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    Dora de Pédery Hunt
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    R854-39-8-E. Volume/box number: 527.
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    1 photograph : archival carbon inkjet print ; 46.3 x 48.2 cm on mount 88.5 x 73.4 cm.
    Image 48.2 X 46.3 cm
    Support 63.7 X 61 cm
    Secondary support 73.4 X 88.5 cm
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    Item consists of a photograph of Sculptor, Designer, Dora de Pédery Hunt, O.C., R.C.A.
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    Accompanying material note:
    Caption : Statements by the Sitters for the Hungarian Portrait Project
    Photographs by V. Tony Hauser
    Organized by the National Arts Centre

    Dora de Pédery Hunt, O.C., R.C.A., O. Ont.
    Sculptor, Designer/Sculpteure, designer

    I will give you one example when you might -just might- experience something like magic.

    Pick up a medal and put it in your palm. The warmth of your skin starts to penetrate into the cold metal and you start to feel that this small disk is becoming somehow a part of you. Touch the surface: rub it lovingly. It is only a skin, a cover. The real life is under the skin. Take it over to the window. Let some sunlight play on the high points of the design. It might change the expression on a face or add some movement to a figure. But in a different light, with a flick of your finger, you can change this play again and again.

    That medal is not a lifeless piece of metal anymore. It became your very own medal, which you -and only you- brought to life.
    And this is real magic.
    Signatures and inscriptions note:
    Signed : in black ink, recto l.r.: [copyright symbol] 2006 V. Tony Hauser
    Inscription : in pencil, recto l.l.: Dora de Pedery-Hunt / Archival Carbon Inkjet print / [copyright symbol] 2006 V. TONY HAUSER- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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    Credit : V. Tony Hauser, Transfer from the National Arts Centre, Library and Archives Canada, Arch ref. no. R854-15
    Copyright : V. Tony Hauser

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