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    Western Treaty No. 6 - Articles of Treaty No. 6 Concluded between Her Majesty The Queen and The Plain & Wood Crees and other Tribes near Carlton and near Fort Pitt - IT 296.
    Hierarchical level:
    RG10. Volume/box number: 1847/IT296. Microfilm reel number: T-9940.
    Type of material:
    Textual material
    Found in:
    Archives / Collections and Fonds
    Subset of Collections and Fonds:
    Treaties, Surrenders and Agreements
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    Place of creation:
    10 sheets ; 44 x 56 cm (17-1/2" x 22").
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    Additional information:
    General Note:
    GAD Reference number: IT 296;
    Indian Affairs' consecutive no.: 157A
    Aboriginal people(s): Plain and Wood Cree and the other Tribes of Indians;
    Aboriginal individual(s): Chiefs Mistowasis, Ah-tuh-ukkoop, Pee-yahn-kah-mihk-oo-sit, Ah-yah-tas-kum-ik-im-um, Kee-too-wa-haw, Cha-kas-ta-pay-sin, John Smith, James Smith, Chip-ee-wayan, Wah-wee-kah-nickkah-oo-tah-mah-hote, Kah-mee-yis-too-way-sit, Kah-pay-yuk-wahsk-oo-num, See-see-kwahn-is, Wee-kas-koo-kee-say-yin, Pee-yas-ee-wah-kah-we-cha-koot, James Seenum, Oo-nah-tah-mee-nah-hoos, See-kahs-kootch, Tus-tuk-ee-shwahs, Pee-way-sis, Kee-ye-win, Kin-oo-say-oo and others;
    Other party(ies): Commissioners Hon. Alexander Morris, Lt. Gov., Hon. James McKay and Hon. William Joseph Christie for Queen Victoria.
    Type of Document: Treaty involving extinguishment of aboriginal title and surrender of land. Docket title: "Articles of Treaty No. 6 Concluded between Her Majesty The Queen and The Plain & Wood Crees and other Tribes near Carlton and near Fort Pitt".
    Specific purpose(s): Surrender of land in consideration of reserves to be set aside in proportion to 1 square mile to a family of 5, a one time payment of $12 per person, maintenance of schools, annual payments, hunting and fishing rights, etc. - See document.
    Land involved: 121,000 square miles covering the central areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta - See document.
    Form: Manuscript original
    Source of title:
    Alternative designation: title supplied from contents.
    Physical description note:
    --1 red wax seal; 1 wide blue ribbon tied in a bow; rectangular shaped piece of paper and cloth material with the ribbon and seal fixed upon it and located on the upper left corner of page 1 possibly used to bind sheets together.
    Physical condition note:
    --tissue-laminated; edges dirty, torn and with small pieces missing; 2 straight parallel holes in each sheet possibly used in binding sheets with the ribbon; page 19 has the upper left corner missing; it also has the title of document on it; possibly this sheet was previously the first/top sheet and the wax seal, ribbon and binding material were fixed to it.
    Dates of creation note:
    Date: 1876/08/23 and 1976/08/28 and 1876/09/09
    Exhibitions note:
    Exhibition title: Protecting Rights in Canada, Venue: Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Manitoba; 2015.09.20 ¿ 2016.08.20 (first page with wax seal & ribbon only).

    Exhibition Title: Treasured Memories 5: A National Archives of Canada Exhibition. Curator: Michel Anne Crawley, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 2001.01.22 ¿ 2001.11.12 (RG10 - Western Treaty No. 6 - IT 297)

    Exhibition title: Protecting Rights in Canada, Venue: Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, Manitoba; 2018.10.22 ¿ 2019.08.12
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    Indian Treaties and Surrenders (Coles¿ 1971 Reprint): Vol. II, pages 35-44.
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    Microfilm reel
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    Credit: Library and Archives of Canada
    Restriction on use: In order to protect the fragile originals, the microfilm copies or digitized images of these records must be consulted rather than the originals
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