Overview of the Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Forum

The network will be defined collectively by its members. The following text represents one possible approach to the development of the network, as proposed by Library and Archives Canada.
Goals proposed for the network
In a digital age, the network will enable:
  • the collaborative acquisition, management, preservation and access to a relevant, coherent and sustainable documentary heritage resources
  • the transformation of processes to effectively carry out shared or common functions
  • more effective and efficient capacity to build Canada’s documentary heritage

Roles proposed for the network
The network is a mechanism which enables deliberation and collaboration among documentary heritage stakeholders; it will:

  • serve as a forum for the development of collective strategies for acquisition, preservation and resource discovery that enable coherent action within the context of individual mandates
  • provide support for the definition and execution of short or long term projects undertaken by varying consortia of documentary heritage stakeholders
  • facilitate communication among documentary heritage stakeholders to create enhanced relationships between institutions and organizations

How the network operates

  • participation in the network is open to all organizations and institutions
  • coalition of the willing
  • the network is committed to national outcomes to the benefit of all Canadians
  • the network uses the relative strengths of members to maximize results
  • the network will implement mechanisms and tools to support collective action

Initiatives for the attention of stakeholders

  • create a pan-Canadian collaborative approach through an acquisition marketplace
  • improve management of analogue collections through cooperation and rationalization
  • ensure digital preservation through the creation of a TDR network
  • enhance resource discovery through new collaborative models for metadata
  • investigate how we can build a pan-Canadian documentary heritage network

Role for LAC within the network

  • acts as a catalyst to build the network
  • leads certain initiatives, participates or enables others
  • provides long-term commitment
  • engages in peer-to-peer activities