Final Agenda - November 2011

On November 24, 2011, more than 70 participants from across Canada, representing the documentary heritage community, met to discuss the direction of a Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network. This is the agenda, and we will soon be posting minutes from this and previous forums.
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Delta Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street, Ottawa, ON
Setting de Course for Information Resources for Canada 2017
Richelieu-Frontenac Room


8:15 a.m.: Continental Breakfast and Registration
8:30 a.m.: Introduction
Daniel Normandeau, Facilitator ConversArt Consulting

A.  Reconfirming Our Common Purpose

Objective: To develop a shared understanding of the context in which we find ourselves and what it means for us.
8:35 a.m.: Opening Remarks
Daniel J. Caron, Deputy Head and Librarian and Archivist of Canada
  • Context
  • Meeting Objectives
8:50 a.m.: Review of the Agenda and Participant Engagement

B.  The Shifting Landscape for Our Work with Information Resources

Objective: To develop a shared understanding of the context in which we find ourselves and what it means for us.
9:15 a.m.:  Keynote Presentation
Barry Wellman, Director, NetLab, University of Toronto, S.D. Clark Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
9:45 a.m.: Plenary Exchange: Open Forum / Questions and Answers
10:30 a.m.: Health Break (and sign-up for afternoon Break-Out Groups)
11 a.m.: Plenary Session (Table Discussion): Sharing the Context that is Shaping Our Work
  • In this emerging landscape what key challenges and opportunities do we face? What gaps do you see?
  • In the context of work we have done already, how should we respond to these key challenges and opportunities and what should our communities explore together?
11:45 a.m.: Plenary Session: Harvesting Key Insights and Ideas
12 p.m.: Lunch

C.  Moving Forward on Our Collaborative Work

Objective: To review progress to date on joint initiatives and discuss how we might further our work.
Objective: To identify the steps we need to take to equip our institutions and organizations for the future needs of Canadians.
1 p.m.: Plenary Session: Key Achievements to-date on Initiatives - Making Progress Visible
  • Short presentations of key achievements to date by Academic Forum and Five Stakeholder Forum Initiatives
1:30 p.m.: Break-Out Groups
  • Academic Forum: Core Curriculum for a Digital Information World (Capitale Room)
  • Stakeholders Forum - Five Initiatives Working Groups: Acquisition Marketplace, TDR Collaboration Group, Analogue Initiative, Resource Discovery, And Pan-Canadian Documentary Heritage Network (Laurentian, Bytowne, Seigniory, and York Rooms)
  • Information Management (IM) and Record Keeping (RK): Challenges of RK in a Digital Information World (Joliet Room)
3 p.m.: Health Break

D.  Conclusion

Richelieu-Frontenac Room
3:15 p.m.:  Final Plenary: Key Issues to Tackle
Daniel Normandeau
  • The key idea coming out of your discussion that we all need to hear
3:45 p.m.: The Way Forward
Daniel J. Caron
  • Next Steps
  • Key Messages from this Forum
  • Closing Observations on the Way Forward
4 p.m.: End of Forum