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    Toronto Daily Star fonds [graphic material].
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    Fonds / Collection
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    Art, Photographs
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    Archives / Collections and Fonds
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    Toronto :
    Place of creation:
    4,534,592 photographs b&w negatives 35 mm.
    180,924 photographs col. negatives 35 mm.
    1214 drawings pen and ink
    Language of material:
    Scope and content:
    Journalistic coverage of noteworthy or interesting news events of municipal, provincial and national significance in Toronto, Ontario and the metropolitan vicinity in the period from 1964 to 1993, including, for example, coverage of elections, civic activities, conventions and conferences (e.g. the G-7 economic summit meeting of the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, France, West Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada, Toronto, Ont., 19-21 June 1988), inquiries (the Dubin Inquiry into the use of drugs in sport), sports stories (e.g. Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Blizzard, and many other national, provincial and local sports teams), and feature stories on culture, fashion, heritage, politics, labour, etc. (e.g. fashion shows, AIDS research, anti-nuclear demonstrations, civic activism, the arts), taken from Toronto Star Files. Not all negatives produced and or published by the Toronto Star during this period are included, as some of have been retained by the Star Library and by individual photographers. The photographs have been taken by staff photographers, including Nancy Ackerman, Pat Allossery, Kevin Argue, Victor Aziz, Beaty, Bennett, Vincent Blain, Tony Bock, Dale Brazao, Pat Brennan, Ron Bull, Henry Bury, Frank Calleja, Bob Chambers, Bill Clare, Erin Combs, Pat Conroy, David Cooper, Brian Dexter, John Driscoll, Russ Duhaime, Alan Dunlop, Dutton, Trish Dyer, Rick Eglinton, Ken Faught, Cassie Gairdner, Gillespie, Robert Galbraith, Jeff Goode, Gostin, Patti Gower, Doug Griffin, Colin Graf, Eric Hayes, Paul Hay, Bob Hepburn, Thomas Inhol, Reg Innell, Paul Irish, Kathleen Kenna, Kessel, Wolf Kutnahorsky, Andrezej Koziara, Richard Lautens, Albert Lee, Frank Lennon, S. Liebrecht, Dick Loek, Colin McConnell, Janet McDonald, John Mahler, Cal Millar, Murray Mosher, Paul Murchison, Matt Murphy, Derek Oliver, Bob Olsen, Billy Patterson, Megan Perks, Peter Power, Pat Price, Nick Pron, Susan Reid, Rooney, Jim Russell, Diane Sawchuk, Dorothy Scott, Maxine Share-Strom, Mike Slaughter, M. Smith, Boris Spremo, Michael Stuparyk, Greg Techler, Jan? Van Horne, Jeff Vinnick, Bernard Weil, and Jim Wilkes.
    Creator / Provenance:
    Additional name(s):
    Biography/Administrative history:
    The Toronto Star was established in 1892 as a Liberal paper. In 1899 Joesph E. Atkinson was hired to run the newspaper, and by 1913 he had become the majority shareholder. Under his control, the Star stressed human interest and local issues over broader coverage, and became dominant in Toronto and southwestern Ontario. One of its affiliates was the Toronto Star Weekly, founded in 1910. Among the paper's best-known staff writers were Ernest Hemingway, Morley Callaghan, Gordon Sinclair, and Greg Clark. After Atkinson's death, the paper was run by son-in-law Harry Hindmarsh until his death in 1956. The Star's domination of the Toronto newspaper market increased in the 1970s after the demise of the Toronto Telegram. It continues to be published by the Torstar corporation, a limited ownership consisting of the Atkinson estate, and the Honderich, Hindmarsh, Tall, and Campbell families. Canadian Encyclopedia, 2nd edition, 1988, Volume 4, pp. 2173-4.
    Finding aid:
    Finding aid consists of the original assignment sheets, including date, title of assignment, photographer, for the photographic material..

    All editorial cartooons are described online in MINISIS-ICON.
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    Published title.
    Custodial history:
    Photographs were acquired from the Toronto Daily Star Library as "outs" from photo assignments. The Toronto Star retained photographic material which was used in their newspaper as well as selected other material considered to be of significance for their ongoing operations. The drwaings are political cartoons by Duncan Macpherson which were all that remained from the period of approximately 1954-1979 after the cartoonist sold, gave away, or disposed of those used in the paper.
    Arrangement note:
    Chronological arrangement (year / month / day).
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    Associated material note:
    Other Macpherson cartoon collections are located elsewhere, including the City of Toronto Archives.
    Related material:
    Three other collections of editorial cartoons by Duncan Macpherson, originally published in the Toronto Star between 1954 and 1988, were acquired from the cartoonist. See DAP Accessions 1987-037 (446 cartoons); 1987-038 (809 cartoons); and 1988-036 (37 cartoons).
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