection New R15749 4929933
Jack McLaren collection Accrual R12152 3709941
Jean McJanet fonds New R14064 4277062
Louie Palu fonds Accrual R13041 3932104
Madge Macbeth fonds Accrual R2057 103551
Madison Sale fonds New R13174 3708613
Margaret Jane Kohr collection New R15659 4914746
Mary Aileen Mason fonds Accrual R5518 179649
Michel Picard fonds New R12051 3698597
Patrick C. Fordyce collection New R15750 4929935
Robert Ragsdale fonds Accrual R10270 183954
Smith Marble and Construction Company of Montreal sample photograph album [Graphic material] New R12390 3794165
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Eastern Canada Region fonds New MG17-H1 106008
V.K. Prest collection New R15751 4929936
William J. Stapleton fonds Accrual R10961 207120
William Notman collection New R2790 160347
Anrá Médiatextes collection New R12437 3801678
Charles Gill collection Accrual R11563 2034230
Gérard Geoffrion collection Accrual R11889 3678534
Normand Hudon collection New R12137 3708113
Albert Dumouchel fonds Accrual R10111 199679
Éric Godin fonds New R11919 3679117
Guy Badeaux fonds Accrual R5791 181302

Fall 2016

Acquisiton Status Archival Reference no MIKAN No.
Adam Sherriff Scott collection Accrual R10488 202202
Adelaide Solomon fonds New R12419 3800337
Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey fonds Accrual R4689 105479
American Television recordings : off-air New R15672 4918236
Banger Films Inc. fonds New R15026 4628388
Brian Wood fonds New R13677 4027836
David Wright fonds New R15644 4902568
Film Forge Productions Inc. fonds New R15662 4915714
Hamilton-Mehta Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R12614 3828050
L'Amérique, dressée sur les N: observations faites en toutes les parties de la terre, rectifiée par les Mrs. de l'Académie royale des sciences, &c. : &c. [cartographic material: map of America] New R15602 4870804
Milton Winberg collection New R15583 4849006
North Country Cinema fonds New R15630 4882813
North Pole [print] New R14189 4441591
Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 1847. Published by James Dawson, Pictou, NS [cartographic material] New R15595 4869145
Ralph Greenhill collection Accrual R12495 3815630
Rhombus Media Inc. fonds Accrual R8389 188593
Second Chance Productions Inc. fonds New R15565 4844045
Sepia Films Ltd. fonds Accrual R12189 3718642
Storyline Entertainment fonds Accrual R14197 4453831
Tom Hillman collection Accrual R13160 3950529
Les Films de l'Autre Inc. fonds Accrual R13788 4064181
Possibles Média fonds New R15660 4914767

Summer 2016

Acquisiton Status Archival Reference No. Mikan No.
Rhombus Media Inc. fonds Accrual R8389 188593
Leader Media Productions Ltd. fonds Accrual R8572 188916
InformAction Films Inc. fonds Accrual R9455 194111
Cinémaginaire inc. fonds Accrual R9489 194159
Canadian Television Fund fonds Accrual R11009 210598
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. fonds Accrual R11079 210927
Zone3 Inc. fonds Accrual R11973 3688786
Maxwell M. Kalman fonds Accrual R12537 3822153
Arnait Video Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R12794 3854772
Big Soul Productions Inc. Accrual R12878 3919222
Jean-Louis Roy fonds New R1006 155622
Suki Films Inc. fonds Accrual R13868 4097339
Les Productions Slalom Inc. fonds Accrual R13909 4118802
EMA films fonds Accrual R13952 4169254
Resonance Films Inc. fonds Accrual R14706 4609845
Neophyte Productions fonds Accrual R14868 4620271
No Trace Camping Productions Inc. fonds Accrual R15377 4676557
Don Carmody Productions Inc. fonds New R15554 4823257
Manis Films Inc. fonds New R15557 4841871
Ballistic Film Productions Inc. fonds New R15563 4843213
Plan of the MacArthur Estate, Carleton Place, Ontario. Surveyed and drawn for the proprietors in May 1888 by J.M.O. Cromwell, provincial land surveyor. New R15574 4846754
Autumn Productions Inc. fonds New R15575 4846865
InformAction Films Inc. Fonds New R15577 4847973
Microclimat Films Inc. fonds New R15578 4848067
The Steps Productions Inc. fonds New R15581 4848150
Draper Street Films Ltd. fonds New R15584 4849084
A map of Cabotia; comprehending the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova-Scotia, with Breton Island, Newfoundland, &c. And including, also, the adjacent parts of the United States. New R15586 4849203
Shut Up and Deal Films Inc. fonds New R15587 4856535
Federgreen Entertainment Inc. fonds New R15588 4860142
Jenkinson Goode Productions fonds New R15591 4868345
Brancseater Productions Inc. fonds New R15593 4868390
Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. 1847. Published by James Dawson, Pictou, NS. New R15595 4869145
Freddie Films Inc. fonds New R15596 4869150
[John Lambly atlas, 1818] The ballast ground at Québec [...] New R15597 4869121
TimeLapse Pictures fonds New R15598 4869206
Voyelles Films Productions Inc. Fonds New R15599 4870656
Periscope Pictures Inc. fonds New R15601 4870741
America: a geographical map stemming from observations of every part of the land, as amended by the Académie royale des sciences et al. New R15602 4870804
Kemistry Films fonds New R15607 4871325
Maps of Upper and Lower Canada by James Wyld New R15608 4871326
Sexton & Son Productions Inc. fonds New R15609 4871435
Les Productions du moment Inc. fonds New R15610 4871449
YXY Productions Ltd. fonds New R15611 4871451
Map of the surrounding area of Louisbourg city proper, located south of Isle Royale, at 45 degrees, 50 minutes north, at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. By Mr. Boucher, Royal Engineer, Isle Royale. New R15612 4871489
Richard James Johnson fonds New R15613 4871588
The Cutting Factory Inc. fonds New R15616 4873290
Oscar Dunn: one photograph New R15645 3215179
Thomas d'Aquino fonds New R15526 4816192
Message written by Henry G. Bryant from the Peary Auxiliary Arctic Expedition. [textual record] New R15633 4890627
Michel Marc Bouchard fonds Accrual R14198 3721050
Rachel Wyatt fonds Accrual R11832 3673567
Health Council of Canada fonds New R15594 4868402
Collected works of George Grant New R15561 4842092
Robert Boyer Inch fonds Accrual R5338 102757

Spring 2016

Acquisition Status Archival Reference No. Mikan No.
Andritz Hydro fonds New R12329 3775891
Arthur Oliver Wheeler Survey Album fonds New R13097 3938045
Avrom Isaacs poster collection New R12870 3917887
David Trattles fonds Accrual R11277 214043
Down In The Valley Productions Inc. fonds New R15550 4821587
Eva Smith collection New R13079 3933521
Fake-A-Baby Productions Inc. fonds New R15543 4820576
St. Lawrence River represented in greater detail than the extent of the map (Map showing the St. Lawrence River from Cap-aux-Oies to Lake Ontario) [single item] New R15576 4846951
E2F Film 1 Inc. fonds New R15541 4820550
Jean Lafrance fonds New R12881 3919314
Les Productions l'Art Sali Inc. fonds New R15547 4820695
George Wilfred Broadhead fonds Accrual R9734 196070
Ian Whipple collection New R12981 3923057
James Scrimger fonds New R11879 3677829
Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada Accrual R15582 104906
Lucie Lambert fonds Accrual R11762 3671984
Metafilms Inc. fonds Accrual R14053 4274376
Perley G. Keyes fonds Accrual R7477 102733
R.J. Peters [discrete item] New R12934 3919966
René Lévesque [single item] New R13010 3930357
Roy Carless fonds Accrual R9359 192826
Ryan Swain Family fonds New R13144 3946720
S.N.A.P. Films Inc. fonds New R15544 4820589
Selwyn family fonds New R13213 3962886
Serendipity Point Films Inc. fonds Accrual R10958 207002
Sir John A. Macdonald [single item] New R15558 4841922
Stephen Chatman fonds Accrual R13702 3683078
Sterling Demchinsky fonds New R13154 3948915
Tobie Steinhouse fonds New R11208 212518
View from McCulloch Road in Kelowna, BC of the approaching Okanagan Mountain forest fire of 2003 [single item] New R10950 206922
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