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    Louis de la Chesnaye Audette fonds [textual record, graphic material, philatelic record].
    Hierarchical level:
    Fonds / Collection
    MG31-E18, MG55/23-No13, R1333-0-4-E.
    Accession number:
    61/138 NPM
    Type of material:
    Art, Photographs, Stamps & stamp products, Textual material
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    1686-1993, predominant 1939-1989.
    Place of creation:
    No place, unknown, or undetermined
    5.25 m of textual records and other material.
    368 photographs b&w, col.
    Language of material:
    Scope and content:
    Fonds consists of documents relating to Audette's military and civil service career, his volunteer work to help the disabled, and his personal life. The most significant documents are those which Audette accumulated while serving on the Mainguy Commission and on the Northwest Territories Council. Other civil and military service records are of a personal nature and reveal more about Audette then of his career. The records created during his association with charitable organizations consist almost entirely of administrative-related documentation.

    Fonds also consists of photographic material which depict events, activities, individuals and groups associated with the life and career of Louis de la Chesnaye Audette; art material includes numerous portraits of the Audette family.

    Fonds also contains philatelic material consistsing of a world-wide collection of nineteenth and twentieth century unused and cancelled postage and revenue stamps, miscellaneous postal covers and post cards.
    Creator / Provenance:
    Biography/Administrative history:
    Louis C. Audette est né à Ottawa en avril 1907. Par sa mère, Mary Grace Stuart, il est apparenté à la famille de Philippe Aubert de Gaspé ainsi qu'à celle du juge Sir Andrew Stuart. L. C. Audette a étudié à Ottawa (B.A. L. Ph., 1927) et à l'Université de Montréal (LL. B. 1931). Il fut admis au Barreau du Québec la même année et pratiqua le droit à Montréal chez Audette & O'Brien de 1931 à 1939.

    A cette date, il s'engagea dans la Marine canadienne, commandant quelques navires en Atlantique du nord et ailleurs. Il quitta le service actif en 1947 avec le rang de Commander (R).

    Après la guerre, il occupa de nombreuses charges publiques, à commencer par celle de premier Secrétaire au Département des Affaires extérieures de 1945 à 1947. Il fut par la suite commissaire, puis président de la Commission maritime canadienne (1947-1959). Il oeuvra, de 1959 à 1972, année où il prît sa retraite, comme président du Tariff Board. De 1973 à 1978, puis, de 1983 à 1988, Louis C. fut administrateur de la Maritime Pollution Claims Fund. Parallèlement à ces activités professionnelles, L.C. Audette s'est impliqué dans de nombreux organismes, tels que le Conseil des Territoires du nord-ouest, dont il fut membre de 1947 à 1959. Il fut aussi, administrateur et président de la Park Steamship Company Ltd entre 1948 et 1959; membre du Conseil d'Appel des Cours martiales de 1951 à 1959; administrateur de la Crown Assets Disposal Corp.; administrateur de la Société pour l'expansion des exportations de 1946 à 1971.

    Comme simple citoyen, L. C. Audette a oeuvré dans plusieurs institutions charitables comme la Audette Foundation qu''il créa en 1979, la Ottawa Handicaped Association de 1967 à 1979, la Canadian Cerebral Palsy Association de 1971 à 1982, le Committee for the Transportation of the Disabled de 1972 à 1991. Il fut aussi membre et président du Ottawa-Carleton Adv. Board, Ontario March of Dimes de 1977 à 1985, du Rehabilitation Institute of Ottawa de 1980 à 1991.

    A cela s'ajoute une importante correspondance privée, des activités généalogiques et l'appartenance à des clubs sociaux tels que le Canadian Club of Ottawa dont il fut président de 1953 à 1954, l'Orchestre philharmonique d'Ottawa (président de 1955 à 1959) et le Club universitaire d'Ottawa.

    Louis Audette est mort en avril 1995.
    Finding aid:
    Textual records (Electronic) The finding aid is a file list MSS0776 (90:Open)

    Art: Description on line and in accession file.

    Philatelic: Inventory list in References Services at item level. CPA-132

    Photographic material: Finding aid is a description of photographs removed from textual files and a liste of subjects, persons and photographers included in accessions BAN 1999-00066-8, 1975-293, 1973-057 and 1996-141. FA-407
    Additional information:
    General Note:
    Volumes were received in 1961, 1974, 1978 and 1995 from Mr. L.C. Audette.
    MG 55/23 no.13 was transferred and integrated into the Louis de la Chesnaye Audette fonds in 1999. It is located in Volume 10, file 2.
    Stamps are mounted in a 1917-issued International Junior postage Stamp Album, issued by The Scott Stamp and Coin Co Limited, New York, U.S.A.
    Source of title:
    The title is based on the contents of the fonds.
    Arrangement note:
    Audette's original filing system and file titles have been maintained in the arrangement of the fonds. Files are arranged chronologically by topic, although there are some exceptions within the Correspondence subseries. Overfilled files were divided for conservation purposes, and now consist of several parts. In some cases, this conservation decision has slightly altered the exact chronological arrangement of the files.
    The original eight volumes of the fonds have been integrated within the current arrangement. See the file conversion list in the finding aid for complete details.
    Language note:
    Approximately 10 percent of the correspondence in the fonds is in French.
    Associated material note:
    Additional records pertaining to Louis Audette's military career are located at the Directorate of History and Heritage, Department of National Defence, Ottawa. Holdings consist of approximately 0.3 m of correspondence, handwritten training notes, military orders and video footage relating to Audette's naval training and career. A small amount of material pertains to Audette's work on the Mainguy Commission. The Directorate also retains a copy of Audette's unpublished memoir of his World War II experiences.
    Related material:
    The Louis de la Chesnaye Audette fonds can be associated with many different fonds and government records at the National Archives. Of particular note are the records of Audette's father, Louis-Arthur Audette, MG30 E223. Additional materials relate to Audette's family history. During the course of his genealogical research, Audette came across rare original documents, many of which he donated to the National Archives at different times. Collections which relate to his genealogical research and contain documents donated by Audette include: MG 18 E44, Aubert de Gaspé famille; MG 29 E 18, Sir Andrew Stuart fonds; MG 24 B21, Henry Black collection; MG 27 I27, George O`Kill Stuart; MG 55/24 no.208, John Munn fonds ; MG 55/24 no.209, Jean-Baptiste Audette fonds.
    Files relating to Audette's work with the Northwest Territories Council can be found in RG 85, Records of the Department of Northern Affairs, while Canadian Maritime Commission records are located in RG 46, Records of the Canadian Transport Commission.
    Audette was also deeply involved with the Ottawa Philharmonic Orchestra. Records he donated to the National Archives relating to the Orchestra can be found in MG28 I91, The Ottawa Philharmonic Orchestra collection.
    Subject heading:
    Other system control no.:
    Related control no.:
    1. 1973-057 NPC
    2. 1975-293 NPC
    3. 1993-148 DAP
    4. 1996-02077-3
    5. 1996-141 DAP
    6. 1996/0057 (1996-04-23)
    7. 1999-00066-8
    8. 89-069
    9. 96-090
    10. DAPACC16345
    11. DAPACC20312
    12. DAPACC6178
    13. DAPACC7413
    14. MG31-E18
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